[Expired] FREE $50 Gift Card by Answering a DuI Road Safety Survey from Monash University (VIC Residents, >18y/o Only)

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Context and survey purpose: Drink-driving and driving under the influence of drugs is recognised to be linked to road crashes. The use of prescription medications to treat medical conditions is common, although some types are used in ways different to how they are prescribed which can impact driving safely. At the Accident Research Centre, we are keen to understand what Victorians think about driving and the use of alcohol, drugs and prescription medication.

Survey content: The survey is split into two parts. The first part will take between 30 to 45 minutes to complete, depending on your responses, and include questions about your driving experiences, substance use and attitudes towards different road safety measures. Once you complete Part A, you will be provided with the opportunity to participate in Part B of the survey. Part B will take between 10-15 minutes and contains questions about your personal characteristics.

Am I eligible to do the survey? The survey is open to any resident of Victoria 18 years and older. As we need to make sure the survey results reflect all of Victoria, we have to ensure you meet certain requirements based on what part of Victoria you live in and your age and gender. This step is completed before commencing the survey.

How do I complete the survey? The survey is designed to be completed using a smartphone, tablet or desktop. We can also send you a paper copy and return envelope. To receive a paper version, please email us at: MUARC.drivingsurvey@monash.edu.

Payment for your time: We understand that completing the survey will take time. For completing Part A of the survey, you will receive a $30 Gift Card. For completing Part B of the survey you will receive an additional $20, and also be entered into a draw where two winners will be given the choice of one of either an iPad, a Samsung Galaxy Tab S3, an iPhone 8 or a Samsung S8.

Completing both Parts of the survey means you will receive a $50 Gift Card and be entered into the prize draw. At the end of the survey there is also a link to a page to insert your details to enter the prize draw. To receive payment or be eligible for the draw, you must be a resident of Victoria aged 18 years or older, and have completed Part A ($30 voucher) or Part A and Part B ($50 voucher plus draw).

Confidentiality and privacy: The project is being run by Monash University with the financial support of Victoria’s road safety agencies. It is important to know that your survey responses will be confidential and your privacy will be maintained. With 2000 people taking the survey, the survey findings will be published as summary tables where no person can be identified. The information you provide us will remain at Monash University and is only accessible by the research team. The project sponsors are not able to view any person’s responses or details. The survey and the conduct of it has been approved by the Monash University Human Research Ethics Committee. It is important that you understand that your personal details WILL NOT be linked to your survey responses to ensure that all responses remain anonymous.

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