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½ Price Ice Creams: Mars, M&M, Maltesers, Snickers, Bounty or Twix 4-6 pack $4 @ IGA


Delicious and cheap. Stock up the freezer next to the Maxibons and Connoissuer.

Check your local catalogue.

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  • It's a shame they ruined the twix by changing the biscuit stick to these awful biscuit balls. We've stopped buying the whole range since, because now i simply can't be bothered investigating the freezer section

    Ona related note, vienetta & giant sandwhiches were ruined by changing the recipe many many years ago too

    Cost cutting by changing fundamentals is not a good idea. Only change something if it tastes crap. Eg: the new twix

    • I never understood why anyone would change a recipe/formula that was selling well. So many great products (edible and non edibles) are ruined by the manufacturer's shortsightedness in buying inferior materials in the manufacture of their product, and in the case of Arnott's shapes, even when they claimed to bring back the original, it never quite tasted the same.

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    Thanks for posting OP.