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[NSW] Palace Cinema $5 Tickets + $1.30 Booking Fee (1-7 Feb) @ Central Park


To celebrate the opening of the new Central Park Palace Cinemas, you can grab tickets at $5 + $1.30 booking fee. some great selections but times are kind of poor for those good ones. See ya there.

chelseafc has reported that many evening/weekend sessions are now sold out. A limited number of sessions in morning or afternoon hours are still available.

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Palace Cinemas

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  • How do you get the special price? I'm seeing $21.50 per adult ticket.

  • Thank you!

  • Right near work. Lunch time movies!

  • Grabbed some for family outing, cheers!

  • Can someone actually explain what a booking fee is? I'm booking it myself, there's no staff involved to pay. $6.20 ticket, not $5.

  • Just grabbed 2 tickets for next Friday night. Thanks

  • Thanks, Grabbed tickets to Darkest Hour which wasn't playing in my local.

    Great Post

  • Grabbed 5 tickets for the entire family for Sunday movie. $1.20 booking fee is applicable per person not per booking. It doesn't matter you make 5 individual bookings or one booking for 5 people. Still excellent value, plus just 2$ commute to City on Sunday by Train. Thanks OP…!

  • I only noticed place this last Sunday.

    Can someone tell me how big the screens are? I assume like big home projectors?

    Going to watch the new studio ponoc movie with my wife.

  • Word of warning - went here with the GF the other week cos of their student discount. Movie screen is really small, like smaller than home cinema small. Seats are like jetstar seats - very thin and faux leather, no recline. Cinema room is also very small, which is a positive to some I suppose. This is basically just a home cinema except with random people. Personally I wouldn't go back if it was free (me and the GF actually have 1 free ticket each still which I don't plan to use).

  • From their website:

    "Complementing its boutique-style auditoria and stylish décor…"

    What complete wankery.

  • good for the asians that live - i mean that own central park lol

  • Word of warning. Evening sessions of films after working hours and most weekend sessions are already sold out. If anyone has spare tickets for Sweet Country please contact me as I'd be most grateful thanks…

  • UPDATE 30/1/18 - Most if not all evening sessions on all days have now sold out. Most weekend sessions are now sold out. My suggestion is to do the Aussie thing and chuck a sickie if your that desperate to only pa a fiver for a cheap movie ticket and even then the day sessions are filling fast.

    would we be able to change the status of the deal to sold out due to the above?

    • how because there are still seats available?

      • Still seats available for morning sessions last time I checked. Next week to celebrate Chinese new year they'll have $8 tickets and I can guarantee that with black panther coming out the same scenario will repeat itself again.

  • i'm disappointed so many people paid booked their tickets online, the booking fee is a rip off. at $5 it was just the right price since the screen was a bit small.