This was posted 4 years 4 months 1 day ago, and might be an out-dated deal.

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Crumpler Private Zoo Backpack (1 for $61 | 2 for $103) OR Aficianado Backpack (1 for $69 | 2 for $119) Shipped @ eBay Myer


Found these ones at cheap price( more than half price) .. apply code at checkout to get 20% off. Pick up available but not for all of them so do select free pickup if you see the option which will bring the price further down.

Free delivery on orders over AU $100 & 2+ items*

2 for $111.20 ( Mix match) Delivered.

Original PMYERSALE 20% off selected categories eBay deal

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  • Links broken.

    • thanks buddy.. i am updating individual links

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    Hold on you're not harkoliar. He's the Crumpler expert. Always always carrying one.

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      Fyi - these are entry to mid-range bags so padding would not be as good compared to the dry reds or mantra range.

      Still not bad of a deal OP

      • entry to mid-range bags

        Uh … OK.

      • I feel the dry reds are but of an overkill for daily work commutes. Good for flights but not an everyday backpack. Rather have a hard sleeve like the tragus contego in the zoo when needed.

      • I think they're aimed at urban, low weight use. No hip loader either

    • Lol I was confused it wasn't harkoliar too 😂

  • can we get shipment free?

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    Couldn't give them away.

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    Would this go well with the crocs I bought from this deal?

    • I just got my 3 pairs as well. Stepping out in style for the Mardi Gras! I wish they'd refresh the inventory in the Crumpler sale page though.

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    This is a great deal. I use Crumpler Bags and would highly recommend these ones. I just bought myself one.

  • Damn shipping cost

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    What is so good about these bags?

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      Exactly what I thought. $61 is not cheap for a backpack.

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        You both +/upvoted anyway?

        • They are not cheap but still this is big discount…

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      It’s the quality and the comfy feeling on your back … I bought one from last crumpler sale and just bought another one together with Tefal 6L pressur cooker to safe on shipping cost ( free over $100) . Kids love it caused its light , comfy and it’s good looking too .

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        Your kids think the Tefal pressure cooker is light, comfy and good looking?

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          Isn't it a bit too early to start them cooking?

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        Never buy a backpack n a pressure cooker in the same transaction

        • Don’t worry , the pressure cooker is way too big to fit into crumpler private zoo , and the backpack is way too comfy, Great quality, and nice colour for pressure cooker anyway although it fits into the pressure cooker

    • Lifetime warranty.

    • Not sure about these specific Crumpler backpacks, but my old Crumpler messenger bag (These are the more expensive $150~ range) lasted me over 10 years and still was in pretty good nick when I received a new one as a present.

  • Show up $64.50 for zoo and $74.50 for Aficianado? How to get to Op’s Price?

    • PMYERSALE coupon code

  • Can these fit a 15” laptop or just 13”?

  • Anyone got a aficionado and can tell me about the quality and feel etc just bought one and not sure if I want to cancel the order or not :/

    • I’ve seen them in flesh and they’re OK. The Mantra is definitely better and sturdier. But afficiando is really light.

      • That mantra is 2x (3x on this sale) the cost lol

        • Yeah I know. At this price they’re good.

      • I would love to get a head porter backpack but at 3x the price I'm sure this will do me for a light travel back in japan! Thanks

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    Thanks OP! Grabbed the Aficianado (Redwood). They put the price up $5 to $74.50, and after promo code it came out to $59.60. And of course cashrewards! Luckily they had free click & collect available for Sydney CBD so I didn't need to pay shipping or spend extra to reach the $100 minimum!

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    Nah,overprice and too heavy :)

  • 8th crumpler bag.

  • Wish more Aficianado

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      It's back in stock on the eBay store this morning

  • The Aficianado in Black is still available directly on the Myer website:

    Yes it's $74.50 but Click & Collect availability seemed better than through eBay and that might help those who aren't able to get their total past $100 to get free shipping.

    Cashrewards makes it a bit more palatable too @ $72.63.

  • Weight: 1kg
    It is not very light weight.

    • What? The heaviest out of them is 0.6kgs

      Edit: nvm seems like it says that on the official site lol

  • 2 of them back in stock..

  • They just refunded my black aficianado. Supposedly some issue with stock. Very annoyed.

  • Mine hasn't been sent yet? Anyone else having issues or has yours been sent? I ordered on the 3rd of March

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      I contacted Myer about my order (bought 2 backpacks, 1 each). Customer rep/support indicated the delay was due to they were trying to find stock. The rep was still unable to locate stock and decided to cancel my order.

      I do not know whether Myer are simply trying to wait for more stock (so if you don't contact them, they assume you are willing to wait) or they are just slow to deal with these orders taking a long time to fulfill.

      If you don't want to wait anymore, and are happy to get your money back, contact them a.s.a.p. If you really want those backpacks, when you contact them, I suggest you indicate that you really want them still and ask whether they can expedite the order somehow. If you just asked why they still haven't posted the items, they will cancel it. The reason is that feeBay give these big merchants more power, so when they cancel an order, that order simply disappears from your purchase history (instead of showing order got cancelled) - so to prevent any potential negative feedback, Myer rep would most likely cancel the order as soon as they sense the customer is unhappy already.

      Please do not post the deal is available again because there is clearly a backlog of unfulfilled orders - unless you are absolutely sure Myer have them in stock.

      While I didn't end up getting the backpacks (Myer cancelled my order today), their reps were quick to respond when I asked about the order and promptly cancelled it, I am happy with their service. However, I still don't quite like their eBay system (basically, they do not reserve any stock for online orders before hand - they are using feeBay to clear their existing store stock).

      P.S. Kudos to OZB for allowing me to revoke my positive vote after 1 week. Good to see OZB improving!

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    Just got email they are "out of stock" after nearly 2 weeks of waiting on the "NEW Crumpler Aficianado Backpack:Black 0.5kg".

    Massive pain seeing the 20% discount no longer applies….

    Wish I had of got this message a few days ago when other models were on sale.

  • Hi,

    Thank you for shopping with EBay Myer Online.

    We are sorry to have to advise that we are out of stock of the Aficianado Backpack:Black 0.5kg which you have ordered.

    We have searched for stock at all our online fulfilment locations, however we have been unable to locate the item.

    We have arranged a refund via your original form of payment. This will take normal banking timeframes to appear in your account.

    We know it is disappointing that you will not be receiving the item. It’s important that we let you know you can find more information about this in our Online Shopping Terms. I have attached the link for your convenience.

  • Order for 2 cancelled and refunded cost after two weeks. Pretty shit as one was a gift for a birthday occurring today.

  • Just received an email this morning that my item (Crumpler Private Zoo backpack - Black 0.6kg) was sent. I must have been lucky?

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