2 for 1 Large Pizza @ Pizza Hut | 30% off Large Pizza @ Pizza Hut


Just saw Pizza Hut has a new deal.

"2 for 1 large pizzas for a limited time only *Second pizza is of equal or lesser value. Variations cost extra".

It seems like a good offer since you can have 2 prawn pizzas for $16 total so $8 each. You could also get 2 cheese or 2 veggie pizzas or 1 of each for $13 total. Also thanks to inherentchoice for pointing out you can get Americano, BBQ Beef, Ham lovers or Pepperoni Lovers for $8 in total. So that is $4 each for those large pizzas. An absolute steal!

Also the 30% code that was expired earlier seems to be working again. Use code HUT5105 for 30% off any large pizza.

Not sure on expiry on 2 for 1, 30% off appears to expire 19/2 (can change).


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