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Nike Air Max 2017 Men's Running Shoe Cargo Khaki/Black Cool Grey/Pure Platinum/Black $167.99 @ Nike AU


Nike.com/au has NIKE AIR MAX 2017 Cargo Khaki/Black Cool Grey/Pure Platinum/Black for $167.99, all other colors remain $240 (original price)

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  • black is $240

  • this looks like what silly little kids wear who think they're 'mad'

  • Cool shoes but honestly rather Asic's for $110. (I bought a pair of these a while ago… I'll use them one day)

  • Good deal but ugly as

  • Is Nike trying to bring back that glow in the dark stuff?

    I remember having it as a kid and thinking it was cool. That was about 15 years ago.

    I've got an older gen air max shoes that I bought in 2015, it is one of the most comfy shoes I've ever worn.

    That really doesn't say much coming from me though, it was my first pair over $100

  • Do you become ironman for a few seconds if these get punctured?

  • keep in mind if the Airs pop, your shoe is useless. I bought the 2015 model, and only ever use them sometimes on weekends for walking around, not for running. After 2years (maybe 200 wears) one shoe deflated, and it is now horrible to walk in. Apparently Nike in the USA gives you a refund if they pop within 2 years of the manufacture date, but not sure about Australia. Mine deflated about 2 mths after the manufacture date. I usually keep shoes until they wear out, so this was annoying for me (especially at a cost of $220). Mine still look new but cannot be worn. Sticking to non-Air shoes now :)