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Bose QuietComfort 35 Wireless over Ear Headphones II $350 Delivered @ Officeworks


If showing Out of Stock online, try in store, check through the postcodes for stock 4000 Brisbane showing stock

These Bose QuietComfort 35 Headphones II utilise Bluetooth technology so you can connect to your device and listen wirelessly. They feature noise cancelling functionality which reacts to ambient sound and cancels it so you can focus more on your music. They have a battery life of up to 20 hours so you can listen for extended periods of time and are made with Alcantara for a soft and comfortable fit.

  • You can connect these headphones to your device via Bluetooth.
  • They can be used for listening to music and podcasts.
  • The over ear design with noise cancelling functionality means you can listen without outside interruptions.
  • You can sync them to the free Bose Connect app to play music and customise settings from your smartphone.
  • These headphones have a modern black design.
  • These headphones come with Google Assistant built in so you can control your devices handsfree.

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    These are great headphones, only downside is no silver colour.

    • +11

      Once you go black you won’t go back

      • -2

        What does that mean, roguewolf?

    • +4

      The silver one makes you look like spaceman from the 80s movies of some sort

  • Another QC35ii deal!!

  • Sold out already? I get unavailable in WA.

  • FYI - Not an authorised reseller - No Manufacturers warranty just officeworks warranty.

    • +19

      id much prefer dealing with officeworks for any faults or issues during warranty period. Officeworks is superb. no questions asked.

      • +2

        That's fine as long as you know. I just dislike it when stores hide it on second pages or in small print. Even worse when they don't display it.

      • Not entirely true. I brought back a faulty apple lightning cable. They call out an "expert" and said it was abused. I complained. Eventually, it was replaced under warranty.

        • +2

          I used a usb cable to abuse a xiaomi power brick once

      • What’s the officeworks warranty period?

      • I’d normally agree but bose do even better customer service. From experience you get BNIB replacement not refurbished goods from service. Shoulda kept the case and stuff ><

    • +1

      You should clarify that there is no "express" manufacturers warranty, (IE, an extra warranty defined and written in the form of a contract).

      You still have the implied manufacturers warranty under Australian Consumer Law. Bose Pty Ltd is an "Australian Proprietary Company, Limited By Shares" and is bound by the Competition and Consumer Act 2010.

      In practical terms, there should be no difference in getting a faulty item replaced assuming it is not clear wear and tear and you are within a reasonable duration from purchase (under claim "good not fit for purpose", or "goods not of merchantable quality").

      What you are missing out on is any extra features or Goodies that you might get dealing directly with a manufacturer [EDIT** as part of the contract, offering things above and beyond what is covered my law], and is something the retailer does not offer. I'm not aware of any such benefits.

      • I was able to get my faulty soundsport wireless replaced without a receiot through bose. Take note, the replacement was a fully brand new and sealed unit.

        • +2

          Any time you buy something in Australia (from a company the ACCC deems as trading in Australia), you are covered by Australian consumer protections that goods must be of merchantable quality.

          Bose would be breaking the law if they refused to repair or replace a faulty good just because they didnt give you a piece of paper with the "express" warranty on it. Because under Australian law you are already protected by an implied warranty.

          What the ACCC defines as reasonably trading in Australia is a whole different issue (ACCC pursued Valve despite them not even having an Australian registered entity), but in this case Bose Pty Ltd actually trades here so its an open and shut case.

          Just take what happened with MSY. (2011, penalised for $203,000 for misleading consumer warranty representations). And then again recently, (2017, penalised $750,000 for misleading consumer warranty representations).

          This is the ACCC making a public statement that regardless of any pieces of paper about express warranties, when you sell things in Australia, and they are faulty, they are covered by Australian consumer law.

        • @lucky5hot: Bose would not be breaking the law. You have purchased from officeworks and not Bose therefore any contract you have is with Officeworks. That is why they clearly state in the "specs" section that there is no manufacturer's warranty.

          They are not an authorised reseller, therefore the stock has not come from Bose and they do not have to cover any consumer guarantee. Essentially you are purchasing either a grey import or second hand item (even if a sealed box)

          Otherwise any grey import sold within australia would also be covered by manufacturers warranty.

          With MSY the issue was that they were misrepresenting the warranty by saying you had to deal with the manufacturer directly. Not that the manufacturer was avoiding warranty.

        • @dizzle:
          from ACCC.gov.au
          Local manufacturers and warranties
          If the product comes with a manufacturer’s warranty - that warranty may not apply in Australia, or depending on the terms and conditions may not apply to products sold as parallel imports.
          Although your products may carry a particular or popular brand name - if it is sold to you as a parallel import, the local manufacturer is not required to help you if the product develops a fault. You need to contact the seller.
          You may not be able to get assistance such as product/technical support or repair/spare part facilities from the local manufacturer or their representative. For example, the software of your product may not be suited for the Australian market. You need to contact the seller.

        • +1

          EDITED * I edited originally because I pasted the wrong quote.

          1) What is a manufacturer warranty / express warranty?

          A manufacturer warranty is not the implied warranty under Competition and Consumer Act 2010. THe manufacturer warranty is again, the EXPRESS warranty, not the implied warranty. This is usually remedied in the contract itself, because grey/parallel imports will usually say the country in which the warranty applies, so it is obvious even without the law being involved that the contract does not apply because it specifically said, "not available in Australia". (or more commonly, it will just state the country in which the warranty applies, EG, applies in North America regions…).

          2) What is an implied warranty?

          An implied warranty is NOT the manufacturer warranty. It is the implied rights of the consumer for any business that operates in Australia that sells products in Australia. Regardless of whether a manufacturer warranty/express warranty exists, you automatically get this.

          Therefore, of course you cant use for example an american manufacturer warranty on a bose product you grey import, but you can still claim remedy for the product under Australian consumer law.

          3) Does the implied warranty apply for products classified as "grey imports"?

          EDIT*** I also realised that I quoted wrong on this one again.

          THe issue here is about the terminology of Grey Import. If for instance the Bose headphones had a specific spotify feature for the AU region, then perhaps the retailer would be bound to provide the remedy as this feature would never work, so if you lodged an RMA around this feature/integration not working, you would be facing a fault by the fact it is a grey import.

          However, if the defection with the good was of a general nature, then and the manufacturer resides in Australia (BOSE), then I cant see how they would be able to skirt responsibility and claim that they they are exempt from protections due to it being a "GREY IMPORT" so the implied warranty doesnt apply.

          I can actually see now how you would be able to make a legal case that the consumer guarantees dont apply (especially when interpretting this ACCC page), but I dont see it is reasonable for BOSE to omit the standard consumer protections (on a nearly identical product they DO retail in AU), unless they can explain why this is a grey import and why the specific defection should not have been protected by Australian law.

    • They are subjected to consumer protection law, seems like it will be ok.

  • +2

    Not to be a party pooper but what exactly about these headphones warrants the massive price tag?

    • +7

      Noise cancelling. :)

    • +2

      If you prefer sound quality over noise cancellation. I suggest you put your money somewhere else. These are not worth it unless NC is your top priority.

      • I'm waiting for new Audio Technica $200 headphones to drop one year…

      • Agreed (I have a pair) but what would you suggest?

    • +5

      Great for travellers or working in a noisy office. ANC blocks out all distracting noises like engines, cicadas etc.
      Audio quality is not great though. The Sony WH1000XM2 is a much better all round product.

      • I find that the Sony and Bose sound quality is on par for the music I listen to. It's important to note that a lot of the headphones out there play music slightly different for every frequency so it's somewhat personal preference.

        As for the massive price tag….. there aren't that many other options for good sound quality + wireless + NC + Around-ears.

      • +2

        I cannot fault my Sennheiser Momentum II wireless cans. Similar retail price, NC is not as good as Bose, but they do not have that 'air pressure' feel the Bose ones have (you can feel that even trialing them at JB HiFi). And the sound quality is absolutely top notch.

        I'd go the Sennheisers any day of the week.

      • Blocks out the wife too don’t forget

  • This is good price cuz it means that you can price match at Jbhifi then use discounted gift card to buy at 15% further off. Then maybe get GST refund at airport, comes down to <$300.

    • How to get 15% off cards?

      • I assume he means 5% as otherwise 350 x 0.85 x 10/11 = 270 vs 350 x 0.95 x 10/11 = 302?

        • Yeah best JBH gift card discount I’ve seen is 6%. 15% is a mirage.

        • @dwarves: Ultimate Kids / Teens cards from Woolworths. 10% off if you count the Woolies Rewards points as cash, then 5% off using discounted WISH gift cards, so 15% off (or 14.5% if you assume you would have used the discounted WISH cards for the purchase you use the Woolies Rewards for). Only issue is JB only allow 5 GCs per purchase and Ultimate cards are only discounted for $30 and $50 cards I believe. But you should still get at least 10% off.

        • @stang65: I remember 15% off e-gift cards on the PayPal gift card store on eBay. I ended up getting $150 worth of Kogan vouchers

        • +2

          Gst refund is off the full price fyi

        • @raging: Of course! Whoops.

  • Wonder if JB Hifi or Myers will price match?

    • i cant imagine this deal lasting long. with officeworks refund policy. buy now think later.

    • ex JB employee, they should price match. If they don't just go to another staff member/talk to manager.

  • +1

    Anyone know if there’s stock around Brisbane QLD? Will try & phone then later tonight and post on here if I manage to find stock.

    • I just ordered mine for pickup at my local store and it said they will be shipped and ready for Monday

  • +1

    THANKS OP! After convincing myself over and over and over and over again to resist buying.. i finally caved in. Officeworks sweetened the deal.

  • +1

    Which headphones to buy if you want comfort and sound quality and don't care about noise cancelling?

    • +1

      Depends on your price range. Can go from $100 -> $3000+
      Philips shp9500
      Philips fidelio x2
      Sennheiser HD5XX
      Focal Utopia

      • I second the philips fidelio x2 great set of earphones can be had for about $240 on ebay using promo codes.

  • Are these normal QC35'S or am I missing something?? I the $500 ones?

  • +1

    Son, why this deal so good!

  • Can you connect to your tv, Xbox, PlayStation etc or is it only your phone?

    • XB1 requires an additional cable for voice chat, other than that they're working great!

  • +2

    Been on the fence for a while but bought now, thanks op.

  • +1

    Now if Amazon could match this so I can use my $50 credit!

  • Ive got about $150 worth of JB vouchers, wonder if they would match this price, wonder if it will still be running tomorrow, or have stock available to buy tomorrow…. Too much to consider!!

  • +2

    Price matched at JB. Thanks OP.

    • +1

      Any chance you can upload receipt? Thanks in advance !!

      • You shouldn’t need a receipt, they should match without any issue as long as they’re in stock.

        • Thanks!

    • Hi, are you able to upload your receipt please

    • Hey can you upload the invoice. Thanks

  • +1

    Cheers OP!

  • +1

    Meh, just bought them

  • +1

    Thanks, bonus money well spent.

  • +1

    Bought one! Thanks OP.

  • Price matched at jbhihi and got silver too

  • +2

    Why are these on clearance?

    • Maybe to get sales up. It's 2/3 through the quarter already and probably far behind sales targets?

      II is the latest version and I can't see anything else

    • QC45 coming?

      • Not for a good while.

  • For those that upgraded from QC25, is it a worthwhile upgrade?

    • +2

      Yes, totally worth it. I have the original QC35s (started with QC3, then QC25), and the addition of Bluetooth make them even better for travelling. No getting tangled in cords in an airplane seat! Battery life is terrific too.

  • Wow, just when I was about to get in on the action it went out of stock…. :(

    • Still in stock for me? I have found a deal for $368 for these headphones don't know if I should post it?

      • Mine is saying "Unavailable Online". Or is my browser playing up? :/

        • Try clearing you cache

        • @Snacky: It didn't work, still saying unavailable online. I tried using Chrome browser and same thing :(

  • Unavailable

  • Normal price?

  • "This product is temporarily unavailable" RIP

  • Maybe a silly question, why does the box say 'made for ipod, iphone and ipad'. I am all android (Samsung s8), does that mean I will have problems with this?

    • +1

      Compatible with Google assistant, you'll be fine

  • Was in stock for me, just purchased (click and collect) a minute ago…

    • tell me your secrets, what postcode did you put in

      • They’re from Jupiter so might take a while to hear back.

        4000 works btw, so does 2100 in Sydney for delivery.

        • 2100 doesn't work. Can't get it from Brisbane :( Thanks though.

  • Saw the picture seem like without google assistant button, anyone noticed?

    • from the description These headphones come with Google Assistant built in so you can control your devices handsfree

    • Yep I noticed that too but it’s series 2 and also states it has google assistant so it’s all good. I should get mine by Monday 👌

      • +1

        Confirming these were the series 2. Mine arrived today 👌👌

  • This product is temporarily unavailable

  • Out of stock everywhere in Melbourne…

  • Damn, I saw them at 2AM on the website, thought it was the first gen.

  • +2

    Recently I use the normal in ear bud (properly seated) and also the close headphone on a flight and the aeroplane noise was adequately blocked by the device. The Bose was only better by a slight margin.

    • You sir embody what ozbargain is all about. Still too much effort for myself. Credit though.

  • Epping, Maribrynong and Pakenham are the only stores showing 1 SOH. Call them up and see if it is available for re-sell. [VIC]

  • I believe price match is out of question now?

  • Can someone post a receipt of a price match at JB please

    • second that

  • I've got the Confirmation/Tax Invoice from Officeworks emailed to me, but when i go to the website and put in the order number nothing comes up in my account. Anyone else have this?

    • Yep, same for me, order was there on Friday evening but now gone. I'm assuming they don't have stock and have deleted the order. Be nice if they notified you instead of just silently deleting, and of course the charge is still showing up on my credit card.

      • And just got a text saying my order had been dispatched, so yay I guess?

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