This was posted 3 years 8 months 15 days ago, and might be an out-dated deal.

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Sunglasses up to 85% off: $64.97/ Pair Prada/Oakley Polarised/Sunglass Hut Collection/Ray-Ban /Miu Miu and More @ Myer


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      • You think that Costco employs international workers in their Australian stores? And the Amazon warehouse in Dandenong is filled with who exactly? You can line the pockets of Australian workers shopping anywhere, and you have the choice of also lining the pockets of shareholders of Costco and Amazon, or the pockets of Solomon Lew. Up to you.

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          ANd that is why Australia will never have a grand economy like the US or China. TOo reliant on foreign businesses for jobs.

        • @smuggler: Yeah I’m sure that’s it… and the small differences in population

  • We're sorry some item(s) in your order have been cancelled. You will receive a full refund and this will be available in your account within 3-5 business days. If you encounter any issues, please contact your bank for more information.

    —still have hope? cancelled 1 item refunded that item…bought 2 sunglasses

    • Same with mine, but in the past they have sent separate cancellation emails even if it's from the same order. Surprisingly they haven't cancelled the more expensive item from my order (yet).

  • I wouldn't get my hopes up for those who only received partial cancellations. Ordered 3 pairs of RBs on a giftcard, one got cancelled automatically by the system (as I was told) and I got a partial refund. Only when I called them up, they told me that all 3 has to be cancelled so they cancelled the other 2 manually! Now I end up with 2 giftcards and even had to chase them up for it! On to the ombudsman it is.

  • everything cancelled and fully refunded…had to send fb msg and said i will open paypal dispute. ah well good bye my sunglasses that i love and never actually meet

  • Just received order confirmation from myer stating my order is on the way with original tracking number from DHL China (states returned to shipper) wiered I can’t seem to work out what’s going on …

    • Same with mine….. I spoke to myer they said they are waiting on all items to be returned to the company and then they will issue the refunds

  • Yep both my sunnies got cancelled and refunded. But why did they hold my money for 6 days?? Should I charge them interest? Extremely disappointed with their extremely poor customer service!

    • Same thing happened to mine, I had received a partial refund last Friday and recievd the remaining just yesterday. Called them to ask why this was happening, and the rep said they had "IT issues".

      • Looks like they got lots of issues not just IT! Totally unacceptable… wont be surprised if myer dont exist in 5 years

  • Spoke with someone at Myer. They advised about 5% of all orders have actually gone through. They couldn't tell me much about mine. But all in all, rather pathetic.

    • sure i was the earliest ones.. 8.11am…ahw ell good fun while it lasts

    • Just received an email from Myer -

      Please refer to your Myer Online order number @#$%@$#%.

      Could I please advise, that we have issued an updated DHL Tracking number : @@[email protected]# for your order which is currently in transit.

      Please accept our sincere apologies for the delay

      • Looks like i might have been one of the 5%
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        Yep, I received that a few moments ago also.

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          Good stuff 👍 I think the styles are out of date now Myer have sorted there shit out .

        • @HsvPete: lol, but bargains are never out of date! (kind of)

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    YAY DHL Delivered my glasses this morning!! Can’t bibe on a Easter Sunday!!

  • Got my 5 pairs (original price around 1.9k) delivered this morning, probably buy a few MYR to support them tomorrow:P

  • …HOW…T.T

  • My order with 1 pair was shipped and made it all the way to my suburb- ready to be delivered- before the order was put on hold this morning… Guess it's going to be sent back. Such a pain in the bum because I would have actually bought that pair for $20 more with their normal sale pricing. But now everything is back to retail price so they actually lost money by not cancelling my order in time

    • Did you end up getting it

      • I did actually, apparently the order was "on hold" because DHL weren't delivering that day. Would make more sense to give an ETA rather than a generic on hold message.

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