Battery Chargers - What Is The Best Bang for Your Buck?

I am new to the site .. and have seen a number of battery rechargers listed in OzB over the past few weeks, and was wondering if some of you folks could give me your opinion as to what is the best bang for buck when it comes to Battery Chargers for my not-Eneloops, and the reasoning for your preferences.

I am not in a particular hurry to buy an additional charger as I have a basic one here already, so dont mind waiting for the next deal to come along.
I like the idea of having a discharge/analyse option and the battery charger being as versatile as possible (ie NiMH/Li-Ion/various battery sizes like 18650s).

The ones I have seen lately are:

And happy to consider any other Battery Chargers I may have missed, if you think they would be on your short list.

Thanks in advance for your assistance.


  • Out of all of those i'd go the nitecore - it's the brand i recognise.

    I have an eneloop charger (and a EMAX b6 mini for my 3S batteries). These days the TP4056 modules are so cheap, most execpt for the $2 ones will be fine

  • If you want one that is as versatile/compatible as possible consider this and if you need to charge D cells add a couple of these

  • At that price the C4 would be my pick followed by the Lii-500, check out for reviews and user comments.

  • Liitokala hands down best value for money… Funny sounding name but quality build and works great.

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