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[PC] Origin - Mass Effect Trilogy - $7.49US (~$9.48AUD) - Amazon US


This is a pretty great price for one of the best franchises in PC gaming. Yes, there is no DLC included (as far as I know) but even without that the games are extremely enjoyable and you will get a lot of playing hours out of the trilogy (even without DLC).

Not sure how long this lasts. Also not sure if it is one key but I guess it is.


Note: From Origin directly it is $7.49AUD hence buy from there if you want it:


I cannot change the link over.

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    I think it's a duplicate

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    Available for $4.99 on Origin


    Damn good price for the best game series of all time (my opinion, but its objectively up there with the best).
    Also the DLC is finally available as a bundle you pay regular money for instead of bioware points and its included in Origins current sale. You can get all 3 Mass Effect games and all their DLC (all of it quite good) for around $65 now, by far the cheapest (and easiest) its ever been.


    Price is $7.49AUD directly through origin, not USD. Cheaper to buy directly through there. Thanks for the post though, been meaning to pick this up for a while.