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Samsung Gear S3 $430 (after $50 off) @ Vodafone


Samsung Gear S3 temporary price drop
Offer dates: 27 February 2018 - 31 March 2018
Was $480, now: $430 (customers save $50).

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    An chance of a deal on the Huawei Watch 2 4G (or the ability to buy it outright?)

    I'd jump on that one :p

    • nah mate this is because of the S9 release

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      Can get Huawei Watch 2 4G for $425.59 from Allphones eBay with P20TECH 20% off code (http://bit.ly/2ozD4Kb) but don’t know if Voda will allow you to BYO on the $10 Red wearables plan.

      • no you cant

        • Thanks for letting me know - now I have it two to one, as I have had conflicting advice from two different Vodafone stores. One said you can buy outright elsewhere and add a plan (provided it was added to my existing Vodafone account) and the other said no they would only be supplied with the 24 month plan (making it $598 for the watch and not great value). I was also given conflicting advice on if the Red wearables plan (which has 1Gb) would be able to use data pooling as I have 100Gb pooled at the moment (again one said yes and the other said no). Would like some clarity on that too if you can offer it. If it doesn't data pool it would be better value buying outright and putting in a Small Kogan 365 day SIM for $179 (or less when discounted) and getting twice the data.

        • @espcookie: for data pooling u have to speak to customer care but you cant get the 10$ plan if you dont get the phone though us the employee might get fires thats what happened

        • @Hksmaso69: OK - Thanks for letting me know.

  • is this LTE version?

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    trying to figure out how this is a bargain

  • mate fix ur link up to show proper item.

  • This or Apple Watch?

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      Wouldn't that depend on your phone?

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    I could never justify this unless it was double digits

  • I own the classic one. Change the band to silver metal. Have the always on face. I am bored with everything about it accept the look. The sound produced by "gear" on the watch is pretty primitive compare to that of "google" or "bixbi" on the phone, and it does not understand me as much as the AIs on the phone so I stop talking to my watch …

    I am looking forward to S4 or Sn…

  • Provided link does not direct user to the item page

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