expired Gas Pizza Oven $229 @ ALDI


High heat painted fire bowl with viewing window
Thermometer mounted on fire bowl front
Stainless steel burner
2 wheels for easy moving
Cordierite pizza stone
Dimensions: 654 x 543 x 1681mm
Built-in damper in chimney helps regulate heat

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    How much has it been discounted?


      It hasn't, pretty good price for a Pizza Oven compared to others

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        It hasn't

        Then why is it a bargain?

        7. Summarise briefly why it is a bargain - why did you buy it or consider it worth sharing? How does the price compare to elsewhere?


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          because also does these a couple of times a year so you can't get it anytime you want ….. miss out and it's to bunnings or bbq galore and pay more …..I missed out on the smokers so it's another 6 month wait or buy a hark and pay an extra $100 (aldo is rebadged hark).

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          @garage sale:

          so you can't get it anytime you want

          That doesn't make it a bargain…

          I'm pretty sure the company that manufactures these sell them all year round…

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        consider getting the breville electric pizza maker, needs less room, can be used indoors, which heat up, and if you thaw out a frozen pizza in the microwave, it's 12 minutes from freezer to hot pizza on a plate.

        With the cost of real-estate who still has enough room for one of these, 1m2 of land is worth $4300 in bayside melbourne …. the oven is cheap the space to keep it is expensive……


          electric vs gas

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          Depends what kind of pizza you like. Neapolitan style pizza needs to be cooked in 1.5-2mins at about 400 degrees. The electric type pizza making appliance you're talking about generally don't get this hot and can't be used to cook high hydration doughs.. they're fairly limited in the type of pizza they can produce… Guess it all depends on what types of pizza you like and how OCD/precise you are with your pizza cooking.


          electric is quick and convenient and better then using your home oven, but not the ultimate if you are looking for pizza perfection.

          electric makers depend on the infrared (radiated heat) of the top element …. gets a lot of heat but it is radiated heat, different to an oven , and gas ovens which depend on convected heat ( heated air) and wood fired which have both radiated ( from the coal) and convected ( heated air from flame) and you can get some smoke flavours if wood is used vs charcoal which adds no flavours just heat.

          ultimate is wood fired as you get heat, and a bit of smoke flavour ….. but it’s a lot of work for 1 pizza or 2.

          i’m looking at getting a komado eventually so that i can i do wood fired pizza and also low and slow smoked bbq.


          @simulacrum: We just got an Uuni 3 pizza oven that uses wood pellets for $400. It gets hot enough to cook pizza in 1.5-2 minutes. Heating takes 10-15 minutes. It's a dinky little product, but is easy to assemble and works well.
          I would recommend anyone who is a bit OCD about their pizza to have a look.




          I have seen, and lusted after this product and a couple of others like it - namely the roccbox and the Napoli pizza oven kickstarter campagin (which is now looking a bit dubious)….. maybe one day :D


          @simulacrum: Yeah the roccbox was the other one we looked at. Pricey, but looks like it is built well.

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      JV Fighting for true bargains since 2009

      @JV when will your "Bargain Approved by JV" ink stamp launch?

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    How hot would this get to?


    Wait for customer returns and get it for $50

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    Might as well cook it in the oven.
    I'll wait for the wood fired one thanks.

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    Can't wait to head over to Aldi in 5days time to watch some brawls with grannies


      Can’t wait for Aldi day to watch people pop these into the back of a three door hatch with two baby seats and a weeks shopping. It’s hysterical watching the car park on sale day


        yep, need to throw away all the packing to get stuff like that into the car and don’t loose the screws or instructions….it’s why i keep a stanley knife in the car to unpack items to get into car ….. not protection incase of road rage.

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