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eBay Hot Deals | Galaxy S8 $674 | Galaxy S8+ $764 | iPhoneX 64GB $1133 (O/S) | iPhoneX 256GB $1313 (O/S)


This deal just got better. The S8 & S8+ are local Australian stock via Wireless1 & SydneyTec. The iPhoneX models are grey imports via Shopping Square and/or eGlobalCentral. Not sure how many are left, so good luck. Enjoy :)

Original PRONTO 10% off eBay post

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    Damn, was hoping for more airpods

  • Damn, I just order yesterday day Iphone X for $1386 Can I apply to price changes?

    • +2

      me too, going to cancel and order again

      • How can I go about cancelling my order?

      • the seller didn't reply me. So we can't cancel it. Have you cancel it yet? @Brgc

    • +8

      iPhone X is really 1246 when u count gst liable to pay on import.

    • ME TOO!!! Just ordered yesterday afternoon!!!
      wondering cancel and reorder is possible?

      • I'm not sure.
        I have sent the email to the seller.
        But they did't reply me. If we cancel it should be get agreement with them first.

  • +4

    TA is hot

  • Great price for S8.

  • +3

    Call me a weirdo but I am pondering downgrading from the S8 to the S7 (the edge irritates the hell out of me). Am I weird/any good deals?

    • +28

      I call you a weirdo.

      • +1

        I turned off the feature (can't remember what it's called) that brings up the shortcuts from the edge. Helped a bit but still find occasionally depending how I'm holding it that I'm accidentally touching the screen edge with undesired results. Only a minor annoyance. I've heard the S7 Edge was worse.

        The placement of the S8 fingerprint scanner is the bigger annoyance to me.

        • +1

          You can always turn that feature off from the settings.

    • S7 is a much better phone. I'm interested on a deal for that too.

      • Any reason why the S7 is better?

        I have an S7 and looking to upgrade to the S8.

        • No sides to bump with your palm

        • +1

          Physical home button, good size, fingerprint scanner in a usable location, large screen size. It's just "perfected".

          I just think it's a much better phone than S8 and wouldn't ever update to S8, if S9 does well then it'd be worth getting that one.

        • @StoneSin:

          To be honest, I never realised the S8 doesn't have a phyical home buttom.

          The S7 is a decent phone but battery life is terrible now and now 2 years old. I'll look at the S9 when it's released.

          Maybe I'll keep the S7 and just change the battery.

          How much to change from Samsung?. wish tjey had a cheap phone battery replacement like Apple do

    • +3

      I've used both the S8 and the S7 and like the S7 more, its such a 'complete' phone without any gimmicks.

      • Curious why you think s7 is better as I got one unsure about upgrade. What is the gimmick?

    • +2

      I'm pondering downgrading from the X :\

      I miss touchID. FaceID is great, but the whole 'phone locks while reading something and it's flat on a desk and FaceID doesn't work because I'm not hovering directly over it' frustrates me to the point that occasionally I'll just use my old iPhone 6 which is sitting on the desk for certain things.

      Face ID is fine if you're already holding the phone. Otherwise, the phone is great. If the next version has both I'll ditch my 4-year upgrade cycle and upgrade in 1 year.

    • +2

      I hate that stupid edge screen, easily mis-press, shift the display and bloody fragile on dropping, not a pratical design at all.

  • +1

    iPhone X deal sounds a bit too good to be true.

    • +1

      they are grey import

    • I think they will drop further to below $1000 with a 20% coupon soon. Grey import but still brand new and covered by 1 year official warranty.

  • +1

    Do we have to pay GST on iPhone x as they are over 1k?

    • +2


      • Who do you pay the GST to?

        How is it billed?

        • The government. Customs. I’m guess you will receive a bill from customs to pay for the duty once goods are processed through In Australia

        • +2

          Unless the shipping company specifically states they take care of it you will need a customs broker. Be careful!

  • Fantastic price.

    Makes me want to buy another one even though i have one alrrady

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    Samsung Galaxy S8 $674.10 (SydneyTec)(ebay.com.au) - I contacted the seller, a tax invoice showing GST included in this price will be provided. So it looks like it is eligible for the TRS (Tourist Refund Scheme) to reduce it down to $606.69 if you are travelling overseas soon.

    • That info makes it pretty hard to resist

  • Can anyone recommend a good case for the Galaxy S8 prefer wallet style.

  • Anybody know if we should wait for the p20tech deal for s8+?

  • +1

    s8/s8+ prices are dropping like bitcoin last month!

    • They will drop further once s9 is announced. These prices are due to 2 deals.

      • Probably to do with s9 release soon.

    • +1

      S7 prices are still pretty solid high though. :(

  • Hmmmm.. I am tempted to sell my S7 and buy a S8.. or maybe wait for the S9

    • +4

      Good things come to those who wait.

      • +5

        He who hesitates is lost!

        • A true OzBargainer right there….

    • I've got the S8 and looking to downgrade to the S7.

      • Hmmm.. maybe ill stick to it then.. why do you want to downgrade?

        • The edge annoys the hell out of me, particularly trying to touch letters right on the edge of the keyboard (I have co-ordination issues).

          That being said, I'm also pondering sticking to it and just trying to work through the issues…

          That and Bixby seems bloody useless to me

        • +1


          If that your issue. You should try the note 8. The edge is much more subtle and didn't find any edge issue with it.

        • @ChickenAdobo: Price makes me scream :( Plus I really don't need the size or features. I did have a Note 5 before this and was too bulky/never used the stylus. Thanks though

      • Good idea.

  • Should I get the S8 now or wait a bit more. I'm going overseas end of March so wanting to taking advantage of the TRS

  • Would this stack with the PAPERS discount?

    • You can't stack coupons on eBay.

      • +1


  • +2

    Anyone bought something over $1k from shopping square before? Did you pay any import duty?

    • +2

      Try it :) let us know

    • I have send Email to them ask about it, but they didn't reply me.

    • +1

      If they sell from hong kong they are probably like 7272wil who lie about the value of the phone. I bought a note 8 and they said it was worth $700 when it was listed at $1030 (difference is that 7272wil lie about the item location, they say they send from sydney which is probably why they lie or they would run into issues..)

  • -3

    Any iPad 2017 128Gb (WiFi) deal please?

  • From T&C's

    Not to be used in conjunction with any other eBay coupon, voucher or redemption code.

    Would the gift cards from woolies would be considered as Voucher also when does this code expire?

    • Yep! The gift cards from Woolies can be used with the 'Pronto' code. Be sure to enter the Woolies Voucher first, then add the 'Pronto' code.

      Bought the iPhone X 64GB from eGlobalCentral as the price is unbeatable from what I can see thus far, plus can't rely on the upcoming '20% off code' (read price hike). The upcoming September iPhone line up seems to suggest that even the cheapest phone will be around +/-$1,388 without OLED screen.

  • +1

    Thanks OP! Just got an S8+ much appreciated!

    • +1

      wait till you get the new oreo update on it. I have the s8+ and got the oreo update via OTA the other day. It rocks! much faster boot time, very smooth and faster overall. I did an antutu benchmark when on nougat (stock) 194000. Benchmark again now on oreo (official..before they pulled the update..but i have had zero issues) and I get 203500

      • +1

        Thanks mate, will do, i'm currently rocking an S5 so this will be a bit of a jump!

        • The S5 is still 'functional' (especially for oldies) but yes! Even between the S5 and the S6 is a good leap so this will be incredible! Congrats!

  • any other shop to buy Galaxy S8?

  • Assuming the local S8 and S8+ won't have dual sim? Any deals on dual sim models or the Note8?

  • S8+ sold out

  • +1

    Is it really that of a good deal when the S9 is coming out?

  • @tightarse can you organise us a Note 8 under $800 please!

    • +1

      I REALLY think hell has a better chance of freezing over at the moment

  • +1

    The iPhone X is a good bargain at that price point, until the S9 is released.

    The iPhone X reigns supreme yet.

  • +3

    this deal is expired now

  • ebay listing updated with a 150$ price jump :(
    now, same phone is available for 899

    • You can use "P20TECH" to get it for $719.20

      • -1

        If they didn't jack the price, could of bought this for $599 after 20% off $749.

        • +2

          They didn’t jack the price at all, $749 was a special price just for that promotion. You were just way too optimistic thinking it would stay there for this sale.

  • Anyone who bought an iphonex get shipping notification?

    • Not yet. Bought 16/02

    • I got mine today. Apr 12 delivery for Sydney

      • Did you get a shipping notification?. Any hassle clearing customs since it's over 1k.

        • Nothing about customs yet. I got an email from ShoppingSquare and a notification from eBay saying it has been shipped.

        • @Aldiichocolate:
          Thanks mate.

    • I received my phone.

      • Lucky, I haven't yet.

    • My X arrived today. Came with an australian travel adaptor for free. on the parcel it says $849 for customs so maybe no GST?

      • When did you order mate?…I haven't even received a shipping notification.

  • Bought iPhone X 16/02 and received it yesterday 06/03 QLD