[Expired] FREE $50 Gift Card by Answering a DuI Road Safety Survey from Monash University (VIC Residents, >18y/o Only)

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Context and survey purpose: Drink-driving and driving under the influence of drugs is recognised to be linked to road crashes. The use of prescription medications to treat medical conditions is common, although some types are used in ways different to how they are prescribed which can impact driving safely. At the Accident Research Centre, we are keen to understand what Victorians think about driving and the use of alcohol, drugs and prescription medication.

Survey content: The survey is split into two parts. The first part will take between 30 to 45 minutes to complete, depending on your responses, and include questions about your driving experiences, substance use and attitudes towards different road safety measures. Once you complete Part A, you will be provided with the opportunity to participate in Part B of the survey. Part B will take between 10-15 minutes and contains questions about your personal characteristics.

Am I eligible to do the survey? The survey is open to any resident of Victoria 18 years and older. As we need to make sure the survey results reflect all of Victoria, we have to ensure you meet certain requirements based on what part of Victoria you live in and your age and gender. This step is completed before commencing the survey.

How do I complete the survey? The survey is designed to be completed using a smartphone, tablet or desktop. We can also send you a paper copy and return envelope. To receive a paper version, please email us at: [email protected].

Payment for your time: We understand that completing the survey will take time. For completing Part A of the survey, you will receive a $30 Gift Card. For completing Part B of the survey you will receive an additional $20, and also be entered into a draw where two winners will be given the choice of one of either an iPad, a Samsung Galaxy Tab S3, an iPhone 8 or a Samsung S8.

Completing both Parts of the survey means you will receive a $50 Gift Card and be entered into the prize draw. At the end of the survey there is also a link to a page to insert your details to enter the prize draw. To receive payment or be eligible for the draw, you must be a resident of Victoria aged 18 years or older, and have completed Part A ($30 voucher) or Part A and Part B ($50 voucher plus draw).

Confidentiality and privacy: The project is being run by Monash University with the financial support of Victoria’s road safety agencies. It is important to know that your survey responses will be confidential and your privacy will be maintained. With 2000 people taking the survey, the survey findings will be published as summary tables where no person can be identified. The information you provide us will remain at Monash University and is only accessible by the research team. The project sponsors are not able to view any person’s responses or details. The survey and the conduct of it has been approved by the Monash University Human Research Ethics Committee. It is important that you understand that your personal details WILL NOT be linked to your survey responses to ensure that all responses remain anonymous.

Mod: The post is not a freebie (strings attached - 1 hour survey), as per our guidelines - "Jobs or deals that resemble paid work are not bargains." Therefore moved to forums so discussion can continue.

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  • What sort of gift card ?

  • +6 votes

    Coles Myer, Woolworths, JB Hi-fi or David Jones

  • Says I'm not eligible for the survey? I live in victoria and I'm 22. OP?

  • Last time i did one of these was the first and last time i did one of these

  • Thank-you for you interest in the survey. At this time you are not eligible to participate in this survey.

    Should you wish to contact us with a view to participating in future surveys, please email us at: [email protected].

    wasted 20mins

    • Same, surely they could tell this within the first 2 minutes. What a waste of time

    • +10 votes

      This should be in the competitions section. Chance to win $30-50 based on your drink driving habits

    • I really hope the survey didn't take you 20 mins to complete.

    • So what sort of response would be eligible to participate in the survey?

      Do I have to indicate that I'm a pothead? Do yhey expect someone who drinks a lot before they get behind a wheel? A meth user perhaps?

      I'm just trying to get an idea so I could adjust my response as per their critetia and get the gift cards.


        like drinks & drugs, but I would suggest if you said you're an icehead & into LSD, they'd get suspicious.

  • Mine went through. Thanks OP

  • Only works if you do drugs/alc and drive. Otherwise it will just say you are not eligible at this time after doing 10mins of question. Should be marked as targeted to drug /alc users

    • Does it ask for your car rego or other identifying information?
      Could be a ploy to source data for targeted random testing.

      Putting my tinfoil hat on

      • +5 votes

        No, just your name, age, address, car make & model. Cops already parked the booze bus in my driveway

    • Not necessarily. I got through and said no to both drugs and alcohol

  • Got all the way to the end of the second section (the $20 part) and then it said I wasn't eligible…lets hope at least the first part went through.

  • Completed. Thanks, OP.

  • I'm a heroin addict and I went all the way through to the end and claimed a $50 Coles voucher. Will sell for $20 down the pub and buy heroin, then drive. Thanks OP.

    • Cheers mate! I hope they do the same to us, Meth addicts. Otherwise I'm going to complain as it's a blatant discrimination!

    • +6 votes

      Id be concerned about the heroin quality you're getting for $20.

  • Waste of time. 20 mins of answers to confirm ineligible.

  • Got the $30, didn't get the extra $20. Oh well.

  • Should never have moved from Melbourne. I'd do a lot for $50.

  • Odd place to advertise a drugs survey…

    Why not camp out at the local .05 Drink Drive 'surveys' the cops have and ask those 'positives' there… you get definite credible subjects.. snort

  • 42 year old white male - not eligible - not in the text … Should NEG it

  • I got $50 and entered into the draw! thanks OP

  • not eligible.. why?

  • NSW is safer.

  • Worked for me - got the full fiddy. Cheers OP

    • Have you got the vouchers already? I got through all they way through both and typed in a email / name ect. Did you get it by email?

  • Worked for me - and have never drug driven…

  • Thank-you for you interest in the survey. At this time you are not eligible to participate in this survey.


    looks like they are only interested in certain suburbs

  • worked for me, thanks

  • Those (profanity) arseholes.. they told me I was eligible at the start, then I get almost through the whole survey and they spring this up on me: Thank-you for you interest in the survey. At this time you are not eligible to participate in this survey.

  • All the comments on here, amazed how few of you do online surveys. This shit is commonplace tbh, I get knocked back on tonnes of ones from My Opinions all the time.

  • I dont think the researchers of this study will get accurate data with a bunch of people lying trying to get $30/50 gift cards…

  • Got screened out in seconds.. glad i didnt waste too much time on this

  • 35-44, male and geelong and surrounds are not eligible.

  • Anyone actually receive the gift cards yet? Or do we have to wait for email.

  • I answered the survey truthfully and got through both parts where I could enter my address to receive the vouchers (I live in a regional area and in the younger age bracket.)

    You shouldn't discount these surveys from major universities due to the fact either it's for Phd research or a government funded initiative and could become a media talking point when the results of a survey like this are published.

    They have to have a quota of different ages, sexes and locations for the results of surveys to be valid and the people who got the "Weren't Eligible" responses at the end probably were in the groups where the quota for responses for their age/gender/location group was already filled.

  • Thanks! I did it. Took about 20 mins. Got $50 of vouchers on the way.
    My husband tried and wasn’t eligible though. Maybe targeting females.

  • Done my survey! waiting for my gift cards.

  • "Thank-you for you interest in the survey. At this time you are not eligible to participate in this survey."

    In south-eastern suburbs, male, 25-34.

  • +7 votes

    I really hope people didn't put false answers in the survey. That just screws up all there research. Don't be idiots.

    • Agreed! We want honest answer and accurate survey.

    • It's a monash university study so the results are total bullshit anyway.

      They 'find' whatever results you pay them to come up with.

      Which is probably why people are getting the 'not eligible to participate' or whatever error.
      They want to prove a particular fact (ie: 20 - 30 year olds are more likely to drink drive or something) so if you say you are 20 - 30 and don't drink drive you are miraculously 'not eligible'. Why else would you get to the end of the study before they tell you.

  • Got rejected after first question - where I live.


    Thank-you for you interest in the survey. At this time you are not eligible to participate in this survey.

    Should you wish to contact us with a view to participating in future surveys, please email us at: [email protected].

  • They would have quotas for different areas, ages and genders. So for all those getting rejected (like me) they've obviously had enough respondents in our particular demographic subset

  • +13 votes

    As a person who is in academia. This should not be posted on Ozbargain. It would only lead to skewed and false data. All the money paid out come from donations or government grants.

    Not only that but the researcher will be fd trying to sift through the false data…

    I will email the researcher and inform them

    Please remove this.

    • Good on you and completely agree (well initially I thought the post was fine but didn't really expect that people would abuse it). People in public health and research are absolutely passionate about their work and the validity of their research to improve society. Some of the comments here make a mockery of the whole process. It is strange that people get so animated in their opinions about some things posted here, such as the recent TA post, but there are very few comments such as yours on a post like this. Perhaps the incentive offered here is too high, I guess it is a balance to try and get the required responses from many people, maybe offering a token "reward" such as a $5 e-gift card may have been better. I am a bit strange, I love participating in this sort of research, I often find the questions asked fascinating and it is an easy way to try and be a "good citizen" (since I don't really do any volunteer work or donate much to charity)

    • Looks like it’s now blocked from OzB

      Thank you for your interest in this survey. Unfortunately, it is only available to participants coming from specific websites.

    • agree. can only imagine how many people have sped through the survey clicking random answers just to get to the end and claim $50.

  • ANyone get a confirmation email at the end of completion? Otherwise if the gift cards dont turn up, what proof have you got?

  • Are they tick box questions or open ended where i have to type lots?