expired Dell Alienware M11x, 11" Gaming Laptop with i7 and 8GB RAM for $1471 from JB Hi-Fi


I just ordered this laptop from JB hifi and thought I would share the receipt with everyone so they can at least get the same deal if not better. The laptop retails for $1799 with same specs from the Dell website.

This is a pic from my iphone of the specs page http://i1089.photobucket.com/albums/i348/pwn888/m11x%20purch...

and this is a pic of the total cost before discounts http://i1089.photobucket.com/albums/i348/pwn888/m11x%20purch...

Just go into a JB and ask to get the m11x built to order then they spec it up with you, then just ask for a JB deal :)

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    just wondering, shouldn't a gaming laptop be at least 15"?

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      Dunno why you're getting negged, it's fair comment! I wouldn't consider playing games on a screen smaller than 17" myself, FFS 11" with those specs…WTF were they thinking??? :o

      Are you guys sure somebody didn't call Xzibit & say "pimp my netbook"??? :p

      That said, good price for this model, and it's quite well reviewed! :)

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        Well Said. Sometimes people do get negged and I keep thinking for minutes, what is wrong in this comment.
        Secondly, may be Dell thought to use it like PSP and Computer both :)

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      The idea is to use HDMI out to play decent PC games and it's still portable enough to take anywhere with long battery life.

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      It's 11" purely for portability (LANs etc). It's actually rather heavy for the screen size and don't even try playing games without carrying the charger, it'll destroy your battery.

      The idea is that you carry this thing around, it's fairly small and powerful and once there, you attach an HDMI and/or keyboard and you're free to play all your games.


        So, let me get this straight…it's a gaming laptop, but to play games at any decent res with acceptable clarity you really need to connect a larger monitor by HDMI; it's portable for LANs, but if you're gonna play games there, you still need to take your charger, monitor, gaming keyboard & mouse; do you see where I'm going with this…IMHO this is useless as a gaming rig…paradoxically, portability is completely nullified by its own dimensions!

        Sorry, but that dog won't hunt, monsignor! ;)


      I'm running everything off an m11x (original dual core one) and it is great for me. It is small and portable enough to carry and can run all the games I play including:

      • Warcraft 3 (dota)
      • Starcraft 2
      • Left for Dead 2
      • Team Fortress 2
      • CS Source

      The only game which slows it down is SC2 running on my external monitor (1900x1200) on medium details when there are lots of units on screen. Otherwise it's smooth as silk.

      Are there are laptops which have come out since in 11 inch size with better specs for gaming?


        I have one myself and love it. Plays all the games I need it to including; Dota, Starcraft 2 and most FPS on high detail. It is a little sluggish with applications like photoshop and illustrator but that's not what its designed for. For those looking for a well built, portable gaming laptop, I would highly recommend this machine.


    man, that's an awesome deal! ;) hey it's good enough for DOTA… :D


    I have this laptop with an i3 and 4gb of ram, its awesome.


    jb sales rep might call this another receipt scam :P


    Would love this laptop - except it lacks vga port.


    Thanks for sharing


    Great price (despite it being the ugliest notebook out there)

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    ripped off, when are you going to use 8GB ram for gaming?

    Unless you are going to hook this up to a television, in that case you might as well have gone for a HTPC style minibox. <<<—- Would be easier to upgrade.

    e-pen anyone?


    I'd rather get it with the i5 and 4gb ram for $1100.


      But it's sticking reasonably powerful hardware into a small size that makes it a decent deal (but then there's the fact that it's Alienware, which means it's probably overpriced anyway and the fact that Dell owns Alienware means it might explode)

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    This is a good deal but as others have pointed out I find the specs a little odd. 8GB and so much power with an 11.6" screen seems odd to me. If it were 13" it would be perfect (despite me feeling 8GB is overkill)

    I'd still be tempted to buy it had my credit card not be in such bad shape already.

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    i7-640, is not even a good i7 and you can get i5 that are better, so shouldn't be so happy about that, it's still dual core and is outdated already. You should look at i7-720 and higher.

    8gb is good.

    11" is too small for gaming, but an external monitor can be used so no big whoop.

    Dell hasn't exploded in years and that was one model of battery.

    The video card is average but will work.

    If you want a better deal than this, Dell XPS laptops are better specced at lower prices. Alienware as a rule is overpriced.

    All the same, it's a good price for a 11x with those specs, not the deal that is bad, but the laptop itself is overpriced.


      I think it's a good deal for an 11" laptop. Some people (not me tho) actually prefer or need their laptops to be smaller but still powerful.

      Not a fan of Dell… quality just isn't great. (except maybe their peripherals, which aren't too bad actually)

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        This is Alienware. It might be Dell owned, but they don't share the same stable. This is like staying away from a Lexus because "I'm not a fan of Toyotas."


          Well, yeh I get that. was sort of replying to this bit:
          "means it might explode"
          "Dell hasn’t exploded in years and that was one model of battery."
          As it was sort of a joke, but it was taken seriously.

          Ultimately tho, Alienware still reports to Dell, so although it's better than actually buying a Dell they have changed since Dell bought them.


      True you can get better CPU's but not for an 11" laptop!

      Whats impressive is they have put mid range specs into this tiny laptop. I seriously doubt you could find these specs even in a 13" laptop.


      Might wanna have a look at origin PC

      The original people form ALienware broke off and formed this company. If I had the moolah to buy an Alienware M15x then I would buy an Origin eon Laptop.

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    I paid 1899 two months ago for this. Direct from Dell. +1


    As a m11x owner and having researched quite extensively, warranty extension is heavily recommended for this unit for major issues that are associated with this fine piece of hardware (not irony, its a great unit, just some shortcomings).

    The hinges can be a problem and will break and require replacement. I bought mine from Dell and they simply replace the screen for you. I am not sure how JB will deal with this - perhaps they have an agreement with Dell?

    Some owners have also reported that the heatsink for the R2 models is insufficient to cool and the new BIOS simply beef up the RPM on the fans which will translate to heat issues in the future.

    For more information, please head over to the forums where I and others of m11x reside:


    All are welcome :)

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    I think they are stupid thats why they can't put a sentence together just one word.


    WOW 11" good luck.

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    Do these m11xs still have hinge problems..?
    Google it ladies, design flaw.


    was this purchased during JB's "one night sale" with 15% off computers?
    if yes, are they likely to give out the same discounts by price matching a receipt?
    Wouldn't mind one of these actually.