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Miniature Market - up to 80% off - Board Games, TCGs, RPGs & Miniatures - US, Weight Based Shipping


Some great deals to be had in this sale, especially on their smaller items. They ship via FedEx International Mail, weight based and quite reasonable on smaller/lighter items. I've picked up around $32US worth of board games, paid $25US in shipping and still saving stacks compared to local pricing.
Mafia de Cuba - $9.00US + $6.60US Postage = $19.39AUD - Aussie RRP is around $35 (ex postage)

Mafia de Cuba + Mafia de Cuba: Revolucion Expansion - $14.00US + $9.35US Postage = $30.18AUD - Cheaper than base game only in Oz!

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  • Great, more models to add to the pile of unpainted ones

    • Plastic blood for the plastic blood god! Plastic skulls for the Plastic Throne of Khorne!

  • Shipping is a killer. I added a few things I was interested in with a cost of $90USD, shipping was $147 USD! No Thanks.

    I tried adding something small (a small card game) which was $3USD and shipping was still $7USD.

  • thanks, I just bought Jungle Speed Safari, Spot it and Summoner Wars Vs and faction packs. Jungle Speed Safari worked out to be about 10USD shipped, which is still cheaper than 30AUD locally.