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GoPro HERO5 Black Edition $315.99 Free Delivery @ Australian Camera Sales eBay


Original 20% off Selected Tech Sellers on eBay Deal Post

First time poster.

Been looking for a Gopro and finally think I've found one at a price which quite willing to buy. After the 20% discount which comes on at 10AM, the price should come down to $316.

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    Price in title?

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      Sorry buddy, first time posting. Just edited it. Hopefully that is okay.

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    Nice find! One of the better prices yet, the best sell out in minutes.
    Had to fight myself not to buy one…

    • You got good self control :P
      I couldn't resist the urge!!

  • Oh man I wanted to get one before I leave for my honey moon on the 7th March. Might have to take the risk and hope this arrives before then.

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      Ohhh congratulations! I think it should arrive before then, mine is expected to arrive by latest mid next week!

      • Yeah fingers cross! I have bought a Drone from these guys too before - just took a bit longer than everyone else cause I'm in WA. But really happy with the service!

    • Purchased one the other day for $349 from TGG eBay after 10% off. Would have jumped on this if I weren't flying tomorrow. Claiming TRS makes me feel a little better :)

  • Just a general question besides price why would anyone buy a GPH5 over a 6. I have seen a few YT vids which claim the 6 has a variety of "software/performance" issues…

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      6 has a variety of "software/performance" issues…

      6 uses Gopro own processor, probably still in the tune in process.

      if you need 4k/60 or better IS get the 6, otherwise 5.

    • huge price difference, 6 is better at stabilization, but just buy a gimble for the 5 in that case.

      also yes if you like slomo, 6 is better. not $150 better though IMO.

      • I looked at quite a few reviews and since I'm someone who is new to videoing, I didn't think it was worth the price premium for the GOPro 6 (esp since I don't plan on shooting in 4k).

        Just wondering which Gimble might be good for the Gopro 5?

        • There are options like the Karma which is made specifically for the GoPro, but I use a DJI Osmo with a cheap adapater off of Ebay.

    • image stabilisation in the 6 is amazing and a apparently the software issue's were fixed in the recent update…. trying to save for a 6, though this is tempting

    • Firstly, I have a Hero 6 and have not had any issues. While I'm not discounting anyone elses experience, the majority of issues I've seen are related to using SD cards that aren't actually listed as compatible with the Hero 6. I went for one straight off their list and it's been smooth sailing.

      As for the differences, Hero 6 has:

      • 4k / 60fps compared to 30fps on the 5.
      • 1080p / 240fps compared to 720p / 240fps on the 5.
      • 2.7k / 120fps.
      • Supposedly better low light performance and dynamic range. I came straight from the 4, so I can't attest to this.
      • Improved image stabilization, and the ability to run it on 4k/30 and 1080p/120. It is definitely better than the 5.

      If you don't need any of those things, the 5 is the better choice. Otherwise, pony up for the 6. :)

      • Same, haven't had any issues with my Hero6.

  • Someone please convince me that I don't need a gopro. I only want to take photos and videos of my kids.

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      Maybe price will convince you? A $30-$50 android phone, purchased from Coles or Woollies, is sufficient for many photos and videos. You don't even need to add an SD card.

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      Better off getting a cheap mirrorless camera then

    • The GoPro is a great "Action Cam".. but it is still an action cam. It's specifically made with an extremely wide field of view, so that it captures all the action without you having to point it at something in particular. The downside to this is that the image is quite distorted (like a fish eye lense, but not as bad). While this may be perfect for capturing action when you're actively running around with your kids, a normal camera is still likely to be a better investment, that will provide better quality photos and videos of your family. That said, I love using my Hero6 on a stick to film my baby nephew crawling around after it. I can let him grab it and wrestle with it, without having to worry about it getting damaged.. so it does have its upsides as well.

      • +1

        Thanks, I will resist the temptation.

    • I use my gopro/s every weekend with the kids, be it snorkelling, swimming, climbing, riding etc. I take a few movies (then put it away (as i don't want to have the camera in my hand the whole time) pull some still shots from the movies via the app (to upload to FB for family to see). Handy, easy to use, small, tough, waterproof. have had 4 now down to 2 (one in a P2 drone). i would recommend it. i also use my phone for portraits or quick snaps. I am tempted at this price point (but have a H3b and H4s)…

  • Anyone have a recommended Stick holder or gimble for the GoPro?

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      I use the Zhiyuan Smooth Q with my Hero 5 Black. It's designed primarily for smartphones (with which it works brilliantly) but the GoPro fits in there perfectly too and works like a dream. Only thing to watch out for if you do use the Hero 5 in the gimbal is that it picks up the motor-noise so make sure you turn on the wind sound reduction option or use off-camera sound (which is what I do).

      • Just in addition to what repomonkey posted, check out the PGYTECH GoPro adapter if you want to use your GoPro in a mobile phone Gimbal. I use it with the DJI Osmo and it works perfectly.

      • does it fit in properly? meaning do you need any extra attachments or does it just attach off the bat?

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    Thanks OP. Picked one up as it was too good to resist!

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      My pleasure! Hopefully you get yours soon. Mine just shipped out!

  • Looks like all sold out

    • Thank goodness. Had to resist so much!

  • Hope this gets restocked before he code expires… Keen on one!

  • Seller has relisted the item, same price: https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/232672735622

    Get in guys!

  • Must. Resist

    On a side note, do I need to get an additional mount if I want to mount the GoPro onto my bicycle handlebar? Or is what's provided as standard in the box sufficient?

    • no mount in the box

      • Thanks for the info

  • Thanks for the post.

    Does anybody know any good microsd card deal?

    Is there a necklace mount or any good mount for walk around/personal security whole travelling?

    I also need extra battery and charger deals too.

    I never own a go pro before.

    Thanks in advance.

  • Sold out…. again

    • I don't think I can resist a 3rd relisting….

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