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NetGear D6300 AC1600 ADSL Modem Router $89 (Free Shipping), D-Link HD Camera $149, Belkin NBN-Ready Router $19 @ DeviceDeal


Huge Clearance Sale on these items while stock lasts:

NETGEAR D6300 AC1600 ADSL2+ Wireless Dual Band Gigabit WiFi Modem Router with free shipping - $89
This device is NOT a VDSL (NBN) Modem, you need to connect your NBN Modem to the WAN port on this device to use it as a router.

D-LINK DCS-2330L HD Wireless Indoor / Outdoor Cloud Camera with free shipping - $149

Belkin F9K1002AU N300 Wireless N Router - NBN Powered - $19

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    Vendor in title please.


    How does the D6300 compare to my old school N600 modem?


      If you're talking about the Belkin N600, then faster WiFi, Gigabit Ethernet switch, guest WiFi, USB drive sharing.


        No, netgear n600

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          DGND3700 is marked as N600. The D6300 gives you class AC WiFi for devices that support it (most new phones and laptops), but the range isn't as good as WiFi N.

          I've got a D6300, and the AC class WiFi doesn't reach through walls for shit, its good if you are only a room away. The N WiFi is OK for penetration.

          If you don't care about the USB sharing and guest wifi, then there's not much need to upgrade. Wireless N is just fine for most things.

          If you've got NBN on the way, then you might have a new router on the way anyway.


          Great info thanks

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    I probably wouldn't get this, I have one sitting next to me right now it's about a year old and it's been nothing but headaches for the last month.
    Has some kind of memory leak so needs to be reset every day, 5g wifi drops alot, and ethernet is just not working.

    I've updated, downgraded and factory reset the firmware multiple times and still a dud.



      Thanks this is what I needed. Looking for a reliable fairly powerful second station or wired access point for upstairs. Needs to be able to handle at least 4 people on it constantly minimum and who knows how many maximum when more are over.

      Looks like I might have to invest in another sturdy netgear nighthawk in the wifi ac range maybe sub $300 AUD so it will last a lifetime.. I don't see us moving to any new technologies any time soon in the near future.

      And wifi ad isn't a step up it's a side upgrade for in room networking only (doesn't really work through walls that well or so I have read and heard but don't quote me on that aka can't do room to room as well as wifi ac or wifi n meant for like media/game streaming/transferring for in room devices)


        I have owned this router for at least 3 years. I typically have 6-8 devices connected to it on the daily - TV, Shield TV, Xbox, laptop (via ethernet), 2 phones and 2 tablets (via WiFi). It serves my needs well and since the year started, I have only had to reboot it 4 times. Like jmcc rightly said, YMMV. Hope this helps.

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          Hmm ok so it's a hit or miss kind of deal satisfaction damn great back to square one. Cheers thanks it did.. kinda haha


        Yeah I've been thinking the same thing.. My parents have had a nighthawk r7000 for about 4 years works great, great signal strength and speed..
        I'm probably going to get the X4S, vdsl adsl2+ modem router.. Living in apartments it's pretty unlikely I'll ever end up on hfc or fibre and this way I don't have to worry about bridging the network provided hardware.

        And like you said I don't think there's much point past Ac at the moment the actual speed is pretty high, it can deal with Max speed fibre and Australian internet isn't going past that for a while I imagine.. And I don't do much high volume data transfer on my network.. If it was in room like ad is for I'd just run an ethernet patch.

        The reason for the x4s in particular is yiu can run openwrt on it which is a nice backup incase of lack of firmware updates..

        Good luck!

        Atleast Albert is having good luck and they aren't all dud


          Yeah for me ad is only for pure source 4k streaming from well ad supported devices to another or really really high constant transferring.

          Can't honestly think of many home use cases it's probably mostly commercial for now like displays and stuff that show very large constantly changing content.