Optus/Vodafone/Telstra... better deal as new customer


I am currently with Vodafone but am looking at renewing my contract with another provider. Has anyone every gotten them to give a better than shown deal by agreeing to come across?



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    No. I tried this week. Optus wouldn't budge, but I wanted the football. So $40 sim-only was what I ended up with. Voda offered 20% of plans to stay.. but… World cup is around the corner!


    Telstra also not budging on current offers….. used to be the norm to get $10 off


    Yea. I am most likely thinking of going Optus. I can get 10% off with them since I am studying Uni, and they are about the same price as Vodafone/Virgin.

    And I have no faith in Telstra these days as I just don't think they are worth the Telstra Tax.


      Depends on a specific deal you are chasing.
      Quite often Vodafone will match a competitors offer
      But if there is a specific deal you wanted maybe just ask at your local store.




    Im with vodafone and at the time of optus and telstra offering the $59 deals with the Galaxy S8. Vodafone matched the deal.

    I did sign into a 24 month contract , and they F****d a few things up with billing and got it sorted in the end


    Didn't want to create a new topic for this, so hopefully may get an answer here.

    Currently with Optus, out of contract and looking for the best deal possible on a SIM plan, no contract.

    Optus are doing $40mth/20gb for new customers, or $40/15gb for existing.

    If I were to port from Optus to Telstra pre-paid, would I be able to then port back to Optus as a 'new customer'?


      You can!

      I just had a discussion with one of their live chat sales reps asking if I could recontract on the $40/20gb plans, he said no. I asked if offer was able to give me any deals to recontract with them, he said no.

      I asked if the only way I could get a better deal on my phone plan was to switch providers, he said yes -_-

      He also said that if I wanted to I could port my number out to a different provider, then port it back to optus and I would have access to the same deals as new customers. I've decided that if I have to go to that much fuss, I'm just going to port out to the $40/28gb deal with Virgin

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        Thanks for the reply dane.

        I re-contracted with Optus this morning. After all my whinging about the $40/20gb deal for new customers, they've now made it eligible for all re-contracting customers, as well as new.


        Happy days :)


          How is that "recontracting" when you're just switching to prepaid? Is there a contract term defined? You can cancel anytime, right?


          It's a 12 month contract for $40mth/20gb.