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Good device. Microsoft sent me one to use and love it!
17/06/2022 - 08:11
I would be hesitant to buy any Mac with the new model coming. If nothing else once the new M2 comes out the marketed will be flooded with...
16/06/2022 - 11:22
I think you will find better prices in the coming days. With the XM5's just announced prices will drop quickly! Look at what happened last...
13/05/2022 - 10:50
FYI mine was shipped today and due to arrive tomorrow. Central Coast.
02/05/2022 - 19:52
Even if it does. Has a 3 year warranty.
30/04/2022 - 16:27
Fair enough. I also wanted it easy to pull out and in. Saw on YouTube a video showing it was a tight fit. Too many sexual comments there...
30/04/2022 - 12:48
30/04/2022 - 12:43
That said. 17" is like 2cm taller and wider. Going that just for extra storage space.
30/04/2022 - 12:33
Will the 15" fit a 16" MBP?
30/04/2022 - 12:19
True, neither are prefect. But the Cygnet one appears better than the Apple one that is normally $139 or $109 on sale. I mainly wanted one...
18/04/2022 - 08:50
No. Any MagSafe connection can trigger that animation.
18/04/2022 - 07:13
Cygnett Mag5000 5000mAh Magnetic Wireless Power Bank $48 + Delivery ($0 C&C/ in-Store) @ Harvey Norman
Conveniently recharge your compatible devices while on the go without having to worry about keeping cables plugged-in, thanks to the...
17/04/2022 - 22:07
Not bad. I would recommend getting Apple Care with a Mac. I recently had my 2017 MBP fully replaced to this model because of a fault…...
14/04/2022 - 08:09
Not worth it. Even for higher spec's it is a waste of money to buy Intel Mac's. I give them another couple of years before Apple stops...
13/04/2022 - 11:21
You can. But it only has 1 device slot... so not my MBP and iPad in their own slots.
15/03/2022 - 10:57
Would love it. But no real location to put my MBP and iPad. So pass. But thanks.
15/03/2022 - 08:48
Cheers OP. Was about to by a Mac Mini from Refurb for $1319... with this got it via normal store for the same price and didn't have to wait...
10/03/2022 - 15:52
Says comes with : Vehicle Power Adapter Their website says this: https://www.navman.com.au/mivue-vehicle-power-adaptor-5v-2a
14/02/2022 - 13:12
Sorry. Though been after new front and rear dash cams for a while... so couldn't pass up on them.
14/02/2022 - 13:09
Thanks OP. Got 2… one for me and one for the wife. I nothing like a dashcam for a Valentines Day present for the wife!
14/02/2022 - 12:55
Would this fit a 16” MBP, surface pro 8 and iPad pro?
13/02/2022 - 14:05
It's a personal opinion. However in my case I brought a 2018 MBP and Apple Care. Jan 1st Apple replaced my 2018 MBP with a 2021 MBP due to...
02/02/2022 - 07:20
Haha… how many people are now stuck with stock who thought they could make thousands?
30/01/2022 - 16:59
Microsoft gave me one of these for free as part of an Early Adoptors program. It’s horrible, even free I think it’s too expensive. Love...
26/01/2022 - 09:23
I am a huge believer in Password Managers but don’t trust LastPass. They have had a few vulnerabilities that make me worry about their...
16/01/2022 - 17:49