Belong Mobile - Should I close the account, or are there better alternatives?

Hi all,
As part of the free Belong sim deal from JB Hi Fi ( where the salesman said that you had to buy something to get the deal, I bought a couple of mobiles, which I was buying anyway), I activated the $40 plan to get data for Free, and used it in the old mobile. Now, I already have existing mobile accounts with data, and hardly used 500 MB of that.
Was wonder what is the best option for me?
I can disconnect the plan, but is there a way to continue and hold on to the data allowance?
Thanks again to the Ozbargain experts.

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    You can sell the data to another Belong customer - you can buy data directly from Belong for $10 per 2GB so you'd get something less than that. If you don't use much data then there isn't much point holding it, so I guess cancel it (after selling the data)!


    Hey guys, I don't know where the classifieds are, but I've just submitted a request to cancel my account, so wil try to gift my remaining 20G if anyone wants it?? You'll have to be quick!

    edit: You'll have to pm me your mobile number that is to receive the data (i.e. is on a Belong plan)
    I promise I won't use your number for anything other than gifting the data.
    (It will come from 0490 929 743, which will be an unused number any moment once belong cancels my account.)

    edit: Belong have already responded to my cancellation request. Time is running out. Do you know anybody who could use an extra 20G on their Belong account?

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