Exchange for JPY Here or Withdraw with ING Orange Everyday?

Hey All,

I'm going to Japan over the Easter break. After doing some reading up, I've heard that exchange rates for AUD in Japan are worse than they are here. Now I'm just wondering if I should exchange for some JPY here in Australia, or should I use my ING Orange Everyday and withdraw from 7-11/Japan Post ATMs? To my knowledge, that withdrawal will use the Visa exchange rate, which is close to spot. On top of that, ING has no international fees (if $1000 is transferred in from external bank, and 5 transactions in the month).

Looking for any and all advice!



  • I think change $100 here (just in case you get stuck after arriving at the Airport) and then use ATMs in Japan for everything else.

    • This it's a good idea to have a little bit of cash. I had to walk all over CTS airport in Sapporo looking for a Visa compatible ATM (most of them aren't) as the JR ticket machines at the airport station only accepted cash.

      But definitely not more than $100 worth, as the exchange rates here are very bad.

  • From my experience, we got a better rate from atms over there with our ING card

  • Take some cash and do the rest on card.

    Note most if not all ATM's in Japan do charge a fee most of the time, but its built into the withdrawal amount.
    so if you withdrawal 500 JPY they charge your bank 503 JPY
    ING wont then charge you the conversion fee and international ATM fee on top anymore
    the best way to avoid the fee by the Japanese bank is to use a citibank debit card (also no fees etc like ING) as their are citi branded atms in almost every 7-11.

    ALso some thing to note with the ING cards.
    you need to have the "old fee" amount in your account when you withdraw funds, they then refund the fee as a credit.
    so the old ATM fee was $5 AUD
    so if you were taking out the equivalent of $100 AUD you need to have $105 available for the withdrawal to be approved.
    they then credit the $5 back when the transaction is processed,

  • Whatever you do, DO NOT take AUD and change at Japan airports. The rates are worse than our big 4 banks, which is already a feat by itself.

  • Withdraw from Japan


    Flying into Marita or Kanto airports? If then get it there.

  • It doesn't hurt changing over there for most of it. You don't want to be carrying lots in cash.
    I changed some at wexchange near Chinatown, Sydney as they seemed to have the best rates.

  • 100% just withdraw cash at the airport once you land (and at regular ATMs once there). You'll easily find an ATM at the airport (and I can guarantee that there are multiple ATMs at both Narita & Osaka airports - and almost every airport ever…).

    This way you'll get the best rate, and you won't need to mess around multiple times trying to sort out money.

    If the world collapses and all ATMs don't work then you can still pay by card to catch a bus or train to the city.

    I would however suggest having money on a separate debit card just in case your ING card doesn't work - this recently happened to me and we had to pay for accommodation in cash..

    Foreign exchange booths are a primitive thing of the past now that there are 0% forex fee cards available (I understand that there is still a tiny gap between market rate and what rate you are given but that gap is tiny in comparison to other forex options).