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Everdure Sunbury Natural Gas BBQ SNNGC-13 with BBQ Pack at $499 (save $1030) @ Appliances Online


Our $499 Everdure SNNGC-13 Sunbury eSee Natural Gas BBQ deal is back! As with the previous deal, it comes with a BBQ pack that includes BBQ plates, BBQ hood and a Natural Gas hose + regulator.

Please note that we are currently selling this model for $1,529 on our site and on our eBay store. The RRP is $1,799.

You can take $1,030 off the price of this barbeque by entering the OZBARGAIN1030 coupon code at checkout, which will drop the price to $499.

This deal expires at 23:59 on Tuesday night, 30th of January, Perth time (02:59 AEDT)

  • All orders are eligible for free delivery where applicable - our site will ask you to enter in your post code to see if you are eligible for free delivery
  • This is for the Natural Gas model. Please check your gas supply. We also have a LPG model, but that is selling for $1,529.(appliancesonline.com.au)
  • This BBQ is also a built-in model, it's not mobile and needs to be installed into a suitable space
  • Our resident BBQ expert @RussAOLBBQ will also be on hand in this thread to answer your questions related to BBQs

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    Any deep discounts on the Heston range? :)

  • +3 votes

    Jeepers that is a nice deal.
    Just a thumbs up in general to AO.

    Great service last year when I bought a new tv. Ie, great communication, very easy delivery and punctual.
    Plus the mega vacuum boxing day special.


    Is this device suitable for vegans?


    Any reviews from someone who bought from the last deal?

    • +1 vote

      Found a couple from a previous listing on AO.


    • +6 votes

      Bought one in the last deal - it's currently being installed in our outdoor kitchen so can't comment on having cooked with it yet sorry.

      That said; unboxed and assembled, the quality is what you'd expect from the RRP; solid stainless rather than enamelled steel; 240v igniter + lights etc.

      Happy I bought one then, for this price it's a steal especially compared to what you can get for the same price tag.


        Thanks for that, just wondering what you are building it into? We just bought a house and are putting in an outdoor kitchen later in the year when the pool goes in, so thinking of picking this up now too. But still can't decide on a design.

        • +3 votes

          Gone the whole hog through a local provider for outdoor-friendly plastic-mdf-like cabinetry, with synthetic stone benchtop. The BBQ cavity itself is lined with cement sheeting.

          My advice is to hammer google images for a week with different design ideas that suit your location, size, materials, style etc, and take that to some experts to get quotes; quality and price seem to vary extensively.


          Hey RickyCruise,

          While building your own outdoor kitchen gives you the ability to customize and design everything your way, if you get stuck, need inspiration or this fits your design, Everdure did release a stand-alone module unit for this grill:


          Outdoor kitchens and alfresco areas look incredible and add significant value to your property so have fun with it!

    • +5 votes

      I bought one in the last sale. Very happy with it - heat control good, no gas bottles amazing!


    Bugger, I cant really plumb in my BBQ area with natural gas.


    "This BBQ is also a built-in model, it's not mobile and needs to be installed into a suitable space"

    Is there a semi permanent prefabricated base available for this model?

      • +1 vote

        Hi, chefdillu,

        While these tables from Nisbetts are amazing (I use them for my own BBQ catering business) be careful with these especially putting on a BBQ head unit unless you are prepared to put holes into the table. The stainless steel bench has a splashback but doesn't have sides so could become a safety issue unless the BBQ is properly mounted on top.


          So it would be possible to recess the BBQ into something like this safely, with modification to the table?

          My plan was to eventually get something to hold both a natural gas BBQ, and a charcoal green egg-type thing. Perhaps I need to stump up for a proper outdoor kitchen solution like the poster above.

        • +1 vote

          @madak: I don't want to say 100% but I can't see why not, as long as the unit would be secured to the table to prevent falling off etc.

          If you were looking at adding say a BGE, Kamado Joe or Akorn cooker there definitely won't be enough room, unfortunately, to install into this module.

          I'm not sure about BGE or Akorn but Kamado Joe has released a Eucalyptus table with the insert cut out to fit the Classic Joe - maybe an option?


      Hi Jason101,

      Absolutely - the 4 burner island module is designed for this grill:



    Just to confirm, this would need the same gas pipe / outlet as you would have for an indoor oven?


      Hi Astroe,

      The outlet will be the same however the connections from the unit will be different. It is always best and safest to consult a licensed gas fitter/plumber to make sure!


    I would love one of these but don't like the cleaning of all the hooded area. Compared with a Weber q, how much extra cleaning would this unit need?


      The difference between cleaning this and the Weber Q is just the stainless steel.

      With the Weber Q, I would still suggest cleaning the inside hooded area as well as the outer hood just to look after your investment. With the Everdure, a can of stainless steel cleaning spray (Bunnings - about $20) would be sufficient to keep the hood in its best condition and a piece paper towel to clean the viewing window.

      Besides that you would have minimal extra cleaning on this as opposed to a Weber Q.

  • +1 vote

    I have an evedure bbq and can't stand it. It blasts all the hot air right into your face.


      Hi MikeKulls,

      Which model Everdure do you have? I haven't been made aware of the issue and would love to hear some feedback!

      • +1 vote

        I mentioned this problem the last time you had this on sale.


        It's an older model. The design of the hood is rounded and blasts you with hot air. Onions are a killer to cook. Evedure did the old "no on has ever complained about this before" trick


    These models seem to pale in comparison to the new Heston ranges which has a hipster sort of appeal to them…..


      Different appeal market. The Everdure branded is aimed a the traditionalist BBQ buyer as they do built-ins etc whilst the Heston Blumenthal range uses a lot of new technology, charcoal, funky colors etc!

  • +1 vote

    Very tempted, do you have a Natural gas side burner to go with this on sale too?


      Hi Skuzalbut,

      Unfortunately, Everdure hasn't released a standalone side burner to go along with this model, there are plenty of other branded NG side burners available not Everdure.

  • +2 votes

    In my opinion avoid Everdure at all costs! Ive got a Ashburton Esee 6 burner and its rubbish, looks nice but thats it. The burners rust continually, i had about 12 replaced under warranty and the fat guard plate replaced too because it rusted out. The bbq is always covered up and its position wasnt even exposed to the weather much (under a pergola and close to the house). The resting rack was stupidly placed (too close to the cooking surfaces) which made it hard to reach anything at the back of the plates.
    I know 2 other people who own everdures and they are both unhappy with the bbqs. Both had trouble with rust (none of us live near the coast).
    Even the ignitors have rusted out so i have to manually light the burners. My bbq is 6 years old, still looks pretty nice on the outside (because i look after it) but once you start using it you would think you're using a cheap old bunnings bbq.


    Thanks OP. I’m keen!

    Can this model be converted to LPG? I note you’ve also got an LPG model - it’s just a lot more expensive.

    The everdure site lists the parts for the LPG to NG conversion - but can’t find the reverse.

    What type of burners does it use?

    Is the hood double skin?


      Hi Conka11,

      I have just been in contact with Everdure and have sourced the information to your questions, apologies for the delay!

      The reverse conversion kit is definitely available as a spare part and can be organized through their spare parts department. So yep, absolutely available.

      The burners in the BBQ are cast iron with a matte vitreous finish, which means no surface rust and these will heat up quicker than a stainless steel tube, which is generally made from 253 grade. These are also covered by a 10-year warranty.

      And the hood is not double skinned as the thickness of steel is heavier than most other brands. By having a double skin this allows cold air to be trapped in between the sheets, basically hindering the heating process, so you will find on the Sunbury a heavier hood eliminating the need for double skins.

      If you have any further questions, inbox me - very happy to help!


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