[PRICE ERROR] MX500 Crucial SSD 500GB $109 Pickup VIC or + $12.60 Delivery @ CPL Online

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MX500 Crucial SSD 500GB $109 Pickup VIC, Mine was $12.60 Delivery to QLD.

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CPL Online
CPL Online


  • Is this good?

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      This is a very good price for a 500GB NAND based SSD. It's using new technology and for this price I'd usually expect a 250GB capacity. For more information about this ssd read here: https://www.anandtech.com/show/12165/the-crucial-mx500-1tb-s...

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        This is a very good price for a 500GB SSD but I think it is time to say goodbye to traditional SSDs and make room for NVME cards.

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          Many laptops are ditching 2.5” slots altogether, but for the time being, the extra real estate is invaluable for cheap disk space on larger workstation and gaming laptops. I don’t think fast 1tb M2 disks will get down to the $250 Mark until around Q1 2020.

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      Yeah it’s great. We’re heading towards parity with hard disks, particularly with 2.5” laptop disks. Even though it’s just SATA speeds, it’s still much more robust, lower power and faster than an HDD. While they do get some wear and tear, you’re more likely to damage a laptop 2.5” spinning disk in the time before this might be an issue on an SSD.

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    They're not showing any store stock 'Available from Supplier', so this most likely won't be fulfilled, and either an old price or price error.

    They are showing stock of the newer drive but at the normal price:


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      The MX500 is actually the newer drive, having been released in December 2017. I also would advise against buying the M.2 version of the MX300, unless it's the only form factor that you have available.

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        Hi there, is there something wrong with the M.2 MX300? Cheers

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          you can buy 2.5" SATA as well as both M.2 SATA and M.2 NVMe drives. the CT275MX300SSD4 is a M.2 SATA drive and your motherboard only limited M.2 slots. it would be wise to keep the slot free for a future NVMe purchase.

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        mx300 m.2 - whats wrong with that version?

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          m.2 is a form factor not an interface ( 2 interface types for m.2) so might not work in your next motherboard, sata …. all boards have sata.

  • How do you even buy from there

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    Pretty sure this is a price error. :)

    • Yep, but you've got to be in it to win it!

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    url not working

  • Good price

  • bought one, see if they fulfil

    • Same, bought one too. However if it really is a pricing error, they can refuse the deal, as listed in the term and condition when you have to tick the box to finalise the sale:

      "9. While every effort has been made to ensure the accuracy of prices, images and information displayed on this site, CPL is not responsible for any error and reserves the right to accept or reject your offer for any reason, including without limitation, the unavailability of any product, an error in the price, image or the product description posted on our website content, or an error in your order."

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        It's good that they include the disclaimer as they still wouldn't have to honour a pricing error without it.

  • being part of a gtx 1080 and a ssd price error in one month! on a roll

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      They didn't honour the French GTX 1080 though right?

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        nope lol

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    Good luck to those that ordered.. You'll be waiting a month and might have to get Consumer Affairs involved for a refund. lol

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      For clarity. I bought a $1000 monitor from CPL which had a design issue. The manufacturer authorised a refund on the fact that it had a major fault. After a month of hassling, CPL refused to refund and the manufacturer stepped in and gave me a refund instead.

      • Poor form on CPL's part.

        Though they are not present in NSW, seen ads for their stuff on here, and after reading some of these negative comments, might give then the wide birth.

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          It's actually quite amusing really, as CPL probably had one of the best locations and store fronts in the Melbourne CBD.. there was always a ton of people in there after work buying gear and yet there was always someone in there having an issue and CPL just flat out refuse to help.

          The building that they were in was either closed down or they had to move as I went to their new location about a year ago (which was just around the corner), and it felt like someone had died. There were 2 guys manning the whole store and I was in there for 15 mins and not a single customer.

        • @Vladdo: Karma at work.

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          I've avoided CPL ever since they lied about the colour stock they had, sold me the wrong colour, charged me a restocking fee and called me a liar to boot when I said their staff misled me. Avoid avoid avoid.

        • @Vladdo: Where were they in CBD before and where is the new location now?

        • @sky blu: They used to be on dudley st, just down from Flagstaff Gardens.. but the site was demolished a few years ago and now has apartments..


          The new place is well.. hahaha


        • @Vladdo:
          “…and it felt line someone had died”
          Umm someone DID die.

      • so maybe this is a bait rather than price-error

  • Looks like it's on back order from supplier now. Maybe first few will be honoured.

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    That must be a price error. The 250GB is $125, while the 1TB is $395. I believe the 500GB should be $209 instead of $109(price error).

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      Ah dammit. Oh well, looks like I have become an interest-free money lender to CPL this month :-S

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        do you think they purposely do this? fast way to get cash, then gives back the money to their customers

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          <Put on aluminium conspiracy hat>

          Maybe the CPL owner has a $10K gambling debt owing and due to a vicious loan shark in 2 days time, so he put up this pricing error and hope to receive 100 orders tonight. That's an instant $10K+. Use this money to pay off the loan shark so he won't have one arm chopped off next week. Then he will take the next one month to work and earn the money back to refund us.

          <Take off hat>

        • +2


          thats quite plausible, i dont need a tin foil hat, i think crazy situations happen all the time

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          The time / wages wasted in sorting and processing the refunds would cost more than any measly interest earned. Esp on somehing as cheap as this. If it was on a $5k+ item that may be another story. But then there’s the bad PR.

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          That's crazy talk, unless the loan shark is one of the lizard people.

        • @bohdud:

          But is it worth more than your arm?

        • -1


          Oh please. You're implying that the CPL owner conspired with an OzBargain poster to post a fake deal. You should apologise to CPL, nocure and check yourself. Disgraceful.

        • +1

          @jelko: I apologise for not writing up this conspiracy theory earlier :p

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          YES !!!! THEY DO IT PURPOSELY !!!!

          I will hold your $10k for a month before refunding, earning me a measly $25 as interest ( 3% per annum = 0.25% per month)/ So Yay an extra $25. If it is refunded within 2 weeks which will incur ozbargainer's wrath at this moment, that interest earned become a whopping $12.5.

          I will spend 4 hours of my employee's time to write or respond to emails, processing the refunds correctly and etc, which will cost me around $80.

          So yeah, I will lose $69.5. BUT I WILL DO IT AGAIN EVERYTIME. Because I just like to lose money and decrease my (priceless, high esteemed, other worldly) reputation.

          MAYBE, I have too much money to burn. I dont mind losing $69.5 . it is a chump change. Definitely worth its weight in gold to see the annoyance of some ozbargainers.

          i will see you in the next round of 'purposely created price error'. Hint, it will be QC35 for $29.9
          I am hoping to get 1 million orders then i will close shop without refunding ehhehehehehehh

  • Edit: Disregard

  • +2

    CPL is too small a vendor to honor a price error this big…

    given MSYs price is 188 - ad assume it should be around that price? maybe 199…

  • +1

    Just ordered, let's see what happens.

  • +1

    Have had a bad experience with these guys
    edit: CPL that is, not the ssd

  • $23 delivery to QLD here. :(

    I would purchase this but I'm afraid they'll be hard to refund from if I don't get my item. I am $23 shipping away after all.

    • +1

      $23 is criminal. I'm in Nth Qld, and PC Case Gear who are also in Vic will ship the same SSD express for $15.

      • Yeah for something with no moving parts, the size of a SSD…

      • Agree.

        PCCG seems to have the same habit of padding the shipping, charging almost double to ship something in comparison to their competitors.

  • Bought it. Should have read the comments first lol let's see what happens next…

    • Going by a past experience 2-3 weeks and a heap of emails should be enough to get your refund..

  • Pickup in-store and paid with POLi. Hope they honour the txn.

    • It'll be hard to get a refund…

      • Not really. Refunded the next day.

        • Well only because they chose to. If they hadn't you'd have had no recourse to force them

  • Seems very cheap, but i dont need 1 for computer.
    Anyone know what effect/improvement this would make to my ps4 pro ?
    Would it just make everything load faster ? Or would actual graphics fluidity be improved and/or other things ?

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    maybe best to use paypal to be safe?

    • That's what I did, tied with the credit card.

    • Was there a paypal option ? Didn’t see it. I think I chose the worst option, direct debit !

      • Then you should really prepare yourself for a few weeks of chasing them to get your refund..

  • +3

    I really want to buy 1 of these, even though i practically have no need or use for it :/
    I maybe should stop checking this site… We need a bargainaholics anon group

  • i’ve never had a bad experience at cpl except waiting in line at their store, like at msy.

    they might come through at that price if it’s a stock item they are running down and clearing , and are only clearing existing inventory …. they wouldn’t keep hundreds and their systems doesn’t sell out of stock items either…. will not accept an order.

    i’ve picked up clearance items from cpl in the past and biggest problem was availability based.

    this isn’t like good guys accepting order for 1000 google home minis …..

    • +2

      I wouldn't think this would be a clearance item though. This SSD was released last month. Cross fingers that they do honour the price.

  • So this SSD would be a good upgrade for a Dell Optiplex 790 SFF Intel i3 2100 3.1Ghz?

    • Definitely! Buy another SATA data cable and you should be able to slide it in beside the power supply so you can use it alongside the HDD.

  • Would it be a good match for a DELL Vostro 460 Intel i7?


  • +3

    Amazing price. Knowing CPL i can't see it being honoured, but good luck to everyone!

  • +1

    Pretty clearly a pricing error. At $199 it would be right in between 250GB and 1TB


  • Edit: read it as 209 at first.

  • +1

    It's now $209 - hope everyone who ordered gets it!

  • Lol $209 now :/
    mcpower beat me to it :)

    • +1

      Don't stress no one will get it

  • Dam it :(

  • So did this end up being a pricing error?

    • Probably but it also probably won't be confirmed until Monday morning.

      • looks like someone else posted that their order was cancelled

  • +5

    Order got cancelled:

    We would like to inform you that the price was incorrectly published on our website. Please provide us your banking details [if you paid by Bank Transfer, Bpay or POLi] and instruction for the refund to be process soonest possible by replying to this email. Feel free to discuss if we could be of further assistance to you concerning this order.

    Thank you for shopping with CPL Online!

    • -1

      I have not received an email yet - oh well, was not really expecting them to honour this.

  • +1

    Paid with Paypal incurred an extra 1.5% "processing fee". If it gets cancelled they'd better refund that fee too!

    • +5

      When PayPal is refunded, the whole payment will be reversed so you'll get back exactly what you paid :-)

      • Just got Paypal refund email. No notification at all from CPL like the above commenter.

        • +1

          Same, just got the email from PayPal for the full refund but not communication from CPL - will know better in future

    • The supplier charging extra for Paypal is against Paypal's Terms of Service

      • So… Ozbargain class action?

  • did anyone choose "Pay In Store"?

    **edit: cr!p… I missed turnip's message before paying the 10% deposit to collect from their store with Pay In Store payment option …

    • I chose pay on pickup and the site didn't ask me for a deposit

  • +10

    Already have been refunded through Paypal. It was worth a shot.

  • It's Price error,i call and store told me

  • Good marketing strategy at least 150+ people know about CPL now.

    • +5

      In a bad way…

      • +1

        It's just a pricing error. Everyone makes mistakes.

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    Didn't get an email but just checked my PayPal and they already refunded me.

  • +15

    At least CPL refunded quickly. Much better than some of the bigger retailers around here.

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