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HTC 10 EVO 32GB / 3GB 4G- White $199 (Free Standard Shipping) from DWI Digital (Import Stock)


Edit: Price dropped from $209 to $199

Not the greatest phone in the world, but decent for someone looking to spend around $200.

Other Specs:

CPU Snapdragon 810

OS Android™ 7.0 with HTC Sense

☑ 850MHZ
☑ 900MHZ
☑ 1800MHZ
☑ 1900MHZ
☑ 850MHZ
☑ 900MHZ
☑ 1900MHZ
☑ 2100MHZ
☑ 700MHZ
☑ (B20) 800MHZ
☑ 850MHZ
☑ 900MHZ
☑ 1800MHZ
☑ 2100MHZ
☑ 2300MHZ
☑ 2600MHZ




WI-FI 802.11 a/b/g/n/ac



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  • Not to be confused with the HTC 10, which is a Snapdragon 820 device, This one is Snapdragon 810.

  • Not a bad deal for 3/32GB phone but be aware - no headphone jack on these.

  • SD810 run away, fast!

  • Interesting review here:

    Evo" is supposed to stand for "evolution", and there’s no denying that this handset brings together a lot of little changes to the HTC 10 formula. Unfortunately, nearly all of them are for the worse: it’s less comfortable to hold, with a weaker screen, processor and battery. It also does away with the headphone jack, while offering no improvement in either form or function to justify the loss.

    That’s not to say that what you’re left with is a terrible phone. It’s just not worth £500 – not when you can get the superior OnePlus 3T for £399, or the original HTC 10 for just £10 more.

  • No headphone jack bye bye

  • better than xiaomi ?

    • Many of the recent Xiaomi phones are better than this, in terms of battery life and chipset power efficiency. With a SD810, 1440p display and a 3200mah battery, this phone lacks stamina.

      This does have NFC, a feature that Redmi's usually leave out and it's also got Optical image stabilisation.

      But it has no 3.5mm jack… so I think that's an Instant no-deal from a lot of people.

  • Thanks, might get for grandparents.

  • Great phone for around $200 bucks.
    In my opinion, its not worth any more than $250-$300 though.

  • For people who want a solid well build mid-range/close to flagship ( 2016/2017 ) and well performing smartphone, as a bonus has ip57 water resistance. Also will be getting an update to Oreo soon.

    Has a decent camera with ois and full band coverage for Australia, this would be an alternative to the popular Xiaomi phones like the RN4/4X Mi A1 & Redmi 5+ with similar performance, better camera but weaker battery life.

    Yes, this does not have a headphone jack, but going on the reviews has excellent sound output and software options with a quality included usb C headset.

    I was considering this phone and reading reviews say it runs well and does not suffer from the earlier SD810 heat issues.
    HTC 10 EVO like the HTC 10 was fairly pricy at release and both did not get to be in the spotlight like Apple and Samsung, as well as others.

    For below $250, and now this record low price of $209 this is an great value phone for many, but like always, not for all.

  • $199 now ;)

  • Now $190 delivered at eGlobal and there's no payment processing fees there (DWI is 3.5% for Paypal).