What Food/Drink/Snacks to "Smuggle" in to Remote Maldives Resort?

Hey bargain buddies,

I'm going to the Maldives for the start of my honeymoon next year (I know, not very OzBargainy) but the good news is I'm burning some Hilton points instead of the actual/equivalent $9000 USD hotel bill for the 5 nights.

Like many of its counterparts, the resort is on it's own island which means it controls all sale of food and beverage and nothing is complimentary (apart from the breakfast/happy hour as I am Hilton diamond).

My question is, which food should I be bringing with me to help tie me over for the 6 days and keep some costs down, keeping in mind they do have a small bar fridge in the villa but its a 24hr + transit from australia so it would have to keep.

Importing booze isn't an option due to Sharia law, which seems very convenient.

Weight is some what of an issue due to the seaplane transfer restricting me to 32kgs per person.

I was thinking indomie cup of noodles, arnotts shapes (of course) UHT iced coffee like nippys/barista bros.

Any other suggestions?

Note: Just to clarify I will be buying most meals at the expensive restaurants I'm just looking to have some options so Im not having to pay $150+ for lunch most days.

Poll Below - “What should I bring?”

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    Mi Goreng Noodle Cups
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    Beef Jerky
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    Diet Coke Cans
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    A Wheel Of Cheddar
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    Secular Stability
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    Riot Gear
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    Emotional Support Piglet
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    UHT Iced Coffee
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    Nothing, Have you no shame?


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    Mi goreng 4 x 5 packs to keep costs down.

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      Yep, going to splurge of the cup of noodle variety due to not having a stove top/microwave, always a winner!

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        Pork crackling is tasty, cheap, very high in protein, lightweight and enjoyable out of the fridge or at room temperature. My friends and I have consumed it from my backpack after days of adventuring without issue. I'm not a food scientist, but I would think it should be safe after your flight since it has a very low moisture content once properly cooked.

        I actually just roasted a fresh batch and am eating it now. Delicious but you can't hear what people are saying while you eat it:



          oh wow. that looks awesome. would you mind sharing your recipe please?

          (OP, as an aside, i don't know how the locals would feel about visitors bringing in pork so i'd suggest a little research first.)

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          @Member 0230:

          1. Cut pork skin into strips with sharp scissors.
          2. Place on a baking tray with edges slightly overlapping. This keeps the strips flat and prevents them from curling up. If that happens they won't cook evenly and the tops will burn.
          3. Salt to taste. This helps the skin dry out. (Optionally: Season or glaze with other flavouring, I don't do this so YMMV. Try lime and chilli.)
          4. Roast in a fan-forced oven at 190 °C for 30 min or until crackled to taste.
          5. Wait for them to cool down and enjoy with beer, cold cuts or roast meat and vegetables.
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          @Scrooge McDuck:

          How can you have pork, when Alcohol is not permitted??

          Even in Dubai where it's illegal to drink alcohol, every major Hotel has a well-stocked bar and they are excluded from the law… yet they still cannot cook pork/Haram.


          @Kangal: Seriously, what did pigs do to ever offend Mo?

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          @Member 0230: I made these recently and they were amazing. Looked exactly as pictured, I expected something Scrooge's but was very pleasantly surprised.

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          You cannot import pork or products containing pork into the Maldives. So crackling is out as are any other pork snacks or products containing pork. Nor can you import pornography or 'personal' toys. Dogs are also banned.

          To the OP - we did the Maldives last year (consider me OzB v. light). If you have breakfast included with your rate have a late large one, the temperature is such you likely won't need lunch.

          I agree with shapes, some chocolate and some lollies. Otherwise it is your honeymoon - enjoy and maybe don't worry too much about a few extra dollars as you only get this honeymoon trip once… ideally anyway!


          @Brouw3r: Ah, Chicharrón, yes. Popular in Spain, South America, and the Philippines. Totally different to Scrooge McDuck's (super light and crunchy) but also very nice.


          @Scrooge McDuck: Thanks, bookmarked! I presume one of these should do to start with? https://shop.coles.com.au/a/a-national/product/coles-pork-cr...


          @Member 0230:

          Yes, they're good. But they're very well trimmed, too much so for my liking. Fat is flavour and with it all trimmed off the crackling can turn out dry and bland.


          @Scrooge McDuck: Sigh, just ordered. You obviously get yours from a favourite deli : ) Thanks all the same.


        In the interest of space saving in luggage, if the room has a kettle & bowls/plates, you don't need the microwave or stove top at all, just boil the water, noodles in the bowl with it, plate on top & leave them for about 5ish minutes. Cooks them just like in the microwave but without the need for it!

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      Also maybe a few metres of fishing line and a hook so you could catch some dinner.
      Your new spouse will be delighted in this approach.

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    indomie cup of noodles, arnotts shapes (of course) UHT iced coffee like nippys/barista bros

    Take selfies eating them for fond memories in decades to come. For sure the dissonance with the location will be amusing.

    On the other hand why not, as long as you have a good time.

    nothing is complimentary (apart from the breakfast/happy hour

    Be daring, take some tupperware to hoard brekkie.

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      You can pay an additional $15 to have breakfast as room service instead of the complimentary restaurant breakfast.
      It seems common for people to tick every box on the order form and keep some for lunch.

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    Anything you add water to will be good value for its weight. You already have cuppa noodles, what about, say, powdered milk and instant coffee or tea? Or powdered puddings (you mix the powder with water and set in the fridge)? Also, Homebrand butter cake or chocolate cake mixes and bring powdered eggs and powdered milk, you can cook those in a microwave. You may need butter, I don't remember. But you can probably get wrapped butter squares from breakfast.

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      I've never tried it but apparently you can make those packet cakes with just the cake mix and a can of fizzy drink (no need for powdered eggs, milk or butter).

      If you can get the fizzy drink during the complimentary happy hour that could work well (assuming there is a microwave available for use as only a fridge is mentioned).

      Apparently vanilla cake mix + lemonade and chocolate cake mix + orangeade are good combos.


        Yum, I'll have to try this. Great idea


        Google "vegan mug cake"


        You can also cook fmsller quantities in mugs.

        But is there a microwave.

        I make scones with flour, cream, and lemonade.

        Savoury is soda water and whatever you want.

        However mufginssavoury muffins = lunch rather than cake.

        I have made quiche in microwave. Guess you couldn’t buy eggs - unless you ordered breakfast room service and asked them not to cook the eggs.

        Rub bitter inside mug. Put in whatever flavour (such as any of bacon, ham, tomato, capsicum) cheese, salt and pepper. Mix egg with fork and add little milk or water. Put in mug. Sprinkle bread, toast or crackers crumbed on top.Cook. Turn into plate - voila - a auiche.

        You can also poach an egg in a mug.

        If they say any way, then I have heard if people asking for raw eggs.

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    The transit time rules out frozen meals, bummer.
    pancake mix and syrup!


      Plant based sausages (Sanitarium, etc) will survive fine. You can microwave the dogs instead of steaming, or put them in boiling water from the kettle. Bring maccas tomato sauce packets to finish them off. Hotdog buns are bulky but light, otherwise get extra toast in the morning for your lunch dogs.

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    Just go to Tahiti instead. Shorter flight, previously French colonized so you know you can drink and get great food!

    Plus the water is just as great!

    Also my question is: It is your honeymoon, it is 5 days only, these places usually do a deal where you get breakfast/lunch/dinner for a fixed price, just pay it. You only do your honeymoon once!

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      I was seriously thinking Bora Bora but I’m doing a month in Europe afterwards so the Maldives was a no brainer.

      Also there is a loophole at the moment with Conrad Maldives where I can get an over water Villa for the same points rate as a regular beach villa together the usual Hilton additional free 5th night. It’s basically 70,000 pts a night for a $1400 p/n room. For comparison the Hilton Sydney is 56,000 points for a $290p/n room.


        Hi, I'm just reading this interesting discussion & wondered how you got 70,000 per night?
        When I search I can see 95,000 per night & with the free night makes it 76,000 per night (perhaps you just gave an approx amount?).

        Also, would Hilton Gold still get the free breakfast & happy hour?


          My mistake *76,000 p/n

          my understanding is that Gold gets both the breakfast, afternoon tea & happy hour as well.


          Yeah the numbers are a bit off, standard overwater rooms can be had at $900-$1000 a night if you simply book far enough in advance, didn't bother looking for a package deal which would make it even cheaper.


      Depends how many times you get married. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

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    Maldives are run by moslems? Seriously?

    Man I need my cocktails to survive.

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    Fill a large Listerine bottle with vodka.

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    peanut butter and crackers!

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    Think protein as it will fill you up (eg: as Realsteel said: peanut butter).
    Also, easy to carry, unmessy stuff.
    Also, just-add-water things in case there's no microwave. In a very fancy place, they probably won't have a microwave (or crockery/cutlery) in your room…to discourage you making your own food and to encourage you to eat at their expensive restaurant. I trust they'll have an electric jug ..you could find out in advance.(I travel with an immersion boiler & international adaptor so I can 'cook' & also sterilise water)
    I'd take my fave coffee/tea just in case (or you could be up for $5 X 2 every time you want a cuppa). You wont get liquid uht iced coffee out of Aus…think 100ml containers only allowed for liquids)..it would also be weighty (& messy if it broke open).

    Tiger cheese (you know the round one in cardboard) or Kraft Cheddar…will keep out of the fridge ..with crackers. Just check that you can take food into that country.

    There's Dahl in foil packets (don't recall the name) just add hot water.

    Packet cup of soups.

    Fruit straps.

    3in1 hot chocolate & sweet biscuits for late night yummy thing.

    Having a large cup(s) or bowl(s) (& sporks) with you when you land would be a good idea.

    If there's something equivalent to a 711 at the airport when you land, you could pick up some extra tidbit supplies (especially if they don't allow you to bring food into the country)

    Congratulations & have a wonderful honeymoon! It sounds like it will be a beautiful place 😊🌸

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    I'm confused, 90% of the OP is bragging but then he's asking advice on how to smuggle two minute noodles on his honey moon.

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    Eat big breakfasts and early dinners, skip lunch and you will save money. You only do your honeymoon once, go crazy. Impress your spouse, she will thank you for life.


      Good point. OP definitely needs to check how wife feels about this. I was thinking, maybe OP himself could have the 2 minute noodles, but the wife probably isn't wanting to eat lunch alone. Unless…. They get room service for her, and he sits and eats his 2 min noodles, lol.
      Definitely go through things with wife more, she probably does not want to spend her honeymoon eating 2 min noodles, but then, we dont know your wife.

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    Beef Jerky.


    Dont even try to smuggle food anywhere or risk spending your honeymooon in jail!

    Most Maldives resorts are all inclusive so no need to do this.

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    Companion pig?

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    You can buy a lot better things in tins and jars that are on the shelf.

    Pesto’s, variety of spreads and pastes (eg tuna, salmon with other flavours), salsa - it is surprising when you really look. Even those cow cheese wedges. Baked beans are good nutrition and can be eaten cold. Dried fruit, nuts.

    I did it for a wake when I didn’t know how many would come.

    Trouble is my helpers opened them all when I
    Let them know we were leaving the cemetery! Annoying as I said only open a few until we see how many we have.

    Rice cakes are light weight but quite filling - therefore picnics become possible with the other stuff - and romantic.

    If you have room, 2 small plates, a spoon and a knife - plastic or metal. Can be reused many times. Otherwise take them from the room service with some napkins.

    It could be worth visiting a camping or army disposal place. They can have surprising items.

    For my son’s school camps, I got a knife, fork and spoon that all fitted into each other - had a hole in 2 and stayed together somehow. That was years ago so may have better items now.

    I have had lots of interesting items on hand when I worked in the outback. I got flooded in many times and they were my emergency supply.

    Trekkers go on long treks with a single backpack and food for many days. So do your research.

    My son in Grade 10 had to do a kayak trip from A to B and camp along the way. They had to work in teams. They only had a small amount of space in the kayak for food and clothing. They had to research and work it out. They had to feed themselves every day for about 5 days - all meals.

    So you can do amazing things with research. However, check what you can bring in via customs and quarantine and what you can get before you go to the island. If you have time, you May be able to get some things before the sea-plane.

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    The Mrs' Grandma used to say that when you're truly in love, you could vivre d'amour et d'eau fraîche! Maybe try that? 😂

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    Your idea of smuggling food on your honeymoon reminds me of that seinfeld clip of George sneaking food into the bedroom!


    wifey and I would slam the breakfast as late as we could - and take the odd packet of oats or cereal into our room - which would keep us going until dinner. Didnt have lunch our entire stay - and didnt miss it at all

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    This is the saddest Ozbargain post yet.

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    Back Country Cuisine dehydrated meals. Designed for multi day hiking where you have to take you own food. Each package is dehydrated (so lightweight, about 90g, and will keep) and you'll just need to add hot water. No need for bowl because the packet itself is waterproof. They're quite delicious/nutrious and there's lots of flavours eg chicken curry etc. 12 packs (about 1 kg all up) and you're set for lunch.

    Also, is tap water drinkable? If not, take water purification tablets or if you have a kettle you can boil your own drinking water. Buying water can add up to a lot.


    The Maldives is amazing.
    But i have only ever been all inclusive.

    We went to Lily Beach 5 star AI for our honeymoon.
    For some reason removing the seaplane transfer slashed the room rate to just over 10% of the cost. (we booked seaplane separately).
    We paid about 1500 dollars for 7 nights.. It should have been 12'500.

    Half of the enjoyment was going nuts with all the amazing food on tap.

    You will have a great time :)

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    I'd say MREs

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    Have to lol at taking cuppa noodles to $2,000 night hotel LOL. But I understand.
    Btw, are you sure you cannot use some of your points, for food purchase or room service.
    I would take some type of protein and energy bars (might need energy for honeymoon).
    Maybe you can smuggle some of the free brekky stuff back to your room, then have it for lunch and snacks. Surely you can manage this somehow, I doubt they are really watching for this, considering most people there would be rich, and not fussed about food costs. If they catch you and say dont do that, just say you didn't know taking food back to your room wasn't allowed, then don't do it again.
    Could take some of those UpNgo type drinks, maybe an iced coffee flavour one, if you were going to take iced coffee. Those breakfast drinks should have a bit more protein etc than just normal flavoured milk.

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    nuts, peanuts in particular you can get it cheap at Aldi and that keeps you going for longer ;) i like your thinking OP!

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    Am I the only one that thinks it's strange to go to a US$1,800 a night resort (even if on points) and then want to sit there eating instant noodles?

    • +3 votes

      Yes but as he said, he as found something at that price when he should be going to something much much cheaper for that price.
      The issue he now has is that he will be at an $1800 resort with 5 star exclusive food prices to match. Paying $200 for each meal would soon make his bargain holiday a rort.
      He needs to balance it so taking a few snacks is not a bad idea.


    Check with your accommodation - most in the Maldives are all inclusive. A friend recently went for his honeymoon and they had a bar and restaurant open from 6am-midnight that was all free. Go as many times as you want, order whatever you want on the menu.

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    You are going all that way. Don't skimp and sit in the room eating migoreng holy crap.


    is your wife onboard with this plan?

    might want to check with her first

    If she is ok then buy something fancier, like those 4 bucks a cup instant noodle instead of the 20 cents one :D


    Nothing. 5 day fast.


    $9k worth of rooms.. expensive dinners..

    Don't you think its a little late to start thinking about saving!?

    Personally, I would fill up on the morning buffet and skip lunch. Take some fruit and crossants from the buffet for snacks.


    20kg of beef jerky

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    Stash a salami down your pants, the bigger the better.

    Have you thought about doing it the other way? Just enjoy the honeymoon, pay for all your meals with your credit card. When you return home, used the points you gained, from buying all those meals, to get mi goreng, and live off that for the rest of the yr.

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