expired Xiaomi Mi Roborock Robot Vacuum Cleaner 2nd Generation V2- $495 or $513 (AU Plug) @ B5m1234-3 eBay


Wait this deal for a long time - Xiaomi Mi Roborock Robot Vacuum Cleaner 2nd Generation

Original Price: $569.95 (Au Plug and Aus Stock), after ebay 10% off $513. With this great price, it is less than $180 cost difference with 1st generation but with digital virtual wall, detection of stairs and mop function.

Or $549.95, overseas stock, after 10% discount $495.

There are several stores for this deal, just search.

New Ebay 10% Post: (22/3/18)


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    If you're thinking about buying, get it from Gearbite instead, tiny bit cheaper and awesome service, highly recommended.


      thanks, i just bought one from them.


      do they post quickly? In terms of awesome service, what have you experienced?

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        They definitely post quickly, and they respond very quickly to any warranty issues. I have posted a few times for them and have heard glowing reports accross the board, the best seller for these vacuums hands down!

        Not trying to advertise or anything, it's just what I have experienced :)

        Glad to hear you bought one, I reckon you'll love the vac!


    How does this vac doing with things like toys on the floor?

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