This was posted 9 months 15 days ago, and might be an out-dated deal.

expired [NSW] Pay As You Wish Day - Malaysian Restaurant NurMuhammad (Pyrmont)


Please be considerate. We want to support the business as well.

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    This might not end so well…

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      …for them.

      Looks pretty good for me! ^_^

      P.S. Username checks out.

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      I reckon it is a good way to market. It's similar to offering a free meal to X number of people on a day for the publicity.

      Most people pay a reasonable amount when it's pay as you feel. Some people feel too awkward being a tightwad in front of others especially if you have to pay at a cashier and potentially be asked "how was the meal?". It would be hard to say it was good meal and then only pay $1 for it. It is much easier to claim a free meal when it's advertised as free. This way the restaurant at least makes some money.

      But then you have a minority who have no shame and will treat this like a free meal. If too many people come in and do this then the restaurant will simply run out of food and the damage will be limited, after all it is only for one day. I think the publicity would more than make up for losses of underpaying customers.

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    Last time I made a comment on something like this I got temp banned…

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    Have a heart to pay least the cost price so as to get such deals in future too :)

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      My cost estimation skills quickly deteriorate after my fifth main course. Something about blood diverting to the intestines…


    I fear for the future of this restaurant.

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    It's also advertising for the future. I'm sure they are prepared for a loss for the sake of returning customers. Chefs or cooks better be at 100% during that day..,.


    Need more reviews online

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    Will 20 cents count?

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    there's a thing such as Malaysian lasagne? Surely it's Murtabak Manis

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    In all seriousness, has anyone tried this place?

    I've walked past a few times but it always looks empty.

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      I've had lunch a few times with colleagues.

      It's not your gourmet type of Malaysian like "The Malaya" but it is very tasty. Authentic type of Malaysian food. Inser loads of.Malay/asian people.who seem to visit which indicates its authentic.

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      Yep. It’s fantastic and the staff are some of the nicest and kindest people ever!

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    is payment anonymous? like into a tin or do you have to pay to the waiter?

    also are there any restrictions? like how many dishes you can order?

    also i assume drinks arnt included?

    also is it only the 2 dishes are available when you eat the pay as you wish ( not the whole menu)

    -Mee Kuning Ikhwan
    - Lasagne

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    Some things should just never be posted on Ozbargain.. This is one of them.

    Can I order 26 plates, including one for my dog and only pay $1??

    I know this is Ozbargain, but could you at least give them a generous tip considering you are eating for free?

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    This restaurant isn't too bad.

    I don't mind their curry puffs - 6 puffs for $6 wouldn't be exploiting this deal too much.

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    Food is pretty good similar to what you would find in KL.

    Happy to pay a reasonable price and also enjoy some good food.

    The staff are very friendly and polite too.


    Malaysian prices?

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    temasek is still the best in sydney imo.


    OP why would you post this on here for? and then ask people to "be considerate". A lot of people on OZB would trade in their own mothers for something free. Next time be considerate and do not even post it here. There are restaurants that are already doing this as a business model and I would not post it here ever.

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      You have posted 39 deals for your own business, but only 6 for others. Of those, 2 contained iHerb referrals and only 1 made the front page.

      OP, thank you for posting this deal.

      For those unaware of my schtick, my above comments are facetious. I've skipped every one of these in the past and probably will again. All the best to them!

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      For those negging atish, I think he speaks from experience regarding the nature of some people on OzB.


      "trade in their own mothers for something free"

      If you have to trade in your mother than the deal is not free is it?


    Great deal, just be considerate if you're using this, use the savings from all the eneloops/Xiaomi Powerbanks to fund your feed!


    Staff are really nice. Food is good. Try that pink drink very refreshing

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    They have this every day at Lentil as Anything. "guests contribute what they feel their meal and experience is worth, according to their own financial ability."


    Do they make a mean halal snackpack?


    How long will this last for?


    I was in the area and had some spare time so I ended up checking it out.

    I walked in and was ignored by the staff. So I picked up the menu and attempted to make conversation with the dude behind the counter. He told me that I couldn't order from the menu and they didn't have much left. So I told him to give me whatever they had. He acknowledged this and I sat down.

    The staff looked at me with bewilderment so I spoke to another dude and told him that I wanted some meat — chicken, lamb, beef or fish and vegetables. I sat back down and 5 min later they brought me two small plastic plates, one with fish head curry the other with chopped vegetables soaked in oil.

    The vegetables were bland, the curry was tasty but the piece of fish head was awful! Mostly bone, skin and an eyeball.

    The surroundings were quite unfriendly, portraits of Malay men looming on the wall, wailing Islamic music and a TV showcasing Malay men shaking hands and trying on hats in slow motion — weird!

    Overall it was a very disappointing experience. The food was bad, and the service and atmosphere were awful.

    Generously, I left them a dollar.

    For the record, I was the only non-SE-Asian there.


      What time did you go there?

      Also did people who went earlier have the same bad experience?

      .. i didn't go because the weather forecast said 95% raining


        Just before 8. The tram from Central had technical issues and sailed right by. So the next one was packed and slow. Rain and trackwork didn't help.

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    I had time at end of day on Sunday, having spent my $2.60 on Opal, I went in very late at just after 7:45pm. I blame the rain, delayed light rail…

    They already had the front shop lights turned off. I walked in and spoke to a couple of staff, people with songkok, to ask how the 'Pay What You Want' works. Reply was friendly and basically told to take a plate (actually a strofoam takeaway container) and serve myself. The staff looked tired (the two I spoke with had bloodshot eyes, not the scary type) but are accommodating. They probably don't get many people like myself walking in looking lost.

    Bain Marie was turned around to face outside the counter for customer self-service, understandingly at that time of day there was not much selection. They normally have fish, lamb, beef, chicken meat selections, and veggies, rice, noodles.
    Only animal protein left were fish head curry and some chicken curry (different flavour). I'm happy with the fish head curry flavour (warning: have to deal with some bones/fins/scales) but found the chicken curry bland. I scooped the remains of the lamb curry sauce onto my rice, tasted good, pity there were only bones left in the dish.

    Filled my tummy and I'm okay to part with $4 for that, my little contribution to try brighten their long day. Wish I gotten a chance to sample their other offerings.