Give Me Some OzBargain Advice - Hyundai i30 Active / Mazda 3 Maxx / Holden Astra R/R+

Hyundai i30 Active, Mazda 3 Maxx, Holden Astra R/R+

Looking at these models, any thoughts/experiences on these models.




  • Mazda 3 SP 25.

    • I got a dealer demo Mazda 3 Astina late last year, absolutely love it.

      Went out thinking I would buy a i30 SR, felt very plastic to me, Mazda felt refined and being a dealer demo put it in the same price bracket. No regrets!

  • i30 wins hands down.

  • Holden Astra R.

    Got one myself and drives a treat.

    Not being bias, but you can score one under 20K with standard 17-inch alloys and DAB, which the other ones lack straight up.

    Value and engine alone, Astra wins.

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      Scored an astra rs 2017 for 20k last year.

      Been fun to drive, no real issues so far (blind spot monitoring didn't work but fixed with a software update)

      I would say they're a real bargain atm because of all the naysayers, but afaik there's nothing inherently wrong with the car. This model has been out in europe\elsewhere for a few years.

    • i30 Active features 16" alloys and DAB as standard - refer here

      GMH is rated poorly for honouring their manufactureres warranty

      Opel vehicles like most Euros are expensive to repair. Only an issue beyond warranty or if Holden bounces your warranty claim.

      • Nice link to John Cadogan. I didn't need to follow the link to guess, given he's probably the biggest Holden critic on YouTube.

        • Are you suggesting only Jogh Cadogan has an issue with GMH?
          They way GMH is heading they may well close their doors for good in the near future.
          GMH now primarily sells products the greater general population does not want.

          I do appreciate that may be hard for you to hear as it does not reconfirm your decision to buy the product.

          I am guessing you did not watch this before making your purchasing decision.
          Interstingly John address the point you made in relation to being a Holden critic.

        • @Cheap Charlie:

          Actually, I bought it even after watching it. He must have made the video BEFORE they dropped the price significantly, making a lot of the comparisons quite pointless, as they no longer compare at the same price points.

        • @Cheap Charlie:

          I'm with CMH.

          It doesn't really seem that John has any issue with Astra itself, more Holden the brand itself. So the "Don't buy Astra" title is a bit of a clickbait article in itself.

          Astra is a pretty decent car and with the prices on offer currently, there's nothing else out there that can compete at that level.

          Plus, I scored a five year warranty and five year roadside assist under 20K for my Astra, which is a win in my books.

        • @BTP1993:

          Awesome, as they say there is a bum for every seat

    • Love my 2017 Astra - totally agree !

  • it has to be the golf

  • Wouldnt consider the Astra. Hard choice between the Mazda and Hyundai. I like the tech and engine in the Mazda, but the warranty for the Hyundai is hard to pass by

    • Any specific reason not the Astra? Agreed the Hyundai and Mazda are also very good cars for the price…

      • Resale on the Astra is going to suffer more than the Mazda and likely more than the Hyundai.
        Japanese and Korean cars generally seem to have fewer issues than European cars and if you do have a problem I would rather be dealing with Mazda or Hyundai than Holden given recent track records.

        • -1 vote

          These are very huge generalisations, which doesn't really point to any specific issues with the car itself (ie PowerShift/headgasket issues on Ford Focus)

        • @CMH:
          You mean like the bit that I prefaced with "generally"?

          Still true though. Maybe this car will break the mould, but history is against you.

    • You can easily extend the Mazda warranty to 5 years without much haggle, they threw that in for me when I challenged them on the Hyundai warranty

      • Be cautious with this approach.
        Dealers will gladly offer extended warranty in the form of a dealer warranty.
        These offers require the vehicle to be exclusively serviced at the retailing dealer and often at shorter intervals than the manufacturer specifies.

        Extensions of manufacturer warranty are available, however in my experience they generally are excessively expensive and as such it’s rare that purchasers elect to pay the premium.

        • Now I need to check my paperwork, certain it was a manufacture warranty extension however will check tonight. Thanks for the heads up!

  • Astra is pretty useless car, get either Mazda Sp25 or i30n

    They are both amazing cars to drive.

  • All three are good. Holden is desperate for sales at the moment. They forced undriven demo cars onto dealerships in December and these cars may still be available. Holden had its worst sales figures ever last month, as a proportion of new car sales by brand. They've fallen from commanding over 20% of the market 15 years ago to just over 5% today.

    I have a GD4 i30 diesel and am very happy with my vehicle.

  • Personally I like the i30. Seems better value, pretty good warranty

  • Don't buy a new car , it is a lot more expensive than most realise.

  • $80,000 AMG A450 obviously (for investment purposes)

  • Sp25 or nothing for the mazda 3. That handbrake look so out of place.

    Personally I would go for mid to mid-high specs for whatever car within your budget

  • i30 is probably the safest choice. However Astra R+ or even RS, as mentioned above, can be an interesting bargain if negotiated well.

    Maybe try to negotiate Astra down to $17k for R+ or $20k DA for RS. If not possible then take i30.

  • Astra R+ are going for $19.5k - 20k drive away in Sydney if you negotiate. There is no other car in that price range offer the same level of features as the Astra. Astra currently has 5 yrs warranty, 5 years roadside assistance, and 3 years of free servicing (for a 2017 plated vehicle). At the moment, there is no major problem with the vehicle.

    Overall, Astra is a great car to drive, but be prepared to take a hit on the resell value and the Holden's aftersales might be frustrating to deal with.

  • Corolla Sport

  • Which one do you like? Buy that one, there isn’t much between them. However, the astra might suffer additional resale losses compared to the other two due to the history of astras not having particularly good reliability.

  • how about an suv? they outsold passenger vehicles last year.

  • The only negative about the Mazda 3 is the poor acoustic insulation especially with the tin roof. If your listening to music your okay but when you are driving the highway without it you can literally hear everything….

  • I just purchased an i30 Active and picked it up less than a week ago, I love it even more now, it’s the perfect car for me.

    The thing I really disliked about the Mazda was how the mirrors on all their models are positioned, it creates a massive blind spot for me, I also felt really shut in. The blind spot was also pretty closed off behind me. I know that a lot of cars have blind spot monitoring these days and I did seriously consider getting them by considering the i30 SR, after lots of consideration I decided they are just unnecessary and I would not use them much at all.

    I traded in my car with Hyandai, so my change over price fell under $20k but if you want more details on the price I paid to help with your negotiations, im more than happy for you to Private message me.

    It also came with 10 years road side assist, 10 years worth of free map updates (provided I Service with them)
    And if I do Service with them for the whole period of the 5 year warranty for a further 3 years after they will contribute $1,000 towards the cost of any major repairs.
    Obviously it’s all just a ploy to get you to Service with them, as road side assistance wasn’t something I would have taken out selerstely myself, but it gives me peace of mind knowing it’s there.
    Hyandai only require 12 month servicing as well.

  • We've got the new Holden Astra as our company car and once the battery run flat, we've called in RACV. The mechanic told us some design faults of this car which are:

    • Battery is located unusually at the boot compartment (really hard to check the battery indicator)
    • Computer system is very close to the engine which absorbs heat and eventually might cause system/computer problems.
    • Turbo injection also releases heat directly at the computer system.

    Don't know if he has a personal grudge with Holdens or he's just stating a fact.

  • I don't usually cite Wheels mag as a reference, but in the 2018 COTY judging they had this to say about the i30:

    The base-grade Active also stands out, though not in a good way. Its lack of AEB…was one of the main reasons the i30's COTY campaign came to an early end.

    And these snippets:

    from a safety perspective, the smaller Kumho tyres on the least costly i30 variants lack grip.

    Regarding the 1.6 diesel and 2.0 petrol (Active),
    Both are equipped with a simpler and less costly torsion-beam rear suspension that's unable to match the finesse of the multi-link-equipped models.
    By which they mean the higher trim levels and SRs.

    Efficiency isn't a strong point on any of the i30 drivetrains.
    Corolla, Mazda 3 and Golf said to be better.

    The interior, at least in the equipment grades above Active, is a pleasant and comfortable place to spend time.

    Bottom line? i30 is good, just not the base model.

  • I went down this route a year ago.
    Definitely the i30 . Service intervals every 15000k while Mazda is more frequent.
    i30 capped price service costs lower
    Warranty on i30 longer

  • I bought the bride a registered undriven Astra R+ For $19500 with Metallic Pt in January. ( Read my post ).
    Pro’s for me were, 6 speed auto transmission, I am not a fan of CVT, Low Pressure turbo motor, 17 inch alloys, rear camera,3 year free servicing. Auto h/l Auto Wipers, Apple car play.At the current price it is great value for money. Posters comment about resale value, however my theory with car purchases, is to take the saving up front, all cars will have model changes during your ownership and a percentage difference in resale is off set by the upfront saving, particularly if the car is financed. Upfront saving is a known quantity, possible resale is not .
    Posters have strong views on cars, normally based on absolutely nothing, other than their prejudices, ( such as mine against CVT transmissions !). At the end of the day you have to live with the car, so be sure you are happy with your decision.

    • At the same time, I offered a dealer for 19,000 with a non-metallic paint, but I did not get a response.