This was posted 3 years 8 months 20 days ago, and might be an out-dated deal.

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Sunglasses up to 85% off: $64.97/ Pair Prada/Oakley Polarised/Sunglass Hut Collection/Ray-Ban /Miu Miu and More @ Myer


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      • got lucky with mine, person i spoke to was inexperienced

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    I just got shipping notification from DHL!!!

    • My order is still in progress

    • My order is still in progress too

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    they are getting sent directly from sunglasses hut which is also known as Luxottica

    • did u get delivery notice?

      • yes I got it sent to my phone

        • dang i got nothing. sad. When did you order?

        • this morning 8.46am to be exact lol

        • @snc07: 9:26am here.

        • @Pikaloo: 9:21 a.m. for me

        • @Pikaloo:

          er wth…8.11am here…nothing atm. Melbourne.

          And you two didnt vote for the deal..come on man. it is not a dishonest sale as someone would claim and wonder why he was negged

        • I just voted! I had no idea that we were meant to vote 🤨🤨

        • @snc07:

          Hey, what pair did you purchase?

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          @Pluto88: I purchased 2 in 2 different orders I just realised only one has been shipped so it’s either a Gucci or Tiffany and co pair

        • @snc07:

          Grats on getting it, fingers crossed for mine.

  • Got my order confirmation at 9.41am. Still no shipping notification. Does that mean they’re unlikely to automatically process it? Delivery to Sydney CBD.

    • PS - I got the black Persols - very classy.

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    I was about to order mine but got called for a meeting.

  • Order confirmed and dispatched from China with DHL express.

    • DHL? Well shit, I asked for mine to be sent to my Parcel Locker, which DHL won’t deliver to … Normal Myer deliveries are sent by AusPost …

    • when and what did you order?

      • The Miumiu in the post. I placed the order around 8.40 in the morning.

  • Yes they are getting sent directly from sunglasses hut head office in China

  • My order seems to have regressed from In Progress to Submitted with a Cancel Order option now ☹️

    • The cancel order button was always there for me, but mine turned into submitted as well.

      • Probably means our orders are gonna be cancelled any second now :(

        • Submitted isn’t a bad thing it means it has been submitted for shipping

        • @snc07: are you sure? How do you know? It's my first time with Myer.

        • @Pikaloo: now I’m not so sure as I rang and asked myer and they couldn’t really tell me much they didn’t even tell me if It has regressed as 1 has been dispatched, 1 submitted and 2 in progress that’s what mine are showing

        • @snc07: I reckon submitted is the next step before order ends up cancelled

        • @kerfuffle: grrrr I hope not!! I need cheap sunnies haha

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          Hi Matilda, no worries - submitted generally means the order has been sent through to the store that will be supplying the stock. Thanks!

          I found this on facebook someone asked the exact same question this morning

  • 6 pairs of rayban/persol/prada/tiffany are marked as dispatched for me … looking good!

    • You live near Woomera?

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    Thanks Myer $1105 worth of sunnies for $416 - Shipping confirmed from sunglass hut. Myer (Another day closer to receivership)

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      I have heard designer sunglasses normally have 1000% or more mark ups.

      • Probably do but last time I checked Myer don’t own Sunglass Hut so I’d say they lost thier ass on this deal as a 3rd party agent.
        And can you find them cheaper elsewhere?

        • Nah but this deal definitely won't send Myer closer to receivership.

  • Wow spewing i missed this one so it looks like the sale price of $100ish dollars was meant to be the amount off the original price so the tom Fords that were going for $103 were meant to be $497 which is how the sale prices are showing now. Whoever stuffed this up from their online shopping team is going to be in for a roasting.

  • Weird, I haven't received a confirmation but I got a notification from Australia Post that I am expecting a package from Myers to be delivered tomorrow.

    • was sunglasses the only thing you have ordered from Myer ?

      • Good point! I forgot that I included something else - maybe that is what is being sent out tomorrow?

        • Just ring them to double check

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          Just got the delivery - turned out to be the el cheapo shoeshine kit I ordered, but no sunglasses. :(

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    My Order is still sitting on Submitted … No notifications of any kind yet

    • Same here! I'm really hoping my order goes through. Anyone receive a shipping notification today (besides @Firefly)??

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        Have shipping notification for 1 of 5 orders, but it hasn't moved since shipment pickup

        • when did you order? when did you get the notification? what are your statuses on your orders?

        • @Pikaloo: the only one that's been dispatched was my 3rd order, maybe around 9.30? think my first order was 8.40. incidentally this order was almost 1100$ so if they deliver this i don't really mind if they cancel the rest

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    Has anyone actually received a cancelation email? Been checking all day & nothing, I used guest checkout

    • Not yet

      • Got one just then :(

  • Bought 1 pair of Gucci,1 pair of Prada,1 pair of Bvlgari and 2 pairs of Oakley, showing dispatched with tracking, very happy:D
    Without the discount total price will be like $1,890

    • what time?

      • +1


        • How da hell my 8.11am order has not movement… T.T you also ordered more expensive items lol winnnn

  • What's the build quality like on all these fashion brand sunnies?

    I buy full framed Maui Jim's because of the polarised glass lenses, brass two way hinges, nose pads , servicing and trade in swap over

    (and I buy half when there's a price deal on)

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      You buy half a pair of sunglasses?

      • Yes mistake
        I buy when there's a half price deal on.

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    Ok I have a update on all those parcels that have been marked as dispatched, I just spoke to DHL as my parcel hadn’t moved since it was “picked up” she said to me that the parcel hasn’t actually been “picked up” it just means that the paperwork has been submitted to them for shipping.
    So even those who’s orders have been marked as dispatched as your shipping is showing “picked up” it doesn’t mean our orders are on the way to us

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    I spoke with Myer online sales - they’re putting everything on hold. Couldn’t cancel or re order. They say we will hear from their IT department (weird I know) by email in the next 24 hours.

    • So they are canceling all the orders?

      • They didn’t say that. I presume they will. But they couldn’t tell me anything. Just that no stock had been allocated to my order and they won’t be doing anything further until IT says.

  • NOOOooo….oooo….. T.T

  • So…has anyone actually got anything from Myer delivered (this deal)?

  • just got refund notice for all my orders :(

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    Just received this:

    Your Recent Myer Online Order Will Be Refunded


  • A full refund will be issued using your original form of payment. A follow up email will be sent to you shortly confirming the refund has been processed.

  • Same, boycott Myer! (not like I shopped there before anyway)

  • Me too!

    Luckily i) I paid with Afterpay and I didn't need to pay until a fortnight later and ii) I didn't need them …

  • Just had the same email (refunded)
    they are offering $10 vouchers for your incovenience
    But you have to ring them

  • Order Cancellation email received due to pricing error.

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    T.T …i want those sunglasses that I bought at that price… bs price error. Their markup is like 300x normally anyway

  • Pretty crap business practice

  • -2

    I submit to the accc, angry about them. Let's see.

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    I some of you guys hadn't got so greedy and ordered dozens of pairs each ,
    obviously to resell and undercut their prices ,
    then they probably would have honoured the deal.

    I feel bad for most who miss out for the sake of a selfish few.

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    Got the cancelation email, f you Myer, that's the last time I shop there. I only ordered one pair.

    • same..but where's my refund yo.

    Thank you for shopping with Myer Online.

    We are writing in regards to your recent online order *****. We have detected a pricing error with one or more of your products, and as a result we are unable to progress your order.

    A full refund will be issued using your original form of payment. A follow up email will be sent to you shortly confirming the refund has been processed.

    Please be assured that we will review our processes with the hope that this error does not occur again.

    We sincerely apologise for the inconvenience caused, and hope you continue to shop with Myer.
    If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us. We’re here to help.


    The MYER Team

    OMG? Really?

  • Received a partial refund where is the rest 😡😡

    • Didn't you say you had yours sent from head office in China by DHL?

      • Yes but I updated my post earlier to say that I contacted DHL as the shipment hasnt moved and they said it’s only at paper work submitted stage even though it states item has been collected but DHL said it really hasn’t

    • Had the same thing happen to mine, I had placed two separate orders. One is a full refund and the other one is partial, which makes me think that not every item was a pricing error?

      We have detected a pricing error with one or more

      Unless they're planning on refunding each item rather than an entire order, the one you weren't refunded for may actually get honoured, although I'm not really expecting it. It does say in the email that "a full refund will be issued using your original form of payment", so I may not be correct.

      • Yes I just spoke to them they said it looks like some of the glasses might go through and weren’t part of the pricing error

    • Myer were kind enough to send & charge me $10 for a t shirt I ordered to get free shipping. Did you order anything else with your glasses?

  • I bought two sunglasses but only received a refund for one - maybe they are limiting orders to one a person?

    • I just checked my order and one was cancelled, the other says on backorder?

    • +1

      I only made one order for one pair (with my face, you can't just buy sunglasses online and hope it fits) and it was cancelled

      • Same, just got 1x ray bans and it was cancelled.

  • Just got an message from DHL says my items been returned to shipper:(

    F MYER

    • Same mine has been returned to shipper but I never received a refund email for that one yet as it’s still marked as dispatched on the Myer website

      • Yep, mine are returned to shipper. How do they even call it back for return? Ridiculous.

        • To make it worse I had to ring them up for a refund and they said to me that They have to wait until they get the item back in there hands until they issue a refund

        • Well, just received a message saying they were sent out again with a new shipping number. Game on!

        • @Risto: have you received your order yet ?

        • +1

          @snc07: nah, oh the drama.

  • -2

    Someone contact ACA. Kick those flickers why they are down.

    • yeah, lets kick all those Aussie workers down the drain and give all our money to Costco and Amazon and Ebay

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