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ASUS ROG STRIX Z370-E Motherboard US $217.71 (~AU $282) Delivered @ Amazon US


The cheapest price i could find for the board, everwhere else is around $350 so this is quite a good price.

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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  • nice find

    • thanks been hunting a good price for this for a while now and pulled the trigger on this one

      • whats warrenty like?

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          not bad

        • Will need to send back to Amazon US if anything goes wrong.

        • @xuqi: wouldn't Asus AUS sort it out?

        • @nnolan: ASUS Australia asks for the serial number which encodes the market region, and it won't look at the board even if you offer to pay. Bitter personal experience.

        • @nnolan:

          No way, I've had recent experience of this. They won't go near it without charging you to check/repair.

        • @xuqi:

          Sounds like a good reason to avoid ASUS altogether.

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          I'd posted the reponse below on an earlier this this question was raised:

          Asus reply:

          As you might be aware, that the GPU was not sold in Australia, and ASUS GPU not apply global warranty, so this GPU will be considering with out of warranty.

          Please be noticed, for out of warranty (OOW) service, there are four terms and condition will need to be aware as below

          • Handing/inspection fee ($44.00 AUD) will be applied, it is not refundable
          • Repairable parts/materials costs will be charged after inspection
          • Fixed item, will be given three months extended warranty after the date of return
          • No Guaranty on repairing the problem
          • If you consider sending faulty unit for OOW service, we would like to apply first handing/inspection fee on you and then you can send it to service center for next procedure.
        • @xuqi:

          poor form ASUS

        • @sn00ze:

          The only company in the IT component sector that has a blanket international warranty is evga. Gigabyte has a limited one on their newest gpu line up ( I think it’s only 1 year not 3 off the top of my head). Asus has a limited warranty for international for things like laptops but it’s still only 1 year.

          Additionally amazon will not accept a rma after the item has been in the customers hands for 3 months, so you would need to send it direct to the manufacture service centre.

        • @Kiato:

          Intel provide International warranty direct paying all shipping costs associated with the RMA, so hands down their RMA is the best in the world.

          Others providing decent direct warranty in Australia (for items purchased here) are; Seagate (handle RMA out of Sydney), Samsung, Geil Memory, and Asrock.

          By far the dodgiest RMA experiences I've had are Asus (some nice people working there but whoever handles RMA are downright lying bastards who only backed down and replaced a faulty piece after consumer affairs got involved), Philips (unbelievably slow RMA service), and Corsair (non-existent service for people in OZ).

        • @xuqi:

          worst i have had is gigabyte had to rma the same motherboard 4 times each time i was sent back a broken board ( one of them was actually curled up in a corner) in the end umart just gave me a full refund on it. asus ive only had to deal with once personally but i know that their quality of service has been going down hill lately.

          surprisingly hisense i have had very good experiences with this warranty teams, talked to a person instantly. and when the fault couldnt be fixed by a simple wipe and a new set bios they just replaced the tv with the newest model. evga has treated me well in the past though the paying for shipping to them thing does get old when its a big item.

  • I bought this in the last 20% off ebay sale for $294, so this is the cheapest it has ever been. Although there was a free mouse promotion at the same time back then.

  • any news when z390 coming out?

  • Good price for the MB but bad timing to build a PC.

    • Why’s that?

      • Global shortages have left ram and video card prices utterly insane. Neither will be going down much in the short term either.

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        I've just built two gaming PCs. The price of DDR4 has gone up 75% in the last twelve months peaking in November 2017 and staying up there the last few months. I personally think this is a low impact on total build cost. (extra $100 for 16 GB)

        Latest Intel CPUs are limited to expensive Z370 motherboards. B350 and H370 boards are coming and the Z390 too with USB 3.1 GEN2 (10 Gbps) and other improvements including better performance for six-core CPUs. This will make recent Z370 purchasers feel ripped off and cheated. MB I think is a legit reason to hold off.

        Despite requiring new motherboards the latest Intel CPUs aren't a huge improvement for gaming on the previous generation CPUs. So is a big investment for not a lot of benefit until 300 series boards.

        The new AMD Ryzen CPUs haven't reduced the cost of Intel CPUs (according to price history on partpicker).

        Nvidia GPUs have just this month gone up in price eg MSI 1080ti from $1,199 to $1,399 on already overpriced cards. The next gen Nvidia cards are due early this year and will be significantly faster than current gen Nvidia. So fewer current gen cards available till the new Nvidia cards arrive and will be a premium price on the new cards. So GPU prices will be terrible for months even without cryptomining. But GPU is always a issue unless an awesome value card is released. Like the R9 290 was.

        Nvidia G-SYNC vs Freesync still playing out. Hopefully the expensive G-SYNC dies. Risk of currently very expensive G-SYNC investment becoming unnecessary.

        Fast 4K gaming and HDR are coming. Will make current tech look old.

        AMD GPUs have also gone up in price in the last month too. According to PartPicker RX580 from $300USD to $450USD

        • Thanks for the informative reply.

          That really sucks, I've been waiting to put together a cheap 6-800 dollar 8th gen i5, 1060 build for my study. Not really going to be hardcore gaming on it, just mainly for graphic design and casual gaming. Maybe do some VR too.

          But wow I had no idea the situation was so bad. I was aware of the Z370 chips being the only current 8th gen board but honestly I wasn't even going to look at any of the cheaper chips even if they were out.

          I guess I'll just hold out on my Haswell-R build for now. Amazing how computer components bounce around in price so much. Also yea I honestly cannot wait for the next Nvidia gpu's, they are long overdue!

          Thanks again! Take care!

        • Any idea when exactly the new gen Nvidia cards are being announced, and ETA on when they will be released?

          I'm in need of an upgrade pretty badly (still rocking an i5-2500k from 2011, 8 gig ram, GTX970). But I would hate to spend all this money now if smooth 4k gaming and HDR are on the horizon.

          What would you recommend I do?

          I was looking at either:

          AMD Ryzen (https://www.pccasegear.com/products/40886/pccg-phoenix-1080-...)
          Intel i7-7700k (https://www.pccasegear.com/products/41054/pccg-hellcat-1080-...)

        • @Haters.Inc: Can't say for certain but it has been a bit longer than 18 months since the 10 series was initially released, so it should be coming any moment now. Nvidia might choose to delay it a bit to let the crypto market milk out the 10 series, but with the AMD Vega being announced, Nvidia is most likely to bring it real soon. This is mostly based on speculation and trend observation though.

        • @nairdajun: Thanks mate. I caved and bought the PC Byte Ryzen deal last week though.

          A 1080ti should still be more than enough power for the next few years ;)

      • As mentioned below, prices for RAM and graphic card have gone through the roof due to global DRAM shortage and crypto miners snapping up all the graphic cards they can lay their hands on. Prices for RAM,GPU and SSD remain very high.

      • There's no indication of prices coming down either. Expect the crypto mining interest to continue into 2019 and even 2020

        I managed to get a GTX 1080Ti for $988 from the current eBay deal so you can still get decent deals every now and again

  • i am hesistant due to ASUS not having international warranty - great price though

  • Personally would not buy a motherboard from amazon unless its from EVGA due to their international warranty. (unless there is a tremendous discount)

    Low fail stuff like CPUs I would be happy buying though

  • I've seen z370s like tge asrock for cheaper.. us there any difference between the different 370s that should make me consider this?

  • You can also select a amazon click and collect which takes off the shipping - I have just picked mine up for $248 - used my 28 Degrees for low fees.

    • Where did you pick it up from!? If I knew that I would have it's taking a long time to deliver

      • When you put in your shipping address, the other size offers pickup locations.
        It's a bit werid though, with all the different stores/locations.

        • Where did you pick it up from?

        • @nnolan:
          Haven't used it yet. But you can see where you can, by doing a pretend checkout.

          My closes one, is a pharmacy…

        • I picked mine up from near the Shell service station - as mentioned above they have random pickup points - i just choose the closest which was about 2km's away.

  • Mine arrived today, anyone else?