Bedside tables: What do you do?

Have been on the look-out for new bedside tables. Recently bought a new bed set - dark timber bed frame, queen mattress, white-scheme manchester.

I wanted bedside tables that were also dark timber, and large.

Been to a lot of stores, having trouble finding anything near that description. Most bedside tables look like an after-thought; they're often very small, one or two-draw, plastic or ceramic or simple harsh timber.

I found the following that are maybe close; ~$800 price-tag for each set:

Has anyone got any suggestions?


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    2 besser blocks and a milk crate

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    I read this as… Besides tables, what do you do?

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    Top one looks like draculas coffin and the other looks like a $50 one that dealsdirect used to stock.
    I think you need to shop elsewhere

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    I went through this a couple of years ago. For large bedsides you can also consider small tallboys or other small cupboards.


    I love kmart stuff in terms of look/design. Dunno how long it will last, but for me I just need it for home viewing/inspections. Not sure if they have something in that type of dark colour though.

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    You could go with a different colour to the bed frame for the bedside tables. Matching dark colours can sometimes look a bit odd (not terrible just not quite right).

    As for what to choose, it's one of those things where it's a question of what do you actually you want to use it for? Personally I've had bedside tables before and I always seemed to end up just chucking crap in there and forgetting about it, I never really felt like it was either an efficient or sensible use of space. Also, they were often in the way when I wanted to get into bed. We have an Ikea bed (it's ok, not super enamoured with it) and have a headboard that has storage in it, which I prefer but still don't really feel like it's the best use of the space.

    My feeling is that often something basic, easy to clean and relatively unimposing would be my choice, but it's all personal preference of course.

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      I've always used the draws for socks/underwear, some toiletries. The surface for alarm clock, lamps, phone, tablet, and charging cables, books, DVDs, keys, remotes (other incidentals). I end up using a fair bit of space.

      I would say I've tried pretty much every bricks-and-mortar retailer, as well as independents here and there, and the range is small and the prices are high. Just wish I could find someone who does a nice set, and I'd be happy to pay.


      What colours do you think would complement dark bed frame?

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    I have a low bookcase next to my bed - space for a lamp and to put your drink on top plus the practicality of having your favourite books nearby - something to consider!


    make your own

    any colour, any shape, go nuts


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    i think your issue is going to be finding tables which match the frame in terms of the wood/veneer used. Generally these things come in a matching set. Do you have the manufacturer and product name - if so you can probably find the matching drawers (assuming that you haven't already looked for them and discounted them).

    I just did a quick look on gumtree - there are dozens of sets of bedside tables of all shapes, sizes, colours and prices. Given that it is going to be hard to match them to the bed anyway, it might be worth investigating something totally different, and if you are only paying a small price, it might not matter so much if they aren't quite right (at least, it wouldn't bother me).

    Finally, we've had a great deal of success buying furniture at Casey Auctions in Hallam. I am not sure where you are in Melbourne but if you are anywhere near the south east, then I would recommend jumping on their facebook page and spending some time looking through their weekly stock listing. They have different things every week and of course being an auction, the prices will vary from sale to sale. It does take some time commitment but we found it worth our while and furnished our house at a very reasonable price.


      Thanks for helping.

      Yeah, the bed frame came in an ensemble, but I didn't like the idea of a matching set (and don't think I want a tallboy) and wanted to mix-and-match instead. I don't mind each piece looking distinctly different, short of a bad clash that looks silly (I guess this is mostly subjective). Anyway, I've been back to the retailer I got the bed frame and they no longer have the ensemble (I have to make inquiries if I went that way).

      Actually, second-hand (e.g. Gumtree) looks like a good idea. I have stayed away from getting furniture second-hand because I know any imperfection is going to make me nuts if I have to notice it every day. But at least this way there seems to be a much greater variety (and more reasonably priced), and I can try to pick something relatively new for a higher price.

      Casey Auctions looks like a great idea. The outer south-east is too far for me.

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    Built my own recently, it's just a small table.


      If you have specific wants or needs, maybe try to build your own.
      It will definitely cost less than $800 for the pair, and you might learn a new skill.


        I built mine from scrap wood I had left over from other projects.


        Love that idea of learning something new…

        Wood-making sounds like something I'd have zero talent for, and seems to me like a huge investment of time… how'd I get started!?


          Watch lots of YouTube videos and start with simple stuff.

          These are the tables I made which were easy to do if you have the right tools.


          There are a few good resources out there, a lot of inspiration and lessons to be found on Reddit. DIY and Woodworking both have a lot to look at.

          Unless you have to tools you'll need to build it, you'll need to buy or borrow them from someone. If it's going to be something you'll do again, then it's worth investing in good tools.

          On the upside, as Ryanek said, you can install LED's and wireless charging if you really want to go along with it.


    Matching bedside tables are soooo 90's. You need one hooked up to LED's and voice activated using Alexa with built-in wireless charging.

    1. get a matching pair from the same supplier as the bed. If they don't make them, then
    2. you are going to have to make up your mind what you think will look good. Contrasting might be a better option that a not-quite match.

    We have a couple of really nice bedside tables we got from "Made in Japan", they go with the Japanese/Chineses style bed we bought; not sure if they sell furniture anymore. You might also have a look at the Ishka stores, as they sometimes have some interesting stock. Or there is a place called Kyo at Ocean Grove that has interesting Japanese furniture. A bit of a way to go, but it is a nice day out as well.


    I was looking for bedsides many years back and ended up buying secondhand from eBay.

    It was "migrated" from NZ and the part I love most is the first "tray' where I can pull-out and put thin stuff like magazines, thereby increasing the size of the benchtop. It is still a larger bedside compared to others. I agree, those we find here are so small and expensive.

    Lately I am looking at updating them and stumbled upon a Display Home. They have nice big tall ones. I regret didnt ask them. Will see if I can go back.

    Oh back to the question, I have to be honest, I dont like neither of them. Perhaps should have a look at your beds first. Also depends the size and layout of your bedroom….


      Thanks, never considered furniture that wasn't local before (figured postage on bulky items would be a killer).

      I've seen some of those that have a pull-out tray or bench, and though not initially interested, now think that would be a good idea for when you need some temporary space to place something.


        Sorry, the bedroom suite was located in Oz when I bought it. The couple shipped in from NZ when they migrated.
        There are many migrants selling like that, esp Brit.
        Yes, loving my pull-out tray/shelf, which makes it hard to find a replacement now.
        Just do a google on Images and you'll find lots of examples.
        Let us know how you go….

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