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2 Games for $40 @ JB Hi-Fi


JB's starting up their 2 for $40 deal again, this time with newer titles thrown in the mix. Some highlights (in my opinion) include;

  • Watch Dogs 2 (XB1/PS4)
  • Prey (with mug) (XB1/PS4)
  • Mad Max (XB1/PS4)
  • For Honor (XB1/PS4)
  • Alien: Isolation (XB1)
  • Xenoblade Chronicles (New 3DS)

Full list is in the main link.

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  • +5

    $20 each for those games mentioned isn't that great of a deal imo, on xbox you can get Mad Max on Xbox gamepass plus another 150+ games

    • +7

      What if you have a PS4? Or don’t want to subscribe to Games Pass? Or like collecting physical games?

      • +5

        Or don’t want to subscribe to Games Pass?

        You should, it's amazing value. Used to pay like $3 each to rent games from Blockbuster back in the day. This is $11 per month and you get access to more games than you could possibly play. With their announcement that new exclusives are all coming to Game Pass, it's a no brainer.

        • +18

          It’s a no brainer? No, it’s a subscription model. I’ve had it before and I unsubscribed after three months. Good value for many people, for me it was full of games that I’ll never play. A couple of upcoming first party titles being added to the library at release isn’t enough for me subscribe again.

        • +6


          A couple of upcoming first party titles being added to the library at release isn’t enough for me subscribe again.

          Fair enough if you don't want it, but be true to the facts - it's not "a couple" of first party titles being added to the library, it's all new release first party titles being added. If you buy two of those a year, it's already worth subscribing. Depends on what you play, I guess.

        • +2

          If it weren't because it was $1 for a month, I doubt I would have subscribed to Game Pass. Not happy that most of the XB1 exclusives I purchased (Halo 5, Gears 4, Sunset O/drive) are in Game Pass. Rest of the games in Game Pass are ones I would normally not buy. Also, unlike XB Live Gold or PS Plus, games on Game Pass can be taken off by Microsoft later and when that happens, you cannot play them anymore even with an active Game Pass (e.g. MGS V: PP).

          Until Microsoft put some up to date exclusives in Game Pass, it is not that exciting unless you are new to XB1.

        • @p1 ama: And just how many first party Microsoft titles have release dates? Or even a release window within the next year? Heck, even confirmed to be in development? Not many. So I think “a couple” isn’t too far from accurate (I’m not a fanboy, I own a One X and a regular PS4).

        • +1

          It would take me more than a month to finish a game, so this subscription is at least $22 per game compared with $20 at JB Hifi :)

        • That's fine when your time is your own. As a dad starting a new family it might be 6 months before i could finish a game. No way is game pass, psn, xbox live, ea pass or anything similar worth subscribing to for people like me. And there's a lot of people like me.

          In fact, psn and xbl really sht me for this. They need a pay by the hour model.. Or be like PC. Free.

        • @netsurfer:

          Of course Game Pass is by no means perfect. However, I do think that subscription based models are the future of how games will be distributed. I had this exact same argument a decade ago with regards to movies and music, that eventually there will be a system where people pay a monthly fee to access a library of content.

          People laughed at the idea and ridiculed my suggestion, but one doesn't need to look far (i.e. libraries for books) to see that this idea works and has been in place for hundreds of years.

          The fact that the three exclusives you've mentioned are on Game Pass means that it's a pretty good deal - how much did you pay for them? That much probably would have bought you a year's subscription.

          You're right about them taking games off, but Microsoft have confirmed new exclusives coming to Game Pass will be there for good. Either way, I'm not Microsoft's PR/marketing team and I couldn't care less about sticking up for their products. However, the success of subscription based models are through volume, so the more people that sign up, the more games will come to Game Pass.

          Each to their own. We can get our games in whatever way suits our lifestyle/preferences. Just putting out what I think is a good deal.

        • It’s good value if you regularly churn through games, but I generally only do that when I’m taking annual leave. The rest of the time, it can easily take me a few months to play through a game. Hell, with BoTW and Mario Odyssey being released for the Switch last year, I played through exactly zero XBox games.

          So, it’s a “no brainer” only for certain people. If you’ve only got access to the XBox platform for gaming, it probably makes sense. But if you also have a Switch or PS4 or PC, you’ll quite possibly be paying a subscription for a platform you’re just not using that month.

        • +2

          @p1 ama:

          Yeah and people still buy physical books and physical media for movies and music. I buy them. Many others do too. I also have multiple digital subscriptions for media.

          You're right that it's a good deal. But you're wrong that it suits everyone, so it is not a no brainer.

        • @p1 ama: After 1 month trying out Game Pass, I already played the games I wanted to play. Microsoft planning to put those 3 exclusives is good, but so far, games in Game Pass are old games.

          A good subscription model is that once you subscribed to it, you can choose any game you want. Not a bunch of old games Microsoft allow you to play. There are still lots of games I want to try out on XB1X (which means I will probably have to buy them).

          There are so many games in Game Pass which I just tried out for a few minutes and then came to the conclusion that it was a waste of time to even download it.

        • -3

          @netsurfer: Agree. Game pass won't last. Same reason Blockbuster doesnt exist anymore. The mods need to get on top of these paid shill bots promoting it.

        • +1

          @aja12: My 2c. I subscribed to EA Access from this deal and played battlefield 4 for maybe like 3 hours and that was it for the whole subscription. I had planned on playing a few of the others but never got around to it. Somewhat related, I think I owned Bioshock 2 for about 5 years before I ended up playing it haha.

        • @justtoreply: what happened to your last family? Would have been easier to keep them and play more games. That's like starting a second skyrim character: tough work to go through all the same side quests. Fetch this. Fetch that. Not for me but more power to you.

      • -3

        Go ahead and buy them? not sure what else you want me to say.

        • It's probably the way you worded your comment. Maybe if you mentioned that it is best not to buy mad max because it is on Game Pass and you can currently get Game Pass for free for 1 month (via Microsoft Rewards), people might be more open minded.

          That's the only game in the list that's in Game Pass. The issue is that Game Pass isn't currently well liked by XB1 owners. Most of the games are ones you normally wouldn't buy or play. If you have XB1X, the games to really show off XB1X aren't there in Game Pass.

    • +2

      at least you can resell physical games, meaning it's better value

      • Exactly. Also I’m a casual gamer. I play 1-2 singleplayer games a month and that’s it. I would play my ps4 online maybe an hour or two every few weeks if it was free but it’s not, you have to subscribe to do that as well.

      • Though with a digital copy you can set one PS4 as the home console and then play the same game on another PS4 at the same time. Under the right conditions it's like getting two copies.

    • seeing as you not only need to pay for xbox live and the gamepass monthly i'd say this is definitely a better deal than a paid sub.

      • Don’t need Live to subscribe to Game Pass.

        • a paid subscription (game pass)… within a paid subscription (live gold)… that i only get access to if i pay a monthly fee (internet)… which is all useless if your electricity goes out.

  • +1

    For Honor & Prey for me. (i want that mug, too!)

    Great deal. Cheers 'rat!

    • +1

      Prey is brilliant

      • +1

        Agree with all my heart. Prey is absolutely fantastic.

        Yes the combat is very tough in the beginning. And yes, the ending is a little underwhelming. But, I haven't been so captivated by a games atmosphere in years.

    • +1

      Careful your coffee doesn't vanish from it

      • I got to that point where I had to think "Am I enjoying this experience stil ?" - Those jump scares got me over and over and over. But YES, I enjoyed every second of it.

        I played through the first time without using any alien tech. So I'm due for a 2nd play through and unlock a whole new skill tree.

        • The bloody green calibration dot on the LG screen got me bad later in the game.

    • The mug would be great for extra immersion. Why pick up a mug and hurl it across the room ingame when you can do it in real life!

  • +3

    Well done OP.

  • You did it :) +1

  • no nintendo switch games
    not happy

    • +1

      Considering Just Dance 17 has been 20 at JB multiple times before, I'm amazed it wasn't thrown into the mix just so they could try to lure people in with the "now includes Switch" shebang.

      • Post that deal if it pops up again please, would love now dance for the kids… not at $57 used for 2018 as it seems to be at EB when I have passed by, 2017 was 50 new I think.

        • That price was around black friday sales. Good chance will be cheap again

        • You get free just dance unlimited trial sub with it.makes it worth it

  • +1

    Lots of super games in the deal missing from the post. Codename Steam for 3DS is raaaaad and $20 seems like a good deal for Arkham Knight and Dishonored 2. Torment Tides of Numenaria is also a bit of a gem.

    • target have Codename Steam for 3DS for 6$

      • Online or is there in store stock? My local target has like a grand total of four 3ds games.

        • target has the poorest selection of games for the switch… my local had one physical game on the shelf.. couple of empty boxes about the upcoming mario odyssey release only came out 4 months ago… no rush to update your shelves… no switch love it seems.

        • +1

          @akoli: Be grateful, they straight up never stocked the Vita at all.

        • @TheDukeOfNukem:

          They usually have the best prices on switch games too just no stock think they just find the cheapest price on line to get you through the door.

          All the better for the ebay scalpers… especially on firmware 3.60

        • Good deal, however Codename steam can be had for cheaper, eg Gamesmen

  • +2

    I wonder if you can buy the same game? I want to grab 2 copies of That's You!

    • +1

      I assume you're sarcastic, but if you actually do want it, I have like three codes for the game sitting around here somewhere.

      • So like heard you have 3 codes of the game sitting around somewhere, mind to share? :P

        • +1

          I'll have a looksie for one of them when the baby wakes up and shoot you a PM :)

  • Wish they had Dragon Quest 2 and World of Final Fantasy for the two for 40 deal.

    • World of Final Fantasy was in two for 40 previously, so its possible could be again in future

      • I need to give World Of Final Fantasy a proper crack…. one day :(

  • No switch games. The titles are too limited

  • +1

    This would probably make the new lowest for XCOM 2 on consoles. Fantastic get at this price, even with it being so cheap on PC back when it was part of the Humble Monthly Bundle.

  • I have couple games if anyone interested in swapping pm me. All games mint

    Prey, dh2 etc

  • For those looking at Xbox One ubisoft games they are currently on sale on the MS store


    eg Farcry 4 + Farcry Primal, it is $35


  • XB1: I picked up Prey and Aliens Isolation for $38 (buy one get one free) at the start of Jan!

  • lolol For Honor

  • Now includes the following:

    Knack 2
    Everybody’s Golf
    Uncharted: The Lost Legacy
    Wipeout: Omega Collection
    Horizon Zero Dawn
    The Last Of Us
    Gravity Rush 2
    The Last Guardian
    Super Stardust Ultra
    Until Dawn
    Little Big Planet 3
    God Of War III Remastered
    Until Dawn: Rush Of Blood
    PlayStation WOrlds
    Heavy Rain/Beyond

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