Wanting to Buy a Cot Mattress

Hello Friends,
Not long until we pop, all going to plan. We have bought a cot, but not yet a mattress. Looking like $90-$100 from Kmart or Ikea. That seems really expensive to me, so hoping someone out there has a better idea or offer available.





    I think we paid around that at Baby Bounce closing down sale.

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    you have time, just get a bassinet whilst the little tucker is little. buy a bassinet or bedside sleeper to have next to the bed if mum is breast feeding, easier access, easier to change when bub shits or pisses itself, vomits, reflux, nappy leaks. Also mum might have complications like a caesarean birth, that could take weeks to recover so easier to have something like a bassinet.

    Then after about 4-6months put bub into a cot when they are more settled and you have gotten the hang of things

    Rest assured $90-100 for a cot mattress is actually very cheap, there are breathable innerspring aloe organic bamboo latex ones that sell for $300

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    alternative is co-sleep until a certain age, and only then do you need to buy the mattress


      Um… no. Do some research on SIDS and co-sleeping!


        same thing applies… dont cheap out on a mattress… a decent sleeping pad (not mattress) will cost u more than $100…
        priorities and do your own research

        if your a bad sleeper then doesnt matter what u do

        i paid > 200 for mattress and does what it intends to do
        then u have a separate bassinet one


        SIDS risk is only increased if you cosleep/bedshare improperly. Same as improper cot usage. Except cosleeping/bedsharing is associated with significant long-term benefits.

        I'm glad you love research, here's a comprehensive meta analysis to support my claims: http://www.prrjournal.com/article/S1526-0542(05)00023-0/fulltext#


          I’ll admit I didn’t read the whole article but the message I got was PROPER co-sleeping can be beneficial. I guess all the literature at the hospitals and community health nurses is against it due to the likelihood of improper or dangerous sleeping situations. As the majority of the benefit (from my reading) is breastfeeding availability, I don’t really see why having a cot next to an adult bed reduces this availability.
          “Wah wah”
          “Ok, time to get up, change a nappy and give a feed.”


    Try the Salvo's


    People give these away super cheap on classified sites.

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    Don't go cheap on the mattress - get something that is firm and safe for the baby. Spend around $100 - $130 or so and it will go the distance.

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