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50% off Handee Ultra Paper Towel 6pk $3.75, Papermate Inkjoy 300RT 8pk $2.50, Sharpie Gift Packs eg. 28pk $15 +More @ Woolworths

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    Very good price on Handee Ultra, however just going to link this comment that it scored very low in Choice reviews, 17th/23rd place.

    Quilton Tuffy scored very well in 2nd place and is half price at the moment but slightly more expensive at $1.19/100s vs $1.04/100s of this Handee Ultra special. Coles Red Ribbon is $0.85/100s and scored 9th place, still quite a bit higher than Handee Ultra and cheaper.

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      I was actually planning to buy the Quilton until I came across this Handee special :)

      Can't recall if it was Tuffy or Triple Layer that I used previously (likely the latter), but it left lint everywhere, so since then I've stuck with Handee and Viva…

      Now thanks to your comment, after checking Price Hipster, I've changed my order to include it - a sucker for 4ply - have you tried it yourself?

      Coles currently has Viva 2pk at 50% off for $1.75 - I generally avoid 1ply products like Red Ribbon

      • I've purchased it on the weekend after seeing that special, I had been looking out for it since seeing that Choice article and wanting to try something instead of Handee ultra which I usually got due to price. I haven't tried the Quilton out yet though.

        Yeah true, I wasn't too keen on Red Ribbon either despite the Choice ranking/price.

      • howd you add that cool graph

    • Yeah things like this, I don't rate Choice's choices.

      Of all the papertowels, Handi IMHO is best, it aeems tonbe thirstier & tiugher then others. Ive tried Viva (which is good), Quilton, which leaves fluff everywhere, Aldi (their dunny paper is great) its not as as thirsty & disintegrates.

  • Are the paper towels available in all
    Stores at this price or is it just an online thing?

    • sorry, didn't scan in-store to check, but afaik online is the same as in-store, with the exception of online/bundle deals such as this, and some fresh produce

      not all stores stock it according to online availability

  • I checked the Handee Ultra Paper Towel 6pk at my local store and its $7.50. Is this last week's special?
    It's also no longer showing up on price hipster.

    • sorry, don't know as it wasn't in last week's catalogue - did you scan to check its price?

      • Yeah I took it to the register to check.

        • ok thanks - deal updated :)

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