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Deal is unsustainable

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  • "Due to overwhelming popularity of the $1 Strike Bowling Deal our servers have requested a coffee break… we will be back ASAP"

  • Deal is unsustainable

    loled hard. +rep to op

    • valid until 31 jan, excludes fri and sat

      how many games can you have…

      • +1

        Thats the thing, spreets should either organise a booking system (i.e. when you buy, you book a time), or cap the number of deals. Its great selling 10,000 tickets, but if only 200 can actually book a spot, you've got 9,800 "annoyed" customers.

        • nice to see you didnt fail maths davo

  • You'd think with the $175M that Amazon put into the company that they would have em hosted on their S3 severs.

  • 30 day money back guarantee - so all good! =]

    • Don't be too sure… From the FAQs

      I've changed my mind on a deal. Can I get a refund?

      Unless there is something wrong with the purchase, or the information listed on the Jump On It site was incorrect or misleading, we are generally not able to offer refunds or do swaps. If you'd like to discuss your reasons for seeking a refund, contact our support team or call 1800 586 766 (during normal business hours, AEDT)

    • guarantees from coupon sites - kinda reminds me of the "paypal protection"

      • Meh it's only $10 anyway… oh wait I forgot how stingy some of us OzBargainers are….

        • +1

          true, however some coupon deals are quite expensive (not just referring to $1-10 deals)

          but at the same time, alot of companies could add some basic precautions not to …annoy customers. Half these places are desperate for new clientelle, and frustrating your customers probably isnt the way to do it.

          If they can't provide a service for the amount, then they shouldnt advertise the prices so low that they just cant operate. I understand the purposes off a loss leader, but .

          Basic things like
          - capping deals
          - online booking with coupon deal
          - Selling coupons with range expiries. (i.e. first 100 tickets - week 1, 2nd 100 = week 2 etc - obviously people can choose which week)
          - if its a franchise company, letting franchises know about the deals
          - Selling deals that are feasible - financially, and in terms of bookings.

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