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24 hour OzBargain Exclusive - Everdure Sunbury Natural Gas BBQ SNNGC-13 with BBQ Pack at $499 (save $1030) @ Appliances Online


To thank the OzB community for finding the price glitch on the blue KitchenAid Mixer + Spiralizer, we'd like to offer a 24 hour deal exclusively to OzBargain.

This Everdure SNNGC-13 Sunbury eSee Natural Gas BBQ comes with a BBQ pack that includes BBQ plates, BBQ hood and a Natural Gas hose + regulator.
Please note that we are currently selling this model for $1,529 on our site and on our eBay store. The RRP is $1,799.

Take a massive $1,030 off the price of this barbeque by entering the OZBBQ1030 coupon code at checkout, which will drop the the price to $499.

This deal expires at 20:00 AEDT Friday, 13th of October.


  • All orders are eligible for free delivery where applicable - our site will ask you to enter in your post code to see if you are eligible for free delivery.
  • This is for the Natural Gas model. Please check your gas supply. We also have a LPG model, but that is selling for $1,529.
  • It is also a built-in model, it's not mobile and needs to be installed into a suitable space.

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  • +12 votes

    Can vouch for AO, awesome company, made getting a new washing machine ASAP a breeze. Nice work on honouring the mixer deal and offering this!

    • I bought a fridge through them on ebay and it was delivered later than expected, they didn't respond to my message and the delivery people didn't attempt to set it up for me or ask if I wanted anything taken away. Checking their ebay feedback, a lot of similar comments.

      • Hmm, well I ordered through the direct site so maybe there's a discrepancy between service of the eBay store and website, sorry to hear of your experience.

      • When I shopped with their eBay store, it was really fast. Using TNT courier.

      • Was it recent? I bought a washer a month ago, when I asked why it wasn't being set up the driver informed me they were new to delivering and promptly set it up for me and took away boxes. Maybe you shoulda asked??

        Anywho last Monday I got a dryer and they unboxed and set it up no questions asked, was great service.

        • I ordered it a few weeks back, it arrived Tuesday this week. And I know I should have asked, but my main annoyances were the different delivery time (which actually was a worse time for me) and that they ignored my message sent to them on ebay. The fact they didn't try to do any of the services they offer on delivery was more the tip of the iceberg.

          It definitely feels you are not given the same treatment when ordering on ebay compared to their website, and as I mentioned, there are plenty of ebay negative and neutral feedback saying the same thing so I know I'm not the only one.

        • @Gururek: that's fair enough, I will avoid Ebay then lol

    • +15 votes

      awesome company

      Absolutely, one of the best companies I've dealt with.


      I've had a few very good experiences but their service on backorders is terrible, really quite bad.

    • Ordered from their eBay page around 9pm, air con was delivered next morning at 9:30am

  • Is this meant to be bench integrated?

  • AO

    Please give us some deal for Hisense 55' TV

  • Nice saving but clearing out stock that isn't selling? Not a huge market for natural gas BBQ's, over LPG tanks, I would have thought?

    • So change the jets.

    • Yes, I remember finding a Webber family Q marked down to like $199 at masters back when they existed… Then realised it was the natural gas model.

      Still, a great deal if you have a gas pipe running past your house.

  • Could you advise if the Handy Crew HC-CT-GAS Cooktop Gas Installation AO offer ($280) includes setup of a new natural gas connection? Or is this $280 fee just to connect to an existing natural gas connection?


      I think you know the answer to that.

    • +4 votes

      Hi Abel, I've just started at Appliances Online as the BBQ specialiast and
      my understanding is that the Handy crew installation is connecting to a pre-existing outlet in your home. I will clarify this information in the morning (Friday 13/10) and get back to you - Russ

    • +1 vote

      Hi abel, the Handy Crew installation is just the connection to a pre-existing Natural Gas Bayonet at your premises. Hope this helps - Russ

  • +4 votes

    I am also interested in a $1500 tv at $500

  • Does this plug in to typical gas bayonet?

    • +2 votes

      Apologies, I can't answer that (yet). I have paged our BBQ product expert to your question.
      The generic manual for these barbeques unfortunately does not show the picture of the natural gas regulator, inlet adaptor or hose:

    • +3 votes

      Hi coxymla, this unit will indeed connect to a typical gas outlet. However with some fittings being slightly different it's best and safest just to clarify your situation with a licensed plumber. Any questions please don't hesitate to reply back - Russ

  • Everdure make fantastic BBQ's, I had one for years and I effortlessly cooked fantastic steaks using it. 'Upgraded' to a Ziegler & Brown which is basically BBQ Galores home brand featuring the 'revolutionary Radiant Quartz Technology burner' and I haven't been able to match the steaks I was cooking with the Everdure.

  • Any chance on a deal for the Everdure by Heston Blumenthal HBG2M?

  • I want this so bad but already have a Weber

  • What you folks did in the KitchenAid deal was astounding, never shopped at AO before but will definitely consider it for any future purchases.

    • AO have been awesome and I’ve used them to order essentially all the appliances at my place. Ordering at 11pm and getting it up and running by 8am = mind blown.

  • I have been a fan of AO for a few years as they take my old broken goods and they price match stores even in other states. I didn't get the mixer, too.. just great company so far.

  • Just buy this and then buy a LPG conversation kit from an Authorised Everdure/Shirro Service Agent.

  • +4 votes

    Lots of Warm and Fuzzies for Appliances Online/Winning - buy with confidence :)

  • Yep, AO supplied our cherished Electrolux washer dryer, hasn't skipped a beat, great service and price. Didn't buy the mixer but admire the approach too, solid company.

  • Sounds cool, but keep in mind that not everyone can have this hooked up. I once asked a gas installer whether, while installing a gas heater, he could also install a gas connection outside for a BBQ. He said that the pipes I had coming into the house were the thinner ones, such that all the gas appliances combined would exceed the capacity if he would set up a BBQ connection. So do not automatically assume that you can install this in your home without having a lot of piping upgraded.

  • What is the $792 one on their ebay store: http://www.ebay.com.au/itm/NEW-Everdure-SNNGC-13-Sunbury-eSe... … I assume not the 'pack' … And out of stock


      Hi leTintin, that indeed is the standalone unit without all the pack features and unfortunately we are out of stock on that model.

      The Sunbury listed is the absolute best value for money!

      Hope this helps - Russ

  • Bought a 55-inch plasma TV from these folks years back and it arrived THE NEXT DAY! Considering that I live in Perth, overnight delivery is unheard of.

    Then bought a fridge from them and they even took away the old fridge to dispose free of charge.

    Thanks AO!

    • Nothing's free… They do have that service which is handy but i almost always find it cheaper elsrwhere. Also there are charities who would pickup your old fridge for free anyway. So win win.

      They have decent service though… by Aus standards.

      • Lol just ask and they beat the price.

        • No they don't. There are exceptions and exclusions. Also i can get 7.5% off JBH giftcards for example which AO won't match of course. In other words as an avid ozber I often have better options. AO is convenient though if you're time poor.

        • @gimme: true, I hadn't really thought about gift cards, long day at work and all that. They beat tgg on my washer though, and got it delivered free.when it came time to buy a dryer I looked with a price range, asked live chat if they could get closer and they gave me a good discount that put it in my price range.

          It's quite a good dryer too.

  • Must be some serious markup on these bad boys. Surely they're not selling at a loss.

  • just missed the Kitchen aid mixer deal. Would you be able to honour it again?

  • I've bought from Appliances online and they were amazing. I actually am looking for a BBQ and was about to get the weber 7200 family q for $730. Anyone know if this is better?

    And do they have a stand for it?

    • +1 vote

      Hi itxrd - The Everdure Sunbury is a built in model designed to go into a pre-existing cavity or island module, unfortunately no stand.

      The Weber Family Q is an amazing unit that does have the stand option making it portable and more versatile than a built in unit.

      Hope this helps!

  • Just bought one don't know why (already have a Webber)

    • I have 4 bbqs in operation and I still considered it. Wouldn't be able to explain it to the boss no matter how cheap!


        I'm currently running 12 - two of which are commercial sized and there's always room for more!

      • I'm struggling as it's a good deal, but I've got it a family q and a baby q already. I've got a spot for a built in BBQ already too…

        • +1 vote

          You have a real good set-up, plus a spot for a build in already! What is one more BBQ to the collection!

  • Hi Rep, My house has an exterior natural gas bayonet point which is compatiable with my Rinnai Avenger 25 convector portable gas heater. Can you confirm if I can simply connect this Everdure SNNGC-13 BBQ to my house's exterior natural gas bayonet point without any additional parts, modifications or professional installation?

    • These would be australian standard fittings installed by plumbers. Can't see why not. But I'm not the rep.

    • +1 vote

      Hi Joe888, your NG bayonet on your house should be an Australian standard of 3/8". Your Rinnai Avenger 25 as well as this Sunbury unit both have the same connection, so it shouldn't be an issue. Hope this helps - Russ

      • Thanks for confirming. Can this unit be safely used on an outdoor timber table?


          Hi Joe888 as it is a build in unit it is designed to fit into a pre-existing cavity or module. I've never encountered a client who would use a build in as free-standing ontop of a table however if you were to do it you would need to allow certain clearances around the unit whilst also having non-combustible material underneath the unit (concrete sheeting, tiles etc).

        • +1 vote

          @Joe888: Unfortunately not, that cart is desined for portable BBQ's while the Sunbury is a built in model. The trolley itself has no heat shield and would not be able to safely hold the weight and dimensions of this particular BBQ. Hope this helps - Russ

  • Recently purchased a freezer on ebay with appliances online and delivery was fast, they installed it where I wanted and took away packaging. Highly recommended seller.

    However Everdure I would never buy again. Had both a wall oven and induction hot plate die just out of warranty both had little use and both went without warning at separate times on separate circuits. Parts are almost non existent. I strongly recommend against anyone buying Everdure products.

  • Good online shop. Affiliated with Winning Appliances brick and mortar shop. Both good to deal with.

  • Bought 1 last night and being delivered between 9 and 11 today which is incredible service.

    Any change of getting a deal on a BBQ rangehood too?


      Hi goliathfirst, that's amazing to hear that unit is on it's way!

      Give the sales guys a call 24/7 on 1300 000 500 and talk to them in regards to Rangehoods, they will be able to look after you. - Russ

  • Take a massive $1,030 off the price

    So this is basically a markup of >$1k for 364 days a year.

  • Interested, but our slot is 800x600 approx

    Can you do different sizes too? I looked on your website but going everdure->built in had no items!

    Otherwise i have to cut bricks to make it fit and i dont know if i cbf

    Otherwise.. Rainchecks?

  • Hi,

    Looks good. One question, i was interested in the Rotisserie too. I can see that you have this one here: https://www.appliancesonline.com.au/everdure-ac4roub10-rotis... . But it doesn't match the model names. I called your store number and was told that there was no rotisserie for this BBQ.

    I then checked the Everdure website for this model (http://www.everdure.com/products/details/SNNGC_13_SUNBURY_BU...) and under specifications it says:

    OPTIONAL ACCESSORIES: 240 Volt full stainless steel rod and rotisserie – AC4ROUB10
    Weatherproof, UV Resistant Cover – AC6VCBI–12

    Which is the exact model you have on your website.

    edit: Just to add that bit more confusion. If I instead click on "Features and Benefits", and then read under optional accessories, it says "240 Volt stainless steel rotisserie: AC6ROUB" . Which is a different model number.

    I've now got two three different bits of information that contradict. Is there any chance you could check and see which one is right?



      Hi massad, apologies for the information passed on to you. I have checked and confirmed this information and the Sunbury unit will indeed take a Rotisserie Kit - AC4ROUB10. This is an additional accessory and will need to be purchased separately. Hope this helps - Russ.

      • Thanks, now I have a 50/50 chance. What could go wrong? :) I'll order them both together.



          The AC4ROUB10 is the Rotisserie kit designed for the 4 burner series while the AC6ROUB is designed for the 6 burner Everdure series. The difference what I can see would be the length of the rod that the Rotisserie forks are attached on. Hope this can clear things up a little for you - happy grilling! - Russ

        • @RussAOLBBQ:

          All good. I've ordered them both together now.

          Now I just need to work out a place to put it.

  • Its a great deal and tempted to buy- but I do not have an island to rest this on- where can I possibly buy an island? which suits well for this model. I saw some models 4BIMLPC-15/4BIMNGC-15 on Everdure website but not sure if they just sell the islands? any suggestions?