expired 2 for 1 Large Pizza @ Pizza Hut | 30% off Large Pizza @ Pizza Hut


Just saw Pizza Hut has a new deal.

"2 for 1 large pizzas for a limited time only *Second pizza is of equal or lesser value. Variations cost extra".

It seems like a good offer since you can have 2 prawn pizzas for $16 total so $8 each. You could also get 2 cheese or 2 veggie pizzas or 1 of each for $13 total. Also thanks to inherentchoice for pointing out you can get Americano, BBQ Beef, Ham lovers or Pepperoni Lovers for $8 in total. So that is $4 each for those large pizzas. An absolute steal!

Also the 30% code that was expired earlier seems to be working again. Use code HUT5105 for 30% off any large pizza.

Not sure on expiry on 2 for 1, 30% off appears to expire 19/2 (can change).

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    The site is currently down?

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      Yeah it is down. It worked just before i posted the deal. Maybe they are removing the offers? :(

      Edit. Seems to be working again.

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    Can't wait to go to an all you can eat again

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    Great deal as you could get two large pizzas for $8!

    Just choose the $8 large pizzas such as Americano, BBQ Beef, Ham lovers or Pepperoni Lovers.

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    the problem is where to find a Pizza Hut shop


    Do I have to use the app or website or is OK to just going to the store and mentioned the code.

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    Valentines dinner sorted!


    They need to expand their delivery :(


    DAmn ordered but forgot to try out the code to see if I could get a further discount!!!

    Just did a test and you cannot get both deals!!! so I got the best one by getting 2 for 1.

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    Just used the 2for1 large pizza's tonight.
    Also added a third pizza using the HUT5105 code for 30% off large pizza.

    Both still working.

    ie the 30% code only applies to additional pizza's, doesn't stack onto the 2for1.
    Still overall great value meal.

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      Good combo, should have added 'HUT1448' on for a free lava cake aswell - you missed dessert!



    Been hitting up Dominoes for years. Time to give Pizza Hut a go.


      hot n spicy is great


      Me too! Dominos have been a bit stingy with toppings so gonna try some Pizza hut and see if they're better now that this deal brings them on par in terms of price.


    After I ordered I got an email to do a survey. I did it and about 4 days later got a coupon code for a free Med Cheese pizza - not sure if it will work multiple times but here you go if you want to try ( I already used it for a future pizza:
    Valid for 1x Medium Cheese Pizza when you order online.

    Also even though the 2 for 1 deal ends on the 28th, today I attempted to place a future order for next Sunday using this deal. It came back saying the deal had expired. I continued ordering anyway to see what would happen. After being told the deal had expired for the date I chose, I went ahead and logged into my account placed the 2 for one order after already stating that I wanted it made on Sunday 4 March, and I received confirmation of the 2 for 1 price to be made on 4 March.
    This means you may be able to place the order before the expire date for a future date but then because of a glitch in their system you can continue on to order the deal for the 2 for 1 price.

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