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Can anyone confirm if the code still works with CR/SB, as CR states: *Note: Cashback is ineligible if any discount coupons or promo codes...
26/12/2021 - 18:12
yep, after 10% discount, the price ends up only ~$10 less than buying from the shop's actual website.
26/12/2021 - 18:03
Used imed Mine
10/10/2021 - 21:38
Ah gotcha, seems I misunderstood your initial post. Thanks for the explanation, that helps clear it up for me.
31/08/2021 - 21:33
>I don't think the S21 has sold badly, the news articles that say this haven't followed the trends. >Each subsequent Galaxy generation has...
31/08/2021 - 19:07
Yep, pretty much what the description says as well: *We build off the work that came before it, while taking the chance to create something...
21/08/2021 - 12:59
Would anyone that's bought one, have the dimensions of the package it comes in/ships in? Just want to get a few quotes amongst the...
12/08/2021 - 14:56
Looks like the sale has been extended. Last night it was: ***2 days left** - OR - until sold out* Today it's now: ***24 days left** - OR -...
07/08/2021 - 12:50
Damn, P9 but no P9 Plus. I guess since it was never officially sold locally :(
18/04/2021 - 15:26
As Kathmandu & Macpac are to outdoor apparel.
18/04/2021 - 15:23
Can't say i've experienced more dropouts than ABB who had their fair share, but the speed is noticeably slower than ABB (equiv plans),...
02/03/2021 - 14:11
The ones in the First Class kit appear to be 15ml cream & 10ml lip balm.
21/02/2021 - 01:47
Agree, their off-shore customer service team is terrible. Rude & useless is an understatement.
18/12/2020 - 11:50
Same experience as you, when using Cash Rewards. Generally about 90% successful tracking with cashback of a few cents to a couple of...
13/11/2020 - 21:32
yeah did that, tried it all again this morning but same issue. I did notice Magisk also fails now, but from memory it never passed...
04/11/2020 - 11:12
Same here. Have tried different accounts,and restarted device as well. Worked fine last night, and there's been no update since.
03/11/2020 - 14:42
Same brand, different model. Control panel on mine screwed up within the first month, this was with minimal usage. Coating wasn't peeling...
27/10/2020 - 00:29
From what i gathered on the site: 3X Pro is: 3 Pro + v1.1.4 Motor (+ glass bed) 3Xs Pro is: 3 Pro + v1.1.5 Motor (+ glass bed) 3X & 3Xs is...
07/08/2020 - 15:00
Given some of the comments here mention the motor can be quite noisy (though can't see any confirmation if it's the 3 or the Pro as well,...
07/08/2020 - 13:49
"AUU2020 discount code isn’t valid for the items in your cart" for the 4KG Sampler
05/08/2020 - 21:59
You're comparing apples & oranges. Like you just said, cycling @ 50km/h is the same as driving around a track. However, most commuters are...
22/07/2020 - 11:58
So only the person who discovered something can be said to have done any significant research. All others after them are simply cashing in...
15/05/2020 - 09:59
> You need 518mm from the front outside of the bowl to the cistern. That would be **b** in the product specs...
30/03/2020 - 18:56
Assuming the quoted measurements in previous seller posts are off (given your comment), what dimensions would you say are required for a...
30/03/2020 - 18:35
Curious how this compares to the M365 (Pro?), as aren't Segway part of Xiaomi? Visually, the design looks similar, even down to the the...
22/03/2020 - 15:54
where are the stores located in VIC ([booktopia]('t list them)? assuming it hasn't been emptied...
08/03/2020 - 23:40
Cosmolite comes in just under @ 2.9KG for 81cm
24/01/2020 - 18:42
Referral code only seems to work inside the app, not if signing up via the website
28/11/2019 - 12:38