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Breville The Barista Touch Espresso Machine BES880BSS $999 P/U or +$10 Delivered @ The Good Guys


Received an email from TGG this morning. good discount on BES880BSS,

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The Good Guys
The Good Guys

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  • Good price. I have BES 570 or 580 (manual one, no auto tamping) and it is absolutely rock solid.

    • but is it really? At $3-500 more than the non touch screen version it's replacing.

      • thats because it has a range of new features in addition to the touch screen.

        New boiler system, auto milk frothing and temp control.

        A range of additional cleaning features.

        Additonal memory for saving coffee styles. Control over pour length and temp.


  • waiting for ES990

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      Don't have to wait it's in stock.

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    I wouldn't pay $400 more for a touch screen. This machine is a semi-auto machine.

    • The only semi automatic component is the auto milk feature (which does a great job).

      Everything else is manaul and you can turn that off if you want.

      • I have got the previous model (fully manual) and I love it. This is a good machine to learn how to make a good cup of coffee. Frothing/Steaming milk can be a PIA but you eventually find the method.

  • My EM6900 is cactus after 8 years of making coffee every day :( I was looking at this one previously via the bing lee 20% off ebay deal had it for 50$ more than this. Its tempting, but looking into the Oracle has me torn between the 2 … if i go the Oracle the boss can make her own coffee! Its also dual boiler and can be set to auto off / on … but the cost! Far out.

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      I've had the 6910 and got it making very good coffee's with a Breville SmartGrinder (the grinder that comes with it is not very good). Now have an Oracle. I reckon best bang for buck is the 920 combo if you can find it when it comes up for $1000 or less.

      • I grabbed the SmartGrinder when it was last on sale via here as well, it does a great job!

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    I'd rather than look for a BES870*#! at a decent price. Touch screen? Meh!

    Happily using a BES920*#! at home (no inbuilt grinder though) and paid far less than what is being asked for this technological piece of whizbangery.

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