This was posted 6 years 3 months 16 days ago, and might be an out-dated deal.

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[PS4] Shadow of the Colossus (Remaster) $20 @ Target (In-Store)


Listed at default price of $54, but individual item page advertised as $20. Online purchase successful for C&C (alternatively, postage is $9).

First time seen this game discounted. Next best price $49 at JB / Big W / Amazon AU ($43 for international version @ ozgameshop).

Edit @ 8:30am: Sold out online, check in store or by using their store locator to identify stock.

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Target Australia

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    Can't wait to play this on PS5..

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      Ha, right! Surely a game doesn't need two remasters!

      But, I reckon they could have skipped the first remaster, because apparently this version does an amazing job of updating graphics and introducing great draw distance (which was poor on the original PS2), as well as some small tweaks in the controls which corrected some pet peeves. Reviewers have really praised Bluepoint for rebuilding this from the ground-up (like the Uncharted series), and it has scored phenomenally. Anyway, I think the first "remaster" was just an excuse to have it released on the PS3, because the original release came toward the end-point of the PS2 gen (when many gamers missed out) and because the hardware did it more justice back then. This PS4 one looks like the true remaster.

      It'll be a first play-through for me, having heard such great things for years.

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        Nah the PS3 release was amazing, that's the one I clocked as I never had a PS2. It definitely justifies its existence, it bought Fumito Ueda's first 2 games to a new generation of gamers and they look lush in PS3 hi-res compared to the PS2.

        Ueda hype train 110%

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          For mine, it you've played it once I probably wouldn't go in again (unless you crave a bit of nostalgia). Too many other titles to play (too few hours).

          Any word on what Ueda's up to next?

        • @FatPenguin: no idea what the man is up to. My third playthrough of TLG has been sitting idle for a few months now due to too few hours as well. I did yet another run of ICO before the TLG launch but haven't touched SotC for years.

        • @korda:

          Damn, you really are a fan!

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          @FatPenguin: I grew up on similar sorts of games like Prince of Persia and Another World, where it's just you on screen, the story is the game and you have to figure it all out. Ueda does that really well.

          More recent games like this are Limbo/Inside/The Way/Journey I reckon, they do it for me.

        • @korda:

          Oh, those Playdead games, Limbo, Inside, are amaze-balls!

          I love a good platformer that does simple gameplay, clever puzzles with creative gaming mechanisms, using a unique retro art style. I'm playing through Celeste at the moment. Just finishing Cuphead. Got Ori and the Blind Forest ready to play.

        • @FatPenguin: Flipping yeah. Ori & the Blind Forest is on my todo list. One day, when the steam discount is just right.

        • @korda:

          Got Ori for $10 through a GMG discount in Jan (… really jonesing to play it.

        • @korda: I remember as a kid I used to make my brother hire Another World on the snes all the time. I was always amazed with the art style and atmosphere.

      • Agree. Despite having owned it three times now, this will be my first play through too.

        Ico on ps3 didn't live up to the hype for me, but I'm not too good at filling in the story, I need it told to me directly. I hope this will be more my style

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    Insane price, glad I procrastinated on buying this game. Thanks laziness!

    • Pricing error, you think? :)

      • We will find out soon enough.
        This makes up for the full price I paid for The Last Guardian :p
        Nah I enjoyed the heck out of that game.

        • The Last Guardian hasn't been on my radar. I remember when it was released there was a lot of talk about atrocious camera angles, and reviewers found it frustrating to control. Still looks a pretty good game though.

        • @FatPenguin: That's what I enjoyed about it. If it was easy to control it'd be boring. You're going to hate the horse in SotC, it can be stubborn like Trico in TLG.

          I enjoyed the struggle on PS3 SotC. I felt like I was fighting not only the colossi, but also the controls, the frame drops and the stamina meter. It made it so much more real and the satisfaction after finally defeating each colossi is something else, hot damn you're gonna love it.

        • @korda:

          Yeah, of the video/streams I've seen of this PS4 remaster, the controls look REALLY outdated… I'm very hesitant to find out how it goes.

          Frame drops? I hope not! A PS4 Pro should avoid this, right?

        • +1

          @FatPenguin: SotC frame drops are rare on PS4 & Pro. See the excellent DigitalFoundry video on PS4 SotC comparing PS4 & PS4 pro to the PS2 & 3, he goes into heaps of detail.

          fast forward to 13:45 to see:
          PS4 pro gets 60fps at 1080p and 30fps at 4k
          PS4 regular gets 30fps at 1080p

          I only have a regular PS4 and 1080p tv but it'll still be epic.

        • @korda:


          I've got Samsung 55" 4K with a PS4 Pro… I'd choose 1080p if it meant 60fps over 30fps (I thought all consoles were limited to 30fps despite 50/60Hz TVs?).

        • @FatPenguin: no, they are not limited to any fps it's up to the game developers. Most choose 25-30fps as their cap so they can cram in better visuals.

  • says unavailable online for me

    • Ah, looks like they must have just made it unavailable. Shame :(

      • Woke up and was sick half an hr ago. Just got on ozbargain and saw this awesome deal and yeah sadly unavailable online :( wonder if pricing error

        • Yeah, that's what it looks like :(

          I'll remember to come back here to report if they processed my online order.

          Hope you're not too sick!?!?

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    • Does it have single player campaign?

      • +2

        No idea I don't touch anything that has "online - internet connection required" written on it.

    • +2

      Ah damn, I wish I had of known this sooner.

    • Great review of the game you never played. Too late for a refund?

    • Man, I paid $55 on PSN cos I'm on annual leave and wanted it now, serves me right, only 3 Collosus in but not impressed yet.

  • seems like its gone, ah well i'll just wait for the price to go down, it'll be $20 eventually

    • I just bought one now C&C
      Waverley Gardens store

      • I saw it was back in stock and was too slow entering my address. Guess you got it instead :p

  • Got last one at Target Brisbane CBD

    Thanks OP

    • You beat me to it I was heading there lol

      • Sorry :(

    • You’re welcome :)

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    It won't be a pricing error, Target quite regularly offload games cheap when they aren't selling to clear stock. Battlefront 2 also $35. Ghost Recon Wildlands $25, Watch Dogs 2 $19 and a heap more going cheap.

    • I presumed pricing error mostly because the release of this game was so recent (Feb 7). But I guess if any retailer was to do this it would be one of the mass market departmental stores (e.g. Target / Big W / Kmart) that proved to have over-stocked.

  • Thanks Op! Nabbed the last 2 from Forest Hill VIC.

    • You’re welcome.

      (Maybe a friend asked him to get the second copy… benefit of the doubt??)

      • +2

        One copy for me, one copy for my brother. I guess that is frowned upon.
        Next time I will keep it to myself and let others call the store to be told it's not available.

  • PRICe match EB games

    • I doubt they would do it since it’s not in stock?

      • do they check if it is in stock just take a screen shot?

        • Depends who you get

        • @britta: I called up EB in the city they said they will call the store to confirm if they have stock or not 😑 so I called Target they were like no stock left sorry 😅

          Please do mention if the screenshot method works though

        • @Low Budget:

          screenshot method works for my local EB, they dont bother checking stock.

        • @FeZZa21: aww man that’s so cool wonder if I can try it in another EB 🤔 but again it probably would also depend on the person too sigh 😔 will see if they do another sale like this 😇

        • +2

          @Low Budget:

          just got it pricematched easy at EB hay st. perth.

  • Amazing got one on reserve

  • Thanks OP. Currently have a normal PS4, should I wait until I get a PS4 Pro to play it?

    • +1

      That is a tough question. DigitalFoundry compares the PS4 & PS4 Pro versions, but I'm going to stick with the regular PS4 as I don't play enough to warrant upgrading the TV and PS4. That can wait for the next Harvey Norman AMEX $100 off promo :)

      • thanks, the was very interesting to watch.

    • Yeh, don't think there's a yes or no answer to that question. Subjective - will depend on the individual.

      For me, I wouldn't hold off a game just for graphical reasons - the vast majority of one's enjoyment should come from the substance of a game; story, game mechanisms, combat controls, etc.

      My read on the reviews of the PS4 Pro when it first came out was that the graphical difference was a relatively minor iterative improvement over the PS4 OG (a minority of people couldn't even pick the difference).

      If I'm making the choice, I would make a value based judgment. I would compare the cost difference between catching a PS4 Pro on a good sale (I got mine for $400 last year) and the resale of the PS4 OG (which is still pretty good), and decide if the small improvement is worth the cost difference. Your judgment of "worth" will also be based on your level of discretionary spending.

      • Thanks! If it's only minor I'll start playing ASAP :)

  • Thanks OP! I picked it up from my local this morning :)

    • You're welcome.

  • +1

    None at target greensborough but JB greensborough surprisingly price matched an out of stock item

  • Thanks OP JB price matched it.

    • You're welcome. Good the hear!

  • Just noticed it's back online so get in quick!
    EDIT: Now unavailable so hopefully someone here was able to grab it.

  • Hurstville and Miranda NSW out of stock

  • WOW I just paid $44 for this from ozgameshop.

    • +1

      I'm not sure many would have expected a price drop this soon after release.

      • +1

        i was kinda expecting it as the last guardian dropped super quick too. i didnt expect it to go this low.
        so glad to have waited

  • +1

    An excellent game. Those who haven't played it are in for a treat.

  • There’s one copy left at Perth city store if you’re quick!

    • +2

      dont bother if anyone interested, just pop into EB hay street they have 40+ copies left and easily pricematched it.

      • +1

        EB hay st wouldn't price match for me :(

        • What really?? Who was at the counter? The girl there did it for me when the shop first opened this morning

        • @FeZZa21: i went after 1. it was a short asain fella. i was hoping not to get served by him, he didnt look friendly.

        • @PreSsieGuY: try early morning when there's someone else around or another EB store.

          or try the JB store that's close by.

        • It’s back online for click and collect at target.

        • +1


          its alright, they lost my $$$.
          i had it ordered at target anyways. i just went to eb coz i preferred to build up my carrots and i had some credit to use.

          thanks anyways

  • +1

    Thanks OP

    2 copies left at Belconnen ACT if anyone is interested.

    • You're welcome.

  • +1

    I just price matched at EB Games Pitt St Mall.

    They have 5 copies left - knock yourselves out.

  • +1

    Back online again. Just ordered pickup now.

  • JB HIFI Camberwell Vic won't price match :(

    • I did a price match at in Greensborough

  • You're a legend OP.

    The item was dipping in and out of stock online throughout the morning but even when it was "available online" I couldn't add it to the shopping cart.

    No biggie, I just ducked into Eastgardens and they had a copy available. Been looking forward to this.

    • Glad to hear it :)

  • Those who bought, was it a sealed copy?

    • Target put disk in when you pay and add a sticker to 'seal' it.

      • Mine was in its factory seal. But they had to search for it out the back as it was the last one in their PoS system.

    • +1

      Mine was ordered online and was sealed.

  • Never sealed at target

  • +1

    Big W at QV in Melbourne just price matched this for me.

  • Just missed chatswu but jb matched

  • Back into stock again c&c. Got one thanks op

  • +5

    Just bought this online. The online stock is very limited and seems to come and go very quickly. I downloaded a Chrome extension called Distill that watches the page for changes and it notified me as soon as it came back in stock so i've got it on the way for $29 :)

    Just make sure when selecting the element you get this div.Tab box around both areas and not just "unavailable online":

    • Great tip. Helped me get one. Thankyou!

      • Just had my order cancelled & refunded by Target for 'insufficient stock to fill your order'. What kind of sick joke is this :(

        • Sucks man

        • Hey mate, I've just been told mine's available for click and collect.

          To be honest, I regret buying it since I have too many games already.

          I owe you, so I'd be happy to mail it to you if you can cover cost plus post. Once I've picked it up happy to send a photo or whatever to verify.

          Send me a direct message if interested.

  • Thanks OP, got one instore. Great deal for a great game!

  • Yeah boi, just got the click & collect SMS!

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