Megabuy Overselling (Single) Refurbished Monitor: Paid in Full, Next Day Told The Item Is out of Stock from Multiple Purchases

My first post.

Hello OzBargin'rs, thanks for the cool website!

I purchased a refurbished Dell Ultrasharp u3014 monitor from and paid the full amount with shipping straight away.

Today I got multiple emails from service team, started with the email below:

We have been notified by our supplier that the product with part number U3014-EXG has sold out and can no longer be supplied.
Please let us know by replying to this email whether you would like to:
1. Change the product to a different product.
2. Cancel the item from the order and receive a refund or store credit.
If you have paid by a Bank Transfer and would like a refund, please also include your bank account details in your reply email so that we can process the refund without delay.
Customer Service Team

I asked them to supply a model with equal specs but they say they do not get that size often etc.

Next, they came at me with this confession:

The order was placed and processed yesterday. We were informed late yesterday that the single unit was ordered multiple times.

Some serious realities, and questions;
  • The big problem I see is that this was a sale for a SINGLE Refurbished monitor. And they sold it multiple times and still took payment.
  • Even though they will give a refund (Or Store credit?? wtf) they have my money, and the refund process takes days. First to PayPal, then getting it out of PayPal balance to my bank account.
  • Should they compensate me and the others that purchased it? For the money trail, and time. Could I charge them an hourly rate until my money is back in my bank? :)
  • Are these illegal practices?

It can't be hard to link a listing database to a sales database in real time with collision avoidance (Or whatever the terms).
I am really angry as I spent a long time searching and comparing monitors and missed out on other deals, also I need a monitor urgently.

Rant over..

Kind Regards

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  • +14 votes

    What's up with all these people creating an account (or using a ghost account) just to rant recently.

    You would expect at least their first post to be a deal or a couple of comments to help other ozbargainers in who are in need of some advice before unleashing all these fury.

    • -17 votes

      Chill, not a ghost. Also it is my old account.

      Whats with your useless rant about a rant about a serious issue that is also advice for anyone considering
      Whats with your sense of entitlement because you have been a member since before 1st contact?

      But, anyway. I do give sincere thanks and appreciation to all those who do post deals and bargains, your anger turned you into blind rage mode.

      Respect to those hard passers. Keep tight..

      • +5 votes

        your anger turned you into blind rage mode.

        Lol. What KaTst3R was considered blind rage mode? You need to look at your post and all of your comments on this thread. Now THAT is blind rage mode :D

    • +2 votes

      So they can post dumba$$ questions like this:

      Should they compensate me and the others that purchased it? For the money trail, and time. Could I charge them an hourly rate until my money is back in my bank? :)


        "Thith is not to be taken fully lit."

        HAL.. Have another look.

        The smiley at the end gives it away.
        And think a bit harder…

        • entmetalman - "Rocking crap humour since I remember"

      Since my post below above got downvoted to oblivion.

      I wrote a thank you do the deal posters. To clarify that I do sincerely appreciate the hard work of those who post deals. Thank you.

      My post was a bit ranty to emphasize that peoples time is the most valuable thing people have. And it would only take a little bit of time to make the stock tracking and payment systems work in harmony. With collision avoidance.

      Maybe one day I will post a deal of my own… wouldn't that be something? :)

      Get angry, get mad. I 'bait (profanity) and bait myself. So don't cry for fools and white knight blindly. Notice the masturbation references? We all do…


        If you really appreciate the deal posters, why there isnt any "Thank OP' or "Much appreciated" comment for any deals from you for the last 1 year 3 months since joining OBZ ? So you have been benefiting from this website but not acknowledging the hard work the posters have put in for the community. A Thank You could have gone a long way.


          Wow. that is harsh… and honestly petty. But I am sorry If I did not thank all those genuine people for a deal I used or witnessed.

          Can you make a table or something with your appreciation comments vs mine and everyone else's?

          The only thing I can remember buying directly from a deal was two mini-screwdriver sets from Gearbest.
          But followed heaps of links to eBay sales etc. The sales post are very useful.
          And the comments sections can be useful.

          So thanks, heaps sincerely.

          =entmetalman= "Lazy poster till I rant, since I remember."



          Make a table? Simple

          You: ZERO Deal Votes, ZERO Appreciation Comments

          Everyone else: More than you

  • +11 votes

    Lol @ you. Terms of sale would state they reserve the right to be out of stock…

    No product supplied, get a refund and move the f on… Is this really worth the effort you have put into it?

    Was it worth my time to reply to something that common Sense tells you…

    Incase your wondering op, this is what got me salty at you:

    Should they compensate me and the others that purchased it? For the money trail, and time. Could I charge them an hourly rate until my money is back in my bank? :)

    • -14 votes

      Slippery slapper.. err snapper. er Fish.

      Bight hard bro.

      Do you value your time and effort? Do you value your money?

      Dunno how to do a new school emoji at the end, but that is a old school smiley as in hahaha.. but seriously waste my time? wtf? Get on top of it bad company.

      Read again. It was 1, one, 01b item, how can it be sold more than once? They take more than one payment for a single item, money out of reach for days right. No poo I am right to rant about dodgy

      COMPUTERS do sh^t. Like update databases!
      banks do sh.?.?.t slow. real slow. Money out of my hands for days!

      I do stuff slower than a server and database.. so on etc..

      Happy flipping..

      • +6 votes

        Engrish… translate…

        Yes they have a crap system and service, a quick google would tell you that.

        Also it's not uncommon to sell more stock than avaliable in the it sales industry, they then don't have to hold stock on hand, a big plus for them. This situation is the downside of this setup.

        You also deserve nothing, they couldn't supply so they offered a refund. That's your consumer right, as was your right to research the store before your purchase, you took time to research the product but not your store?

        Lesson learner I hope.

        • +2 votes

          @adammetalman: lol, I didn't miss your point, you missed the point that although inconvenient they held up their end of consumer Law.

          It's annoying as (profanity) when funds bounce for no reason, but that's not what your post was about… You were seeking to hurt them, and one of your planned ways was to seek financial gain.

          It is not I that has missed the point friend…

        • +3 votes

          @adammetalman: your obviously not worth the effort, feel free to make it 2 more years before you complain again…

        • -3 votes

          @Slippery Fish:
          Cheers bro, slipping into my profile for a peak.

          Good work on the initial effort though, you went all in with aggression. Yet a BARGAIN is all about a good deal right? So why attack someone who shares a legit concern about bad practices.

          Have a good morning.

        • +1 vote

          @adammetalman: I actually did it at the start because the other guy called you a new user.

          Also we have been over why your post got agressive as a response… I also almost bought off megabuy 7-8 years ago, but I googled them and therefore never had this issue.

    • +2 votes

      Was it worth my time to reply to something that common Sense tells you…

      OP should definitely compensate you for the fact that you had to reply to such a ridiculous post.

  • +2 votes

    blah blah blah blah BLAH BLAH

  • +2 votes

    google 'invitation to treat'

    just suck it up and move on.

    • -2 votes

      Googled it.

      I assume you are not making the point that this was not an offer but a contract?
      Given the product was listed as in stock, money was exchanged it was clearly a contract.
      There is no NEGOTIATION when a company fails to deliver on its contract in such a basic situation of the sale of a physical product. They give a refund or the same product.

      I am taking the refund, but my point remains that the whole process was a waste of my time, and such a basic issue can be avoided with a few lines of code.

      Also worth noting is that a consumer makes a choice and selects a product from one store if that store fails the consumer may miss other deals, or at least be put out of place by having to find a product all over again.

      And again: MY MONEY NOT AVAILABLE TO ME 100% because of a bad company, meaning; I may not have enough money to buy an alternative until I get that refund.
      This all falls into the legal framework of flow on effects or some legal term. Compensation for damages & loss, such as loss of earnings or death because someone failed to do what they promise; deliver a product I paid for.

      Get real, don't accept bad service.

      I'm not gunning to sue.
      I am taking a refund, and exposing sloppy work of a company. If no one speaks up about problems they go unknown. So can fix the stock checking system! easy, done..

      • +2 votes

        can fix the stock checking system!

        Easy to see who here does not work in warehouse and logistics… :D

        Errors happen, you’re so butt hurt and salty over a non issue. Fixes can only be made “after” an error is found. The dice were rolled and on this occasion, you were the receiver of the inventory control error. Someone had to be, so they could know that something needed fixing.

        Least they could do is send you a thank you note for helping them improve their systems…

        • -1 vote

          A lot of people don't work in logistics. The problem is more in the admin. Basically, the computer-based front end that manages the user interaction with the vendor.

          "Rolling the Dice" while taking and holding someones money is gambling. I think special licenses are needed for that.

          I thought I had made this clear enough; the stock and order system needs to be in harmony.

          Starting with:: Yes three is stock>0
          buyer completes checkout (simultaneous instantaneous multiple completions can be avoided) send to Fullfilment(Wharehouse/shipping)
          (Decrease_stock) and (update listing)
          If stock GOTO Next_Order
          Cancel any orders in progress(Safeguard:Waiting to verify first buyers financial transaction) Notify buyer "Sold out"
          if restock ( Notify restocking )

          Fix it at the baseline.
          Errors still happen, but there should not be more transactions taken than there are actual stock at the time.
          If it is to be restocked, "This item is no longer in stock: We will be restocking, would you like to place a pre-order?"



          @adammetalman: Ok, so you don't work in logistics, that's obvious.

          Fix it at the baseline.

          That would be the intern who fat-fingered '11' rather than '1' when entering the stock level.

          Good job fixing that. (The fix is to give people refunds…)

      • +5 votes

        If you don't have enough spare money after purchasing the monitor to the point where you require "compensation for damages & loss, such as loss of earnings or death", then you should really reconsider your priorities.

  • +6 votes

    Ah this shit is hilarious!

    Hey, do I get a rant reply too? Cmon, waste some more time on this non-issue!


      Bace ur'sel.. not gonna spack out about the fact this is a serious issue.

      They had one item, one job, the money, the address…

      • +2 votes

        Diddums, so go buy another monitor.

        It's ok, you can venture out of your parents basement to go shop for one now…

        • -1 vote

          Nah man.. Gotta get my allowance back in the refund.

          The closest shop is sh$t miles away. And it's only rural Harvey Norman.

          S'pack a lunch trip bro.

          Also 37 cane toad, not a viki mate.

        • +8 votes


          Is that supposed to be English, or are you either Bill or Ted on your Excellent Adventure? Coz seriously you just come across like a kid online… Your slang is horrible, your humour is atrocious, and threatening to sue a company because they ran out of stock is fkn funny as shit!

          Jump off the internet for the night kid, you're just digging a deeper hole for yourself. Or keep going and just have everyone laugh at you and pull the piss out of you, your call! 😂

        • -3 votes


          If I had my refund, I would chip if for a ladder to get you out of that pit you just plummeted into.

          +1 for attacking semantics.
          +1 for "team everyone is going to laugh at you"

          Given your username, I guessed you might have made sense of a few quick word plays. And also tunned it to your level. Real low.

          Just another clarification, I am not threatening to sue. I said someone could if they were a prick. Take not companies; make the basics work perfectly.

          It was not a "run out of stock issue". As it was a single one of a kind item. Refurbished single listing means the only stock is the one item. And they took my payment. Get it?

          Hit delete if your backspace is broken.

          Have a good morning.


        the fact this is a serious issue

        Surely you can't be serious?


    adammetalman this would have been far better as a "megabuy sucks, avoid them" post.

    And they do suck….reported them to Fair Trading in 2014 for charging a (sizeable) warehouse transfer fee if, to avoid postal charges, you went to pick up ie advertised purchase price impossible to attain. Complaint got me nothing but hopefully MegaB was inconvenienced in addressing it.

    Completely avoided them from then on, this is your only course IMHO.


      Thanks for the good advice.

      I will avoid them in the future. I should have been more careful but it seemed like a safe deal given the use of PayPal.

      So I took a risk, but the issue I am trying to bring to light is that the basics of running a business involve getting the fundamentals working well. Such as stock tracking and transaction management.

  • +1 vote

    You play the bargain game, you take the bargain risks. In this case, poor service from a budget supplier.
    If you get bent out of shape about an inventory issue, shop at DJs from floor stock and you will get good service and the item immediately.

    If this is inconvenient because they charge more or are too far away, tough. Why are you so surprised a budget online supplier cuts corners on service and inventory?

  • +11 votes

    Oh good lord. What a train wreck of a post. Poor, disgruntled millennial type seeks retribution on massive warehouse store for poor inventory management. Some poor work experience apprentice type clicked on something other than “1” in the stock column. They found their error and offered you a refund. Sounds like they were pretty prompt about it from your account.

    You think they wanted to have this headache? You think they want to spend time fixing this mess up? Probably not, but they have to. Errors happen when humans interact with stock control, I know this all to well because I work in stock control. They have lost a customer, lost sales and lost a lot of time having to fix this. How much more punishment should you lever against them?

    If you are having a cry about being out of pocket for your time, sue the bank, not the supplier. The bank is the one that takes 3 days to give you your money back. You’re making a big deal out of something so trivial because you epitomise everything that society is becoming. You have no genuine case to argue and this just makes you come off as a spoiled, petulant whiner.

    I am glad you made the post though, OzB needs a new meme after everyone has given up driving the boot into unistudent1 and his obsession of talking about his A200.

    PS: having a go at people trying to help you will only invite the trolls in, and you seem to have plenty of troll food, so have at it. :D

  • +3 votes

    Inb4 DisabledUser

  • +4 votes

    TLDR: if you cannot afford a second monitor until that clears then I suggest you reevaluate your spending priorities.


      Yeah ok

      You took that form DR just making a blanket statement. Oblivious to the issue at the heart of money in stasis.
      For a bargain hunters board, people seem to not give many damns about peoples own money in someone else's account.

      But if you feel like it, enlighten me how I can avoid being hundreds of dollars out of pocket? Other than don't buy anything? Trust no one?

  • +2 votes

    They realised they were out of stock so they cancelled your order and provided you a refund option. What more do you want?

    So many kids feeling entitled, whinging on OzBargain these days.


      Again… Computer code could have avoided it.

      It was a SINGLE ITEM. Not a new item with many in stock. Even if it is new there is no excuse for not being able to keep track of stock and orders in this day and age or any previous age.


        Human error on the stock level input. People make mistakes. Relax. Why are you being so immature?

  • +2 votes

    I reckon if you didn't waste time posting crap you could have walked to that rural HN and walked back with a new monitor by now :)


      Already had a look at the 5 different models. None were what I wanted. :)

      And yeah, it took longer than all my massive effort here. Not to mention diesel fumes and other DEATH like experiences on the road.

      Good advice but off topic. The only crap I posted was to emphasise that the situation is the result of a very simple problem that can be fixed with barely any code.


    The big problem I see is that this was a sale for a SINGLE Refurbished monitor. And they sold it multiple times and still took payment.

    Sh*t happpens, unless you’re gonna get used to dissapointments (out of stocks, lost in transits, arrived damaged, return shipping etc.), I suggest you avoid online shoppings altogether.

    Even though they will give a refund (Or Store credit?? wtf) they have my money, and the refund process takes days. First to PayPal, then getting it out of PayPal balance to my bank account.

    Even if the business refunds you the very next business day, it’ll take days due to the bank and Paypal processes, which are completely outside of the vendor’s control, idk, you can maybe sue your bank and Paypal?
    In reality, a refund that takes days is what most of us hope for, you make it sound like months.


      I shop online all the time. I am used to being let down. The final straw or something like that. :)

      But.. BUT.. BUT - The financial services are middleware, they are not responsible for the vendor's computer and "people" systems. So the fault is with the vendor right.

      Computers do stuff fast. So there is no real excuse for electronic transactions taking so long.


    Should they compensate me and the others that purchased it? For the money trail, and time. Could I charge them an hourly rate until my money is back in my bank? :)

    can you demonstrate with documentation that you suffered a loss due to their actions?


      Yep, this string of comments is direct evidence. Also taking stuff so literal given the contexts is a bit absurd.


    Just curious.
    What was edited in my original comment by another user?
    I think it might have been the tag? Not sure though.


  • I think OP has received their feedback and none of the new comments are adding anything to this topic. Closed.

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