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Toilet Bin & Brush Set $35 with Free Shipping at Modern Bath 50% off All Products


Modern Bath has got 50% off its products with free shipping although they dont have much. The toilet bin and brush set seem to be a good buy at $35, down from $70. Just remember it comes in 6 colours. i found that out after i placed my order.

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    Now go clean the toilets :)

    • Nice one :))

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    I've never understood why you need a bin in a bathroom.

    • It realy depends how large is your toilets hole for disposal :)

    • Don't you use facial tissues while you are in your bathroom?

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      Bathroom items not suitable for flushing….(toilet rolls, tampons, packaging, plastic, cotton balls, face wipes, etc, etc, etc, etc….)

      • ^^this

    • Girls need bins. That is all.

      • Boys need bins as well. Used dentalfloss, toilet rolls, empty cleaning containers, etc. I could make a sexist comment about guys not replacing the toilet rolls, cleaning the bathroom, etc - but we live in enlightened times, don't we :)

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          Boys don't need bins. Girls need bins. Boys can have bins though.

          Not sure why you're trying to bring up sexism but ok.

          I've actually had opposite experience, guys replace rolls but girls don't.

        • @StoneSin: you put the empty toilet roll in the bin, as you do the used tooth floss and an other bathroom rubbish. Also, looks like some people can’t take a gentle joke. Actually girls don’t need bins either, women of menstruating age may prefer one, but there is always the option of carrying used tampons and/or pads out to general rubbish - suitably wrapped, of course. Neither sex actually needs a bin.

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          @try2bhelpful: Huh? Why must you need a bin in the bathroom to do that? Just put those in the recyclables and trash can in the kitchen.

          You were joking? Huh?

          Girls do need bins. Sorry, your opinion is irrelevant here.

          Girls need a bin, boys don't. It's not rocket science.

        • @StoneSin: I am female, I know if women "need" bins, and they don't. Please explain exactly why girls need bins, as the only reason I can see I have already explained they don't "need" them, it is preferable they have access to them, however, I think it is preferable both sexes have access to bins in the bathroom to stop having to cart rubbish to other parts of the house. Are you female? My views are not opinions they are facts. Either both sexes "need" a bin or neither sex does.

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          @try2bhelpful: I don't care what gender you are. Ones gender doesn't suddenly change facts.

          Every girl uses disposables that are not appropriate for public trash positions. Boys do not.

          It's not rocket science.

          Good, your preference is irrelevant here. You must have a pretty big house if "carting" a toilet roll once every few days is a problem for you.

          Why don't you just put your fridge in your bedroom so you don't have to go to the kitchen when you're hungry? That must be such a hassle for you having to use your house space like that.

          Nope. Your views are just opinion sorry, any "facts" that you're claiming are just wrong. And your gender isn't going to change that buddy.

          Since you can't see it and it's clear as day, I'm just going to assume you're ignorant and too stupid to change that. That's a shame. Boys do not require a bin in their bathroom, girls do.

        • @StoneSin: Sorry, I'm confused here by what you mean "public" do you mean within a house or rubbish bins in the street. Of course a girl can carry ladies disposable items into a "public" bin within a house. If nothing else they can carry them directly to the outside general rubbish bin, as that is where it will end up anyway. So if there is a bin in the bathroom that women will use to put their "disposable" products you won't use it to put your toilet rolls into? You think they are sacred ladies bins.

          Funnily enough I am not too stupid to see the difference of a convenient rubbish bin in a bathroom and having a fridge in my bedroom, but you seem to not being able to understand the difference.

          I will reiterate, either box sex have a "need" for the bin or neither do. There is absolutely nothing stopping a girl wrapping up her items and taking them to a central bin.

          As a woman, I know exactly what women "need" or don't "need' in relation to having a bin. I also know what I have done and not done in the past as I grew up in a household where we didn't have a special bin in the bathroom for "ladies" use only, we had to wrap products and take them to a central bin - especially wrapped and in plastic to not offend the rest of the household. Maybe you need to be a bit less arrogant and a bit more logical.

          Please indicate if you are male or female. I'm presuming male as you have danced around actually telling me.

        • @StoneSin: StoneSin & try2bhelpful, please continue the discussion, big brother level fun right here on OZB…lol. Just kidding, take it easy! On a serious note, each to its own point of view - 'agree to disagree' respectfully fellow OZB mates.

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          @aaruu: I didn't start the personal attack and I notice that Stonesin has had his latest post removed because it was a personal attack. I'm not sure why he "went off" on my comments. All I was pointing out was why a bin was a good idea for a bathroom and to make a mild cheeky joke, I have read much worse here. Why he took offence at the idea that a bin was required by both sexes, or neither, set him off as well, I don't understand. However, I do think I have made my point so the discussion is "binned" as far as I am concerned. The next step is vanity shelving for towels or external linen closet. My view is tasteful vanity unit, but I understand the minimalist point of view as well.

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        Great discussions around the bin but Can we please have some discussion about the brush as well! :)

        • I rented a new apartment and there was nothing in it at all, except toilet brushes. Funny.

        • @StoneSin: did you use it?

        • @hamerix: Of course. Poop can't dirty poop.

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        Don't Ozbargainers usually wash and reuse?

        • Until it gets torn. Then you have to throw it out anyway.

        • @carlJack:
          That'll be right. Once a year action would make the condom last for 5 years at least.

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          Turned inside out so they can alternate who gets the pleasure.

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