Pop up Redirects

Is anyone else getting pop-up redirects to annoying talking ads and requests to install apps on mobile(android)?


  • There shouldn't be any of that. It sounds like you may have malware on your phone.

    Also, it should be noted OzBargain DOES NOT have an app. 3rd party developers may choose to put all sorts of things in their apps including obtrusive ads.

    • Cheers. Malwarebytes is reporting it as clean, but I will see if it has anything useful to say next time the pop up occurs. The pop up is occurring in Chrome.

  • Try uninstalling apps, especially recently installed ones, or since when the ads started happening. Also check to see what apps are running in the background.

    • Cheers. It looks like an ad network issue, it's happening in Ars Technica as well. Haven't seen it elsewhere yet.

      • this is bizarre, having the exact same problem! it's only with chrome on ozbargain and ars technica. and it's only started happening today, yesterday it was completely fine!

        • Interesting. Can either of you hit the information button (if there is one) so we can identify the ad network?

        • @neil:

          Will see what I can find. One goes to some spinandwin garbage, the other something on a nepsta.com domain. It's hard to get more than that as there is a floating "install this software" type of frame that encourages hasty back-button mashing.

        • @neil:

          Always get redirected when this ad showed up: https://ibb.co/iaJuan
          I am using Chrome on Android (Google Pixel)
          Not sure which ad network it is.

        • @leopard1467:

          You mean you are being taken to John Lewis' site without clicking on the ad?

        • @neil:

          Yes for being taken to another website without clicking anywhere.
          But it's a scam site instead of John Lewis' site.
          I didn't take a screenshot of the scam site nor kept the link.

          Good thing for me is I didn't see that ad lately if I logged out.

        • @neil:

          John Lewis ads seem to be the culprit here too. They don't have the little clickable icons in the top right hand corner like the legit ads.

  • Just starting tonight I've started getting redirects as well from this site, when using my Android phone.

  • Android mobile user here and ive been getting them as well for the last 48 hours. Only from this website. Assume its a hidden ad somewhere off the page.

  • If anyone is receiving pop-ups or redirects, can you please let us know the link address and image address. For the link address, just long hold tap the ad and copy link address. For the image, open image in new tab, then copy that link. We can't recreate the issue.

    Also, try following these steps. Have a look for any unrecognised apps and clear your cache.

    • If I copy the link of the offending John Lewis ad it points to a legit John Lewis webpage. The actual redirect a few seconds after the John Lewis ad image loads can be to one of many sites - angry birds, spinandwin etc.

      • Can you try closing all the tabs in Chrome and force stop. Then clear the cache. Let me know if it comes back.

        • Hey this looks promising - it seems to have fallen from the pool of ads after doing that. Fingers crossed. Thanks heaps.

        • @Stevesie76:

          Yeah, I'm not sure about these but I have in the past received popups on sites which I know that don't have them. Others I know have experienced the same. I think something dodgy from another site can affect the ads being served on the normal sites you visit. Clearing the cache seems to do the trick.

          That said, Google has released/is releasing today a new version of Chrome for Android that has extensive dodgy ad blocking which should prevent this or any dodgy ads to be viewed on any sites.

        • @neil:

          Ah right. I'll know what to do now if it comes back - cheers :-)

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