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Mini Android Endoscope Camera US $3.88 (AU $5.03) Delivered @ Rosegal


If you missed the deal last time, here it is again and slightly cheaper. Use your imagination - you're bound to find a good use for this. Sales are restricted to one per customer, and AU IP addresses only. $1 shipping insurance is on by default, so remember to untick this before checking out. Apply coupon ARSECAM to get the discount. When they're gone, they're gone. Enjoy :)

● Photos & video stored on Android phone.
● Adjust brightness of six LEDs for work in dark areas.
● Total length: 3.5 Metres
● Waterproof level: IP67
● Resolution: 640 × 480 30fps
● Focal distance: 6cm
● Camera head outer diameter: 7mm
● Power Supply: USB
● Diameter: 7mm
● Product weight: 0.0600kg
● Package weight: 0.1200kg
● Package Contents: 1x Endoscope, 1x CD, 1x English User Manual
● Android phone requires OTG functionality.

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    • +2

      Don't do it man.. you can't undo some actions life will never be the same. Also live leak :/

  • Just tried an alternative app - OTG View - and prefer it over the CameraFi app (far less ads, can easily rotate the view though 90 / 180 / 270 degrees etc).

  • Endescope

  • Hopefully I can now see the hose nossle I stuck down the drain that I was using to unblock it.

  • Had to upvote, just for the code. At last i can remember what i had for breakfast.
    Made my night, thanks TA.

  • Thanks. ARSECAM code works for nz too. Cheers.

  • +1

    Never received mine from the last deal. Even paid for the postage. I can't even track it with the number they supplied.

    • Mine just turned up yesterday, better than expected and not quite as good as I hoped;-) You get better res on a WIN 10 system, which recognises it as a USB Cam n.o.s., and VLC will "play" the input.

    • same here, wonder where the warehouse is located if its actually in the usa it would maybe take this long, china should be much quicker tho

      • Mine was sent from Changi Airfreight Center - but via Zone SYD. I remember items for the BRD used to take about 4 days, whereas those from Auckland [via Sydney] used to take up to three weeks.
        Zapals may not be the problem…

  • TY TA, one for the other nostril…

  • Just saying -these are around the same price (without being on special) on aliexpress.com and you can buy as many as you like. Saying "ONE PER CUSTOMER" is a ploy to make you think it's a bigger bargain than it really is. I've had trouble in the past with Rosegal who despite their "lip service" have no understanding that it could be their fault in any way. But I guess that's par for the course from China sellers.

    Just check they are taking only the amount of money they showed the item as, because they try to add other charges at checkout.

  • +2

    Buy two and try and get them to meet in the middle.

  • is it a micro-USB connection?

    Reckon I could work some wizardry to get it working via a USB C adapter?

  • This.

    One look inside that horse and my trojan brothers would have been saved…

  • for a second there I read "ArseScam"

  • has anyone else got theirs yet? So much fun

  • It doesnt work on Samsung S8.

  • Ordered on the 20th & arrived today via the free DHL Expedited Shipping. Works a treat on my Moto G,certainly for the price. Suggest you use OTG View app if you want to avoid all the adds.

    • Mine arrived today ordered on the 19th, unbelievable it comes with DHL. Can't fathom I get this delivered via courier from china for the same price as it costs just to buy a registered post envelope domestically. Local business RIP.

  • 3 day free delivery ftw! Recieved slip yesterday, pickup this morning. Price is worth it for the delivery alone.

  • Thanks for the cam, Tightarse. The arsecam for tight places.

  • My just arrived. Came within a week!
    Now to find a better app…

  • Is it small enough to see inside ears?

  • Thanks OP. Bought one.

  • Code is still active, worked for me just now :)

  • mmmm, is this tightarse being cryptic? "you're bound to find a good use". His use of "bound" reminds me of a joke about a mathematician and a pencil.

  • FYI: these work fine when connected to a PC (if you don't have an Android device).

  • ARSECAM has expired. Sadness.

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