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10% off When You Spend $75 or More on eBay (up to $300 Maximum Discount)


Received in email, starts at 6pm and finishes 11:59pm (AEDT) tonight. Banner

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The total discount is capped at $300 per transaction. Limit 2 1 transactions per person during the Offer Period.
Multiple items may be purchased in one transaction (up to a maximum of 10 items per transaction).

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      eBay is cooking the books

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      Amazon is coming.. lol

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        hah amazon is already here.. it's just expensive!

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          Not if you want a toaster

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          @buckster: or 10yr supply of laundry detergent

  • Big if true.

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    This is happening almost every second day, can't complain.

    • I am for one thankful this happened. My last purchase (with 10% off) was cancelled because seller was out of stock. Got the refund, but spewing I missed on savings.. Then this comes along.

    • Squelch any Amazon hype, but Amazon is clearly not ready to work in AU.

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        They've been pretty good as of late

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        You wanna see the box I just got today from around 1mtr x 90cm x 90cm … The contents were half the price of local even with shipping

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          I'm curious, what did you get in such a big box that is half price than what you would find in Oz?

        • From Amazon AU? That's what I'm talking about.

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          @Winston100s: I'm curious now that you mentioned being curious

        • @Winston100s: I got:

          Siemens stacking kit (for my Bosch washer dryer $100
          A wool/shoe dryer for the Bosch dryer $120
          A Wera tool-check plus 39 pieces $120

          For $216 aud so not half price in total, got a little excited :)

        • @cryptos:
          Hmmmm, thanks on the info, however that world is unknown to me. Woolshoedryer lol xD
          Can't you dry your shoes out on the sun? Hahah

      • That's changing rapidly.

        It looks to me that Amazon are gaining steam and are starting to offer genuine discounting.

        Watch this space.

    • I missed the last one so definitely not complaining :)

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    Hard to keep up with all these ebay deals lol, they must have a roulette wheel they spin each morning to decide on the percentage discount

  • Thanks needed this. Have bought an item ($440) which I'll pay for tonight

  • Any bets on when we'll see a 25% site-wide discount? :D btw is this funded by ebay or the seller??

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      I think mostly by eBay as I tried to negotiate a Binglee store to match their eBay store price during 20% off and they told me they could not reimburse the difference as it would be funded by eBay/Paypal

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      We have not had 20% site-wide discount for a long long time, I doubt we will see 25% discount.

    • Any bets on when we'll see a 25% site-wide discount? :D btw is this funded by ebay or the seller??

      Very unlikely for the 25% site-wide, close to no chance.

      This 10% deal must be funded by eBay because it is site-wide, not just a group of businesses that pump up their prices to pay their share of the discount. Individual sellers are included in this one and there's no agreement with them to fund anything.

    • When ebay turns 25 in 6 years….. maybe. The site wide sales are funded by ebay. The store specific ones by the stores and maybe ebay partly.

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    Why Suitcase/Luggage excluded?

    • Again:(

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      Guessing: very high shipping costs due to volume.

    • Unfortunately it's because suitcase/luggage is under the Travel category

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    Imagine buying something on eBay without a discount. Disgusting

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      I feel dirty when it happens.

    • I only bought something yesterday! But didn't have a choice as auction was ending. :(

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        I believe that you can win the auction, but pay later using a code that becomes valid after the auction. Of course, you had no way of knowing there would be a deal today, so why would you hold off paying :)

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      I feel weird buying even the smallest things without a discount code now

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    Insert whitty comment that gets lots of upvotes :p

    • Well I came here to make a comment in the previous fun of things, but apparently it was pointless!

    • *witty

      • *wear :p
        thanks, i'll try to remember

  • Very soon it'll be 15% then 20%… things hotting up with Amazon offers too.

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    If the current "40-60% off select appliances" at Amazon AU is anything to go, Amazon is going kill off any competition including eBay. I am guessing Amazon is slowly building its inventory and processes at its distribution center. Very much looking forward to it.

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      Yes, they have already been building up inventory since their launch.
      They're going to be very aggressive when they have the chance. Exciting times!

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    Is this targeted? I haven't received the email.

    • not targeted. It worked for me and i didnt receive an email. Also the code is on cashrewards for an extra 1%.

  • Do they stack? Like I'm wondering if I can use it with the PRINT code.

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        username checks out

        • I thought my face was a dead give away. I wonder if anyone actually tried it. haha

  • Ugh, could have used this before I bought that new dishwasher this morning…

    • Contact the seller to cancel the order

    • what dishwasher did you buy?

  • Thanks. I slept through the last one, you've given me a second chance!

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      Second chance to sleep through this deal again?

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        That's what I'm afraid of

      • +1

        You know what, I just woke up :( I should have set an alarm!
        Really hope there's another one as I need some of these things in my cart.

  • if you listed items on eBay, on a Sunday, the final fee is just AU$ 1 (part of their #SundayMarket sale )

    let's say you chose a 3-day or 5-day auction, starting Sunday,
    then that auction would have finished on a Wednesday or Friday.

    so, this 10% off sale, won't be applied to those items, since it's happening this Thursday.

    nice one eBay… nice one.

    • I'm a little confused. Sunday sellers only have to pay $1 in fees (assuming free listing). Buyers get 10% off for buying stuff between 6pm and midnignt today. They are two different matters. What does it matter to the buyer who gets 10% off if the seller may or may not pay $1 in fees? It may be good for eBay but it doesn't affect anyone else.

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        they specifically timed the 10 percent off to stiff all sellers who listed items on their super sunday thingo. less people buying and looking and bidding on those items now because those periods fall outside the sale times

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          If you listed your item as best price offer (fixed price) those deals might still stack.

  • Could have saved another $5 if I hadn't bought from eBay yesterday

  • Thanks OP, YAY!

  • i have two items in my cart but currencies are different. i cant pay for them at the same time so i cant qualify for the offer. is there any way or trick that i can pay for them at the same time?

    • Try and find another seller who might sell in the same currency, if that is available.

    • According to T&C the code will be valid for 2 transactions.

      • For two separate transactions?

  • sigh just used my ebay vouchers from the woolies reward deal up on monday after missing out on the last 10% off codes on the weekend. :(

  • I don’t receive the code

  • Code now live.

  • Couple of powerline adapters on their way 10% cheaper, cheers OP!

  • Just a heads up for those planning to make 2 transactions, that the banner on the homepage currently says:

    *Max disc $300. 1 txns pp.

    But the terms say:

    Limit 2 transactions per person during the Offer Period.

    I'm not sure which one is correct, however you can add up to 10 items in 1 transaction so only a potential issue for those purchasing 11-20 items.

    • +2

      Already used the code for a purchase. Did a 'second' dummy buy and can confirm it's only good for one transaction

      • Thanks for testing, I'll add that to OP.

  • does anyone know if i can use the code when i "make an offer"?

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      Yes it works, as long as you get a response and pay before midnight (AEDT) of course.

      • thank you friend!!! (especially for the quick response!!!!)

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    Samsung HW-MS650 soundbar for $409 with instore pickup (Good Guys)
    using ebay coupon code -

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    Humph, Officeworks ebay store is "away"

  • Anyone else notice that there's a dutch ad on the eBay homepage which links to the Dutch eBay site lol?

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    WTF is up with Officeworks? They have a notice saying, 'oh to be fair to all customers we cant allow you to purchase at 10% off — its important for us to maintain low prices for all our customers'. What a load of crap.

    • Do you mean the code could not be applied to an Officeworks purchase?

      • Yeah, they closed their entire store for the day just to stop people from using this code. It didnt make any sense.

        • Thanks. Yes, it definitely does not make any sense.

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