expired High Performance Habits by Brendon Burchard. Book Is Free - Pay $7US for Shipping


I actually purchased this book (using AMEX credit from Booktopia) for about $26AUD at Christmas (just checked - cheapest on Booko is $25.97).

I was reading through there and went to the website for some of the online resources, and see that you can actually get the book sent if you just pay postage. So a lot cheaper than I was able to find!

Sure, this book is one of those US 'rah rah' self-help books. But I like it.

Additional: the entire 'audiobook' is actually available as a podcast.

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    Could be a good book. I liked his muesli.

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    I liked the book as well. He comes at it from a slightly different angle that kept me interested all the way through.

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    A lot of reviews say garbage. https://www.amazon.com/High-Performance-Habits-Extraordinary...

    He's trying to get on the bestseller list by buying his books and selling for a small loss/break-even situation to drum up more sales and side business.

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      Averages 4.6 across 415 reviews with 85% being 5 star? And it's cheaper than any retail outlet, but ok sure.

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        When there are a lot of 5 stars and a lot of 1 stars, it means the 5 star could be from supporters, noobs, etc. Many could have rated it on the basis of it being free. When it's free, they might not expect the same quality from a book they have to pay for.


          Yeah, i know what you're saying. But there are 85% 5 star ratings and 6% 1 star ratings, so not that close. And many/most are verified purchases, so not actually the free ones, as you can't get it anywhere near free on Amazon.

          He's written books before that have been best sellers, he's not a Johnny-come-lately. Sure, he uses marketing tactics & the like but there's a lot more substance than smoke here.


      Having read this book, there's a reason it's free… Plenty of the book directs you on to some paid services on Brendan's website, his courses, or to his website in general. Some of the reviews on audible said as much before I purchased.

      IE he directs you to take a quiz on his website. The first is free, but subsequent ones are something like $100 USD a pop. Of course, the book suggests you should re-visit the quiz regularly

      Overall though… I'd say it is worth a read. For the cost for postage it's an alright book with some decent guidance. Just take any recommendations to his services and site with a massive grain of salt

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    Got this for the same deal late last year.

    Its a great book and a great deal, totally forgot about posting the deal on ozbargain.

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