expired Cathay Pacific: UK & Europe Return Flights Companion Fare (e.g. Perth to Dublin $975, Sydney to London $1,053 etc.)


Wake up fresh in UK or Europe with flights from only AUD975* per person for companion fares, and AUD1175* for solo travellers.
Choose from our most popular cities below, or view all destinations on our website.

Book online now and enjoy website exclusive companion fares to selected cities.

Sale ends 26 March 2018 23:59 AEDT.

*Perth to Dublin per person, Economy return.

See www.cathaypacific.com/au to book. For fare rules, offer details and terms and conditions refer to the website.

12 Mar 2018 to 31 Dec 2018

Fares (Low season, adult return):
Sydney to London (Gatwick) from $1053 return Book now

Sydney to Brussels from $1049 return Book now

Melbourne to London (Gatwick) from $1037 return Book now

Melbourne to Copenhagen from $1079 return Book now

Perth to Madrid from $1099 return Book now

Brisbane to Dublin from $999 return Book now

Brisbane to Brussels from $1050 return Book now

Adelaide to Barcelona from $1098 return Book now

Cairns to Rome from $1146 return Book now

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  • +2 votes

    Hi Rep, any deals for Jan 2019?

  • +4 votes

    I am after some flights into Calgary in August, just checked and they are charging $12k+ AUD lol. I guess some airlines just don't want you to go there.


    any usual black out dates ?

  • +4 votes

    Is it me or is the cathay we site unusable?

    Im on an iphone x and evey time a select a date they whole late goes blank. Very fustrating


    Shiza! Cheaper than my China Southern fare :( this makes it hard


    Anyone know how lot these flights are? Not keen on saving a few hundred bucks by adding 20hrs to the flight.

    • +1 vote

      Flew on the a350 overnight to Hong Kong recently. Was great, no complaints. If it was the same plane all the way, this is a great deal.


    i'm away from desktop at the moment but has anyone done the maths on which fare this books into and how many status credits with QF?

  • +1 vote

    Perhaps a dumb question. What is a companion fare? Is this for purchasing 2 airfare's?

    • +1 vote

      Yessir. Companion fare = you and your +1 ($975 each). Or you can go solo and pay a bit more.

  • -2 votes

    Hi Rep, I am interested in a deal for Japan Winter 2018/2019 (Chitose/Hokkaido), please! Thanks =)


      Search Skyscanner. I'm going to Sapporo tomorrow with China Eastern via Shanghai (you have to go via somewhere!!) and the fare was $680. OK full service airline (past experience), just no extra costs (apart from a $70 hotel on the way there, return is just a plane change), doesn't come much cheaper than that!! Note that IMO the Chinese airlines seem to release cheap fares in the short term so if you're flying in early 2019 I'd be looking in the second half of the year.

  • +15 votes

    These Rep/Associated-posted deals on Ozbargains always get me. You can input any combination of dates to fly and the prices are invariably double what the rep and airline quotes. Maybe there is a flight out there for the quoted discount price, but it's misleading and not real-world.


      Double … and the rest!

      I'm on a desktop so whilst navigation is (kind of) working, when I select MEL-CPH the cheapest return flight that is returned is $14,224.

      Hey rep, please help me find a return flight for two leaving MEL (around 13 April) and returning from CPH (around 27 April).

      All I see is $14,000+ fares selecting Economy.


        That doesn't sound right. I know the prices are higher than quoted, but that sounds like biz-class to me? I managed to find some $1400 return fares but it's not amazing. :(

        • +3 votes

          Yeah I haven't found any combination of dates that are anywhere near $975.

          Pretty shitty tactics to give start/end dates of the deal and find that it's like a egg hunt trying to find that 1 elusive date that is $975.

          How about just tell us what combos are that price and let us find them?


        Cathay doesn't fly to Copenhagen until May (and even then not everyday): https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cathay_Pacific_destinations. They have this weird thing where adding flight connections on partners makes the price soar.


      Try negging. People will delete your comment


    Excluding July?

  • +4 votes

    Best Economy product to Europe would be the QR or EY A380.

    But even better would be Singapore A380 Upper Deck Economy if you can get it.

    10 across 777s and the Qantas Sardine 787 are brutal if your tall or a large bodied person.


    ahaha. OP doesn't post clear dates for the sale fares listed in the deal, i point out that the time period listed in OP's description is 'sales talk', and the community negs me hahahaha

  • +2 votes

    Gotta love the spin from the Rep when she/he says:

    Wake up fresh in UK or Europe with flights from only AUD975* per person for companion fares, and AUD1175* for solo travelers.

    "Wake up fresh"

    Still chuckling over that one.


    Can this flight upgradable to business or first class with points?

  • +1 vote

    I was looking for flights to the UK over the UK school holidays… Singapore was coming in at $4K (2 adults, 1 infant on lap).. with Cathay its $3200. Also Cathay lets you confirm bassinet seats on booking which is the same as Singapore and its a great relief when travelling with a baby knowing we will have extra leg room at the very least. Singapore police during turbulence is very strict (e.g seat bet sign goes on baby comes out) I am not sure about Cathay. If anyone has travelled with a baby on Cathay would love to hear you stories.

  • -3 votes

    $5,500 return for two to London. What a joke.


    Emirates has similar prices at the moment to London as well, not sure why so cheap in peak season?

    For example 06/06/2018 - 04/07/2018 from Sydney is $1115 according to Skyscanner..


    I see that a few people have struck out on the flights they wanted, but i have just booked 2 adults and our rugrat to Dublin from late (27th) November to 2nd January for $2869. That is precisely 53% of what i paid for a similar flight on Qatar a couple of years ago, it is also much cheaper than emirates with (a)better flight times with mid morning departures and (b) flying on A350's all the way.

    School holidays sorted in Europe for pretty much the same cost as a return trip to NZ


      That is a great deal! I flew Qatar last year but got a great deal around the same price as these Cathay flights as I booked them on the announcement of servicing the route with the A380 planes. I did not get A350's for our whole route, and the one benefit I can see of sucking up and going on the 777 is they have a bassinet seat with 2 instead of 3 seats by the window meaning we shouldn't have anyone next to us (traveling with infant on lap).

      I booked our flights to go to the UK from Melbourne for their summer holidays (which is usually quite expensive) Flying out July (24th) returning August (13th) for $3220 so you got an awesome price!


      You pay 3k to fly to nz?


        If you pay close up 3K for 3 people return to Nz you don't know how to ozbargain, 1st class might be a different story


    Booked via Webjet. MEL - BRU Dec 2018. CPH - MEL Jan 2019. $1360 pp incl. CC fees.

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