This was posted 11 months 9 days ago, and might be an out-dated deal.

expired [PC] STEAM - Star Wars: Knights of The Old Republic II: The Sith Lords - ~$0.59 AUD - Gamivo


Now the previous post for this game has been unpublished due to sockpuppetting.
As this is a good deal and I am in now way affiliated with Gamivo whatsoever (in fact, this deal is the first time I have heard of them), I thought I re-post this deal again for others to benefit and get a cheap copy of Star Wars: KOTOR II.
Game itself is $0.02 and the remainder are visa processing fees which then comes to $0.59AUD and that is a pretty good deal for a great game.
Not sure how long this lasts - it is Deal of the Day but I am not sure when Gamivo's day starts and ends. So, if you want it, be quick.


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    One of the all time great RPGs. Be sure to get the mods for it that back add in a lot of the cut content that was unfinished due to an aggressive development schedule.


      Is I or II the all time great?

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        Very subjective. KOTOR was more classic Star Wars, but personally I found TSL to have a much more nuanced storyline.

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        2 is amazing in terms of writing. But dont forget to install the restored content mod that adds in heaps of cut content that Obsidian didnt have time to implement thanks to LucasArts being greedy bastards. You can find it in the steam workshop called 'The Sith Lords Restored Content Modification (TSLRCM).


          Did Obsidian restore it or did a fan do it?

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          Fans did it over a number of years. Obsidian would of done it I'm sure but they probably dont have the funds or license or whatever to work on it once its released. Same thing that happened with Vampire Bloodlines I'd say. Publishers always gave them limited time.


    Purchase worked! Thanks OP


    Thanks OP. Haven't tried the code yet though…

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    Bought it then went to Steam and already had it :D

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    What a terrific game series!

    KOTOR 1 would have to be one of my all time favourite games (top 5 easy, and I've been playing games for 40 years since C64 and Amiga500).
    Such a terrific storyline and character development (both your main character and your companions).

    KOTOR 2 not as good, but still very worthy of your time.
    Both tie in Star Wars lore seamlessly, without making it overbearing to more casual players. It sucks you right in!

    Both will definitely be showing their age graphics wise, but if you can get over that single point the gameplay and mechanics are awesome.
    Make sure you have a decent sound setup (good headphones or surround sound). I replayed this years after playing the first time, but this time on a system with better sound, and it makes a huge difference. The a forest/swamp planet in particular that you go to that has ambient noises that give me goosebumps just thinking about it :).

    Replayability, both from 'light side vs dark side', and then different subclasses on each, is also very good.
    I sunk months (hours and hours of straight gameplay over many weeks) into this game. Just typing this makes me want to play it again :).


    Thanks, Lysander. Heaven knows where you find all these sites!

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    if you get this, make sure you get this too:


    I bought this and the first version a few years back.. Was playing the first level or something and then my controls got stuck ? Never played it since… Looked fun though


    Looks like the deals over, but I have no idea how to report that so I'm just gonna drop a comment here.

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