expired [VIC] Secure Parking - Night & Weekend Parking - from $6 (+ $1 Booking Fee) - Several Locations


Melbourne & Olympic Parks Precinct Discount Parking

Note: A booking fee of $1 applies

  • 300 Flinders Street Car Park
    Night & Weekend Parking $6 - Use Promo Code EVENTS300

  • 12 - 20 Flinders Lane Car Park
    Night & Weekend Parking $6 $7 - Use Promo Code EVENTS1220

  • Southern Cross Car Park (121 Exhibition Street)
    Night & Weekend Parking $8 - Use Promo Code EVENTS121

How to book:

Log in (or sign up for free) to secureaspot.secureparking.com.au.

  1. Search for your destination.
  2. Choose the date and time you would like to book for your parking.
  3. Click “Show me what’s available”.
  4. Sort car parks by distance then select your car park.
  5. Click “Book Now”.
  6. Apply Promo Code.
  7. Confirm details then click “Confirm Booking”.

Available for online bookings only.

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  • +3 votes

    I only paid $6.50 @ Wilson on Thursday night in Melbourne CBD. No codes required. It always pays to shop around.


      Yeap, agree with you - should always shop around.

      Use only if the criteria (location) suits.
      Some may also have bought credits from Secure Parking at 10% discount during Christmas, which also affect choice.


      Which carpark is this please?

    • +1 vote

      300 flinders showed $8 yesterday, but now wants $11. Also said this coupon code has reached max daily usage. Whatever.

      Thanks to your recommendation, I booked at wilson for $5.50 :) Also much closer to my destination!

      Cheers sween64


    I'm getting $7 + $1 booking fee using EVENTS1220 at Flinders Lane. Only a saving of 50c from their normal night rates.


      I made a couple of successful bookings at 300 Flinders St, but did not try Flinders Lane before post. I have just tried and you are right. I will modify post.

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