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30% off Selected Items @ Icebreaker


High prices but the end of season sale can make some more palatable.

I can vouch for their socks, which all have lifetime warranty.

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  • What does lifetime warranty on socks mean? If I get a hole in one of their socks, I can get it replaced?

    • lifetime sock guarantee

      At Icebreaker we take pride in the quality of our socks and guarantee 100% satisfaction with your purchase. If for any reason you are not completely satisfied with your socks we will provide you with a new pair or a refund. Please visit your original location of purchase to receive your replacement or refund (proof of purchase is required for refunds).

      so… what does not being satisfied mean here?

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        so… what does not being satisfied mean here?

        My socks have started to smell. I'm dissatisfied, give me new ones. What do you mean "wash"?

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    That's mad, all socks I use advise throw away after one use.

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    I like icebreaker and have a few items but they are getting pretty crazy expensive. I remember paying 60 dollars for the escape shorts and I thought it was good value. But 90 dollars when it’s on special…

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    Do they still have the problem of many merino wool clothes in that they'll develop small holes in them? I believe it's due to the shorter length of the merino strands. Every merino t-shirt I've had has done this. The first couple of time it happened I thought it was clothes moths and was getting ready to bomb my wardrobe until I noticed it was only the IceBreaker t-shirts that had holes.

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      Wow, same experience here, even down to bombing the house.

      My answer is: somewhat. I've had far more pieces of icebreaker than I'd admit. I would avoid any thinner weight sweaters; I still don't trust them around the shoulders and seams. I've thrown out several sweaters with this issue.

      T-shirts are a safer bet. I've got had this problem recently with the T's (and really only had one shirt develop a hole, so perhaps I have good t-shirt luck.) Thicker sweaters, hoodies, etc have not had any issues.

  • I love my ice breaker stuff. Got most of it at 70% off at the outlets in Auckland. However, nowadays the merino stuff from Macpac is just as good but cheaper.

  • I find the Aldi ones pretty good too

  • I gotta say, despite me being Ozbargain as they come… this is one brand that I will happily splash out for, but I can't justify full price, so this is a win for me.
    Especially the long sleeve base layer tops. I wear them at home all through Sydney winter, and I refuse to buy a heater and survive fine (there's your ozbargain for ya). I wear them under a jumper through winter when I go out, still work fantastic. I've trekked through Nepal, Patagonia, and recently snowboarded in Japan using their base layer tops… I've had 2 tops for 4 years, and they still last, don't smell, and are great.

    I'll happily dump a bit at 30% because this stuff is expensive, but worth it.

  • t-shirts are great, but stitching on the pants and shorts is really hit and miss.

    the thinner socks wear out really fast.

    great for thermals, but their hoodies fall apart way faster than cheaper lowes and kmart hoodies in my experience.

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