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Book & Dine with Any Restaurant on Dimmi before March 31st and Earn 10,000 Rewards Points (= $20 Voucher)


You’ve come to the right place! You can earn 10,000 Bonus Dimmi Rewards Points* when you book and dine between March 16th to March 30th 2018!

That’s right, 10,000 Bonus Rewards Points! That’s equal to a $20 Dimmi Restaurant Voucher that you can use for a subsequent booking. All you need to do is enter the promo code DIMMIDAYS at checkout.

Be quick, Dimmi Days ends March 30th. *Terms & Conditions apply

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  • I already have a booking for tonight….booked last week.

    Is it possible to book with the code again?

    • +1

      yes why not? Book again then cancel the old booking. Win :)

  • Anyone know if I reach 20,000 points, which I would if using this offer, can I make that into a $40 voucher? Or is strictly $20 maximum voucher?

    • +3

      If I remember correctly, it's limited to one voucher per booking and you can't stack with other discounts like the 50% off.

      • Correct, cannot stack with any promotions the restaurant is offering. It looked like it was possible, but when you try book you get an error.

  • Remember to look for the special offers, you can regularly get 50% off some restaurants.

    • Double-dipping, way to go! Otherwise, you can always use offers like Entertainment Book with the booking.

      • i always wondered that but i felt really bad to ask

    • Like Marmara Turkish (Windsor).

  • +1

    It's a shame that not all the restaurants you can book through Dimmi appear as eligible restaurants to use the $20 voucher.

    I've still got my $20 voucher from the last promo code and still haven't used it. Also have another $20 voucher earned by banking in points with TGIF bookings, also not used.

    • Does the point expire? Haven't used mine from Christmas neither :(

      • I've had mine for awhile too. At least 12 months, still good.

  • +5

    Was even better when you got a $50 voucher rather than $20. Voucher could pay for the whole meal rather than a portion.

    • When was that?

      • Hrmm looking back in my email, it changed mid-2016. Basically make 5 reservations, and you got a $50 voucher.

  • +1

    Any recommendations on how best to use these vouchers in VIC?

    • +1

      Meat and Wine

  • +2

    Booked & dined last night… no bonus points showing in my account.

    • +2

      Bonus points don't show up instantly - last promo it took a month-ish.

    • +1

      terms and conditions state "Points will be credited after the promotion period is over on the 13/04/18."

  • +1

    Dimmi used to be very good before they sold out to Tripadvisor. Before the voucher was worth $50 and also the 50% off restaurant deals that came up each Tuesday were high class dining establishments. Now most of the discount deals are for cafes or take away joints and not top end restaurants.

  • Can you use two vouchers in the one go? Eg $40 voucher in the one booking?

  • Does anyone know if this stacks with the x% off food deals? e.g. if you book a resturant that is doing a 30% off food